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Word from the Lord 1.16.24--A Powerful Wind of Change Sweeping the Nation

ALL honor praise, Glory, and majesty be to the Holy One, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Righteous Judge who sits on the highest throne and weighs on the scales the matters of men. And to His Kingdom, there is no end.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER, and though men in this hour attempt to erect such, attempt to build their altars and call out to their gods they shall not hear or answer says the Lord. And say the Lord of Hosts, those altars shall crumble one by one, the altars erected by corrupted men in order to elevate themselves to a peak of a very tampered with power, I the Lord thy God, the Righteous Judge, have issued Judge,ment that they must COME DOWN SAYS THE LORD.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the JOY the Justice of Yahweh has gone out into the earth, and assignments and judgments follow such, for I the Lord am dealing with the matters of nations in this hour and I the Lord thy God am causing MY HOLY WIND, THE PNEUMOS THE WORD TO BLOW ACROSS YOUR NATION, AND NOW BEGIN TO TURN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR NATION AND THOUGH DARKNESS ATTEMPT TO PULL IT INTO A BLACK HOLE MY WORD IS THE WIND MY WORD IS THE SWORD MY WORD IS UNCHANGEABLE SAYS THE LORD FOR MY WORD IS FOREVER, THE ALPHA AND OMEGA I AM SAYS THE LORD.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the courts will buckle on themselves says the Lord for some Judges, purposely placed in seats are following doctrines of devils and doing their bidding for fame, for power, thinking they shall be the ones to take down who I the Lord have chosen, WHO I THE LORD HAVE CHOSEN!! Instead, those ropes filled with snags, and grips shall now begin to wrap around them, they shall be bound instead says the Lord for they attempted to bind national matters and anointed ones on a very blasphemous alter, one that had been prepared by the Kingdom of darkness in this hour thinking they shall hunt as prey and the men and women they have seduced to do such shall be the ones to take down such a coveted trophy.

HA says the Lord for I the Lord thy God laugh at the wicked, I laugh says the Lord, for their thirst for power, and delusions of grandeur, says the Lord has put a hook in their jaw and led them into a trap of their own making says the Lord as did Saul, as did Absalom, as did Ahab, as did Jeroboam says the Lord!!! Men who were seat warmers but were not anointed by ME the Lord of Hosts, to lead a nation, they attempted to steal kill, and destroy for such says the Lord for the thief comes to steal kill, and destroy BUT I THE LORD YOUR GOD HAVE COME TO GIVE LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANT. And their exploits of attempting to slaughter and pillage for their seat ended in Judgment against them and the Spirit that allured them into such for this an ancient ruler of the darkness that is attempting in this hour to do such again. However the people says the Lord THE PEOPLE OF YOUR NATION HUMBLE YOURSELVES BEFORE ME ALMIGHTY GOD, YOUR DELIVERER, YOUR BANNER, YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, HUMBLE YOURSELVES BEFORE ME PUT ON YOUR FULL ARMOR OF GOD TOUCH AND AGREE FOR YOUR NATION TO BE DELIVERED AND THE ONE WHOM I HAVE ANOINTED WILL TAKE THEIR RIGHTFUL SEAT TO FINISH A RACE THAT STARTED OVER 8 YEARS AGO SAYS THE LORD.

The indictments from hidden courts and in the Kingdom of darkness against the people, one man indicted over and over to indict the people, to attempt to release a spirit of fear upon the people to submit to plans and intentions not of Me says the Lord.

The indictments are beginning to turn says the Lord that serpent is beginning to turn and it shall bite those that attempted to utilize it for self-glorification, elevation, and placation says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord once that serpent turns and begins to constrict those who released such a devious spirit, it shall constrict their titles, their reputations, their plans and what shall befall them shall be greater than what they attempted to do to this nation, the people, and leaders I have anointed.

