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April 8th and the Return of the Devil Comet

Explosive 'Devil Comet' Returns for 1st Time in 71 Years During April 8 Eclipse, NASA says—Officially named 12P/Pons-Brooks, the "Devil Comet" has periodic explosions.


Likened to Halley's Comet, which has an orbit of 76 years around the sun, 12P/Pons-Brooks is a short-period comet, meaning one that has an orbital period of between 20 and 200 years. The Devil Comet travels on an orbital period of 71 years and was last seen in 1954.


Devil Comet’ Visible