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Urgent & Explosive Prophecy Fulfilling: First Lady of France Exposed & White House Resignations
March 15th, 2024
9.13.22 And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the papers will NOT be in order, the cords of the wicked shall be frustrated, their briefs shall be frustrated, their case shall not be in order and s...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
Prophecy Fulfilling in Canada: Tyrannical Trudeau in Trouble, Overreach Overruled
February 1st, 2024
2.1.24CANADA and the prophetic unfolding of events1.30.20Canada says the Lord. There is a tug-of war-happening, and a new leader shall arise from it, by the book, Fresh ideas. A leak in Canada.10.31.2...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
December 18th, 2022
There shall be blooming in the snow says the Lord and there shall be physical evidence of this in the natural as well as a declaration and a sign and a wonder that My children, My anointed, shall grow...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
Prophecy Fulfilled--Social Media Giants and FBI
December 13th, 2022
12.18.20 And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I have set My face against the leadership of the House says the Lord. I have set My face against the giants of social media, goliath and His brothers...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
Prophecy Fulfilled, Prophetic Words, Reassigning, Reassessing and Shuffle (from Amanda's October 19th, 2022 Broadcast)
November 8th, 2022
I wanted to start with a prophecy fulfilled because I find this interesting. It’s actually the beginning of a prophecy being fulfilled. So, I am going to give you the word from the Lord from January 1...  Read More
by Amanda Grace