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A Prophetic Dream: The Patriot Party, a Covenant, and a Shepherd
March 11th, 2024
3.2.24 DreamThere was a small crowd of people around. I was kind of in the middle of the crowd. I had a puppy approximately 5 months old, all black looked like a Black Lab/ German Shepherd mix or Blac...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
A Sobering Word from the Lord, A Dream of a Well-Known Pastor & a Vision of a Family with Texas Ties
March 1st, 2024
A word from the Lord 2.25.24 Praise Church of LouisianaBless your Holy Name Lord we bless your Holy name. And the spirit of the Lord says this day the hour is approaching my children. The marching of ...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
A Crucial Prophetic Insight: The Trump Kill Switch, a Bait and Switch, Indictments and the Nation
February 16th, 2024
12.28.20And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I am going into the back office and bringing it to the forefront and oh the files that will be found. I the Lord am warning Mitch to stop shaking hand...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
An Urgent Prophetic Look: A Dream, Israel and Major Moves Being Made
January 5th, 2024
DREAM on December 28, 2023I was in a town and there were quite a number of cute shops and trees, and facing to my left was a brick building. It had trees in front of it. Without warning, 2 white helic...  Read More
by Amanda Grace
Prophetic Insight: Christmas Eve Dream, Crocodiles, Obama, and an America-Australia Connection
December 29th, 2023
During the night of 12.24.23 Christmas Eve, I had a dream….I was in an aircraft, however; it was not like others. The cockpit was totally open and exposed. I could only see the pilot from the back who...  Read More
by Amanda Grace