For there is a Zerubbabel in this nation, there is more than one says the Lord, however one in particular that I the Lord have chosen, one who looks upon the ruins of the nation and with the vision from ME the Lord sees beyond it, has the Faith to stand in one of the highest offices in the land and assist in ushering faith back into the capital, into a White House that ICHABOD has been written upon as well as the judgments against those in a White House that is stained with the crimes that stretch across the oceans, that is smeared with innocent blood, that is smeared with threats against Israel attempted to put them on a short leash. For secretly turning on MY PEOPLE MY FIRSTBORN, I the Lord shall hand you over to the destruction of the flesh, that a soul may be saved. For I the Lord thy God have carved a different path says the Lord, a path for this nation, it is not the same way though it may be the same anointed leader, this way is being actively carved and shall circumvent every trap, snare, and accusation that is brought says the Lord, for I have anointed sons as well says the Lord, there is a mantle upon one of the sons says the Lord, a mantle for the nation, a mantle for faith and this year that son and his family shall see the Glory of God and the power of God in a way that turns Him to ME more and more for he is chosen says the Lord to do My work, His wife says the Lord is chosen to do My work, and together they shall plow the fields of this nation, and watch as I the Lord multiply what is being tilled.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, what the enemy attempts to steal and drain, what he attempts to take through the court of accusation, I the Lord thy God am keeping record and he shall be ordered to pay back 7 fold in due season, however says the Lord submit fully unto ME and my plan and the way I the Lord shall do such for I the Lord am your provider, not man, I am Jehovah Jireh, your provider, and though the accusations fly, they are coming before my courts says the Lord, the highest Court, and the actions of men and women are being weighed in this hour and shall be dealt with accordingly for an attempted destruction of a foundation of a nation, its covenant, and a family it is being weighed says the Lord and men shall tremble as they are dealt with for I the Lord am the shepherd, how dare wolves come into my flock, how dare the church let them in says the Lord to take MY SHEEP AS PREY SAYS THE LORD AS PREY, how dare they offer them on an altar of perversion and lies because the dark deeds of the shepherds is being hung over their heads and in this hour says the Lord I DECLARE FOR IT ALL TO COME OUT THE SHEEP CANNOT BE WEAK AND SICK AND ILL-EQUIPPED ANYMORE BECAUSE THE SHEPHERDS HAVE BEEN TAMPERING WITH THE DEVIL IN THE DARK! ENOUGH SAYS THE LORD ENOUGH!! THE CHURCH MUST BE REBUILT FROM ITS RUINS, AND A UNIQUE REMNANT SHALL RISE IN THIS HOUR, a unique breed says the Lord that I am positioning and elevation to be the voice of a fiery truth says the Lord that will make men quake under the powerful presence of MY SPIRIT RUACH ELOHIM THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD, and forth from their mouths shall be the conviction that MY WORD BRINGS, for I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER AND THOSE WHO HAVE CHALLENGED THAT IN VOICE AND IN PRINT SHALL SEE THEIR JUDGEMENTS AND CONSEQUENCES GO FORTH AS A RAVAGER TO WHAT THEY HAVE BUILT UPON A FOUNDATION OF DARK AGREEMENTS, THE LOCUSTS SHALL HUNT THEM SAYS THE LORD AND THEIR CROP AND WHAT THEY HAVE ACCUMULATED IN THEIR STOREHOUSES SAYS THE LORD FOR PRISON DOORS OPENED TO JOSEPH BECAUSE HE WAS FAITHFUL AND HE PURSUED ME EVEN IN THE DARKEST OF PRISONS AND THAT IS WHY NO MAN LIKE HIM WAS FOUND IN ALL OF EGYPT. HE WAS CHOSEN SET APART AND THE CHAINS FELL OFF AND THE PRISON DOORS OPENED.

As that door opens this year a measuring rod shall be dropped in America, in Israel, in Iceland, in England, in Germany, in Italy, in New Zealand, in Australia, and you shall see a deep separation where the dross the heaviest the darkest dross comes to the top, for what they have attempted to hold down to keep their seat MY WIND SHALL COME UNDER IT AND SHALL FORCE IT TO THE SURFACE AND THERE SHALL BE A GREAT MEASURING SAYS THE LORD, AND AS THE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER IN ME FOR THEIR NATIONS IT SHALL SEPARATE OUT THE DARKEST OF PLANS, PURPOSES, ACTS, DOCUMENTS, WHAT DRIVES THEM SAYS THE LORD SHALL

