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Prophecy Fulfilled--Social Media Giants and FBI

12.18.20 And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I have set My face against the leadership of the House says the Lord. I have set My face against the giants of social media, goliath and His brothers shall fall for I the Lord am raising up and David’s to challenge them. They may scoff at these challenges but they shall hit them in the center of their operations and there shall be a great windfall for those who are marked and are not afraid to challenge. And says the spirit of the Lord this day, there shall be a great fall in the courts their black and white robes like dominos going down the entire thread says the Lord. And says the spirit of the Lord this day, the Justice department shall see Justice itself as the worms buried deep are pulled out of their holes says the Lord, wormwood you shall see says the Lord thy God this day.

4.2.21 There shall be a fall down the stairs, as Joe and Jill have attempted to trample on My Hill, and there shall be a tumbling down and a LOT shall go with for I the Lord truly see the strings and pharmacia ingested and injected to achieve a lucidity, a clotting is occurring and TAPS is on the Horizon as the sun sets on the Biden’s, Eli and his wicked sons, the whole lot shall be purged by the hand of the Lord, however, the country needs to learn a grave lesson says the Lord and return unto Me and Holiness for this to TURN, for you are at the precipice if you shall take the Word, your sword and speak it and BE BOLD and BRAVE as I the Lord your God lead you in this Parade, the Charade shall be exposed a strike to the head of social media giants, shall be the wound that causes a fall heard round the world.

11.22.21 Pressure points My Children pressure points shall be pressed in your nation Oh America and those pressure points shall and will begin to cause a buckling from within areas of your government, areas of the medical community, areas of what you call social media and big business says the Lord of Hosts. These pressure points shall be pressed upon and bared down on and you shall see these areas physically suffer from such they shall decompress, there shall be a decompression as there is a sharp turn in the Spirit that shall indeed manifest itself in the natural.

5.17.22 This day. I am calling America forth out of the dark place it has been, in a tomb in a place of death and darkness, restrained in the grave clothes the wicked attempted to control what I the Lord thy God raised up. They did the same in the days of Noah and they are doing the same now says the Lord. HOWEVER, I the Lord thy God have a covenant with America and hearken unto the voice of the Lord in this hour, return unto me the Lord your God before its too late for I the Lord am opening up the windows of heaven and the places of the deep and it shall storm upon the wicked and their cities in valleys and corporations and leadership that they have built, it shall storm and it shall rain and it shall flood them and destroy what they have built. Very unexpected ways you shall see destroy the most wicked of people and what their hands have built, you shall see a legal flood the likes of which has not been seen in your nation, you shall see the valleys where chips and tech is built be flooded with viruses and attacks and failures the likes of which they have never seen. You shall see what you call social media take unprecedented hits at the market in the square at the CORE of their programming says the Lord of Hosts this day. You shall see open fighting amongst donkeys amongst elephants but open fighting where they expose the deepest things about each other no one ever saw coming says the Lord of Hosts. You shall see the unprecedented and unexpected happen in political races in your nation, you shall see those who walk with me win when it was broadcast they would not says the Lord of Hosts. I the Lord am assembling the team, the spiritual team for the next leaders says the Lord I have called them by name to wake up and sound the alarm to the nation.

9.13.22 A time to rise up and a time to fall. There shall be a string that attaches strategic falls in this hour says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts, Rosh Hashanah, says the Lord, one of the most strategic and pivotal falls and removals shall take place during this time, for a dark horse is coming forth and leadership shall be overthrown and challenged, one shall even be a coup and reported as such, a political coup so strategic in its planning and timing that you shall see leaders around this country, I the Lord speak of, you shall see them fumble their words and visibly quake for the winds of change are blowing across Europe says the Lord, the winds of change have begun to go forth in the United States of America. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the bell shall ring, the hour shall reach midnight, where you see a large shift in positions in this nation for elections shall not be such, for sticky fingers shall be caught before the elections and arrests made, says the Lord of Hosts that will further drive the people to take a stand and areas of blue shall turn red BUT not the mixed shade of red that has blue streaks running through it says the Lord BUT RED. A RED FLAG A RED FLAG SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS JUST WATCH FOR NOT ONLY THIS NATION BUT A LARGE RED FLAG TO OCCUR IN YOUR NATION THAT GIVES AWAY THEIR POSITION as a group of 3 shall fall says the Lord of Hosts.