And says the Lord of Hosts come under my wings my children take refuge in ME, and though they attempt to throw stones and boulders to stop what I the Lord am doing those stones shall turn to dust at my word and those boulders shall split, for the reaping and stealing from this nation that goes back past 50 years, well there is a large barley loaf headed towards their camp and the Judges shall tremble as well before Me, for the Judges were raised up in a time of Israel's bondage and oppression to a foreign nation, and those Judges shall be elevated and equipped to do what I the Lord am asking them to do. This is heading for the camp of a wicked ring a circle that goes around the globe and there shall be key fractures and a breaking of the agreement as some wait to step into their shoes, it shall and will in a moment be taken from them, for those who plotted at Martha's Vineyard shall pay a heavy price this year for their deeds(deads) and they shall be paraded out before the people for I gave you a chance to turn from your foreign gods and agreements with haters of My children, however, you did not head Barak, you did not head those in the highest offices, a garland around their necks shall not be a gift but it is a woe says the Lord it is.
Be watchmen My children, make MY WORD your foundation, do not chase foxes and rabbits down holes of intel, for I the Lord am keeper of the secrets and I tell them to who I can trust. For I the Lord do nothing until I first reveal MY SECRETS TO MY SERVANTS FIRST THE PROPHETS, and they shall be revealed to the people at appointed times. It is time to go deeper with ME says the Lord, the superficial flesh that feeds you will wither you in this time, pursue the Holiness of my word and the meat, for I require it says the Lord, the superficial will buckle under the heavy wind says the Lord, for I the Lord am reviving MY Children in this time and you shall go forth mighty in MY name that your nation, and other nations, and the souls of men may be saved!! Thus says the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ MY SON who sits at My right hand and never ceases to advocate for you.


Sherry Taylor - January 17th, 2024 at 9:21am

Amen. Thank you God for hearing our cries. I’m 58 and have waited my whole life to see you justice.

Ron williams - January 17th, 2024 at 5:07pm

We have asked our Father to "step up", in so many words. And now he asks us to "step up too". This is expected, not an option. Let us stretch ourselves into something new for some or even many. Close ranks brothers and sisters and march as one body, one bride. We asked in prayer and He said yes!

Tom Blewett - January 18th, 2024 at 3:00pm

Praying for boldness as I am feeding 2 flocks that have limited understanding of the "whole" "full gospel" of God.Thank you for this utterance. It brings so much hope and truth.

Lynn Leist - January 19th, 2024 at 3:31pm

I had just finished listening to Julie Green, this is a confirmation! Hallelujah to the Lamb of Glory!

Bettina’s Belter - January 22nd, 2024 at 2:03pm

Had a sweet time with the Lord this morning & then THIS word! Between the 2. Feeling very encouraged I’m these “Last Days”……

Carol Lawrence - January 23rd, 2024 at 7:28pm

Praise the Lord! Praying for this plan of God to come soon! So powerful!!! I listen to what’s going on in the political room and it just seems like it’s getting worse every minute! This world encourages me that God can come at the last minute and destroy all their plans! I am in it to win it!!! Bring it on!!!! Love you Amanda!

Jon Mark Montes - January 29th, 2024 at 5:28pm

I thank God for your servants the prophetess and prophets that listen to you and give what He wants to give to his people. We all hear the negative from the enemy with his bold mouth of pompous words and then I hear your voice as it strikes down the enemy and his feeble attempts to overthrow your kingdom and body. I cry in anger with your Living Word against the enemy to see Hiim fall in no effect against your children. This world is filled with darkness, but your Glory will fill this world and bring to nothing the darkness and their plans to take the World from the Father.

The great white harvest is coming and there nothing that will stop it from coming or being fulfilled. Amen, amen and amen.

Rudy Almeida - March 2nd, 2024 at 11:11am

As our ADONAI YESHUA ha'MASHIYAKH lives. As this granual of sand which am but Dust and Ashes read through ADONAI'S prophecy through you HIS vessel and messenger Ruach ha'Kodesh gave me assurance through agreement within me, ADONAI'S Spirit moved in me with a great Joy in YESHUA'S message given to you my sister in YESHUA our ADONAI Shalom, Shalom

Debbie Silver - March 7th, 2024 at 2:59am

I just wanted you and the other prophets to know since I found you all my faith in my lord and Savior has grown so much and still growing you have taught me things that I never heard from church that I went to and I am working to really get my faith 🙏 with God thank you so much may God bless you and keep everyone and your family safe 🙏 ❤️

Larry Halstead - March 7th, 2024 at 4:13am

Thank you father God for your awesome love and mercy. I pray I am counted worthy and I asked that you strengthen me and raise me up in these times that I can do what you created me to do. I love you father and I thank you for my life that I might be a light and help bring people to you in these final hours. Bless you father God. I give you all the honor and glory


Theresa - March 9th, 2024 at 10:51am

AMEN!!! And Amen! TY

Sandra Douglas - March 9th, 2024 at 1:23pm

Incredibly welcome Grace Word!