11.23.22 And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the FIXERS shall be exposed, yes the fixers says the Lord, those who have been paid by means of digital currencies and notes to FIX events in your nation in their favor, to try and FIX and cause a very very skewed outcome in more ways than one says the Lord of Hosts for this is beyond elections says the Lord, far beyond the elections for they not only desire to FIX this nation in their favor BUT KEY countries of resource and influence around the world.

11.23.22 For I the Lord in this hour am shaking the thin paper doll leaders, no substance, thin and frail in their spirits, those covers shall be removed says the Lord for they have brushed to the side their first love for a name that is not mine says the Lord. It is not mine and that standard I am so raising is the plumb line being dropped to measure the worthiness of leadership in the church, in the government, in sectors, the plumb line is being dropped hard and fast on the giants of social media, for it shall take one simple stone, what does not look dangerous but shall collapse parts deep within their empires, including the mainframe says the Lord. THE MAINFRAMES ARE LOSING THEIR POWER SAYS THE LORD, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK, ALL THE WAY TO THE FAR EAST SHALL SUFFER SUCH A COLLAPSE AT ITS CORE AT THE HEAD OF A COMPANY ACROSS THE GLOBE THAT IT SHALL SHOCK THE FAR EAST, IT SHALL SHOCK THOSE IN THIS NATION IT SHALL SHAKE AND RATTLE THE ENTIRE ARENA OF SOCIAL MEDIA THAT PERSECUTES FOR SPORT, THAT SPIRIT OF ROME WOVEN WITHIN IT, A DIGITAL ARENA OF PERSECUTION AND PROPITIATION SAYS THE LORD, WATCH AND SEE ITS COMING…

10.6.22   FBI
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day watch the FBI in this hour fracture, split from the inside out because of their dealings and their setups, how they set others up for the atrocities they have done, the experiments, the harming of the public, this shall split open from deep inside as loyalties have severely weekend and blueprints, hard drives, flash drives and notebooks have been found with their plans for power THEIR PLANS SAYS THE LORD NOT MY PLANS. I the Lord shall judge them in this hour and exact upon them what they have wickedly done for they have held hands with the cartels, with the CCP, with Germany, with Persia, with the FDA, with Pfizer, with Moderna, with Johnson and Johnson, with Gilead, with Eli Lilly, with trucking companies secretly running their cargo, with some of the largest construction companies in the nation. They have so done and tainted along with other 3 letter agencies and I the Lord shall pay them their wage for there are people who are worthy in the middle of their quagmire and the mud shall be sifted through to reveal what has been hidden under a dark cloud of deception. This is far greater than the Capital says the Lord of Hosts far greater and it shall be revealed for I the Lord thy God am calling it forth.

Elon Musk Reveals Why Twitter Suppressed Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell’ Story:

REVEALED: FBI warned Twitter about a 'hack-and-leak' operation targeting Hunter Biden in weekly 2020 meetings before the laptop story was censored:


Theresa Brunette - August 10th, 2023 at 8:32pm

Amanda just said on her YouTube video just now, August 10, 2023, titled: Prophetic word unmasking secrets from the U.S, Canada, Russia, England, Disney and the World Market. She said to go the blog section, here at ArkofGrace.org. This blog is different from this telecast's Word. Where is the link for this new Word, anybody know?

Marlene Lee - August 11th, 2023 at 9:23am

This isn't the August word..

Marc B. - August 11th, 2023 at 11:19am

Yeah, she said she'd received it Aug 1st but held it back til now. Don't think it's up yet.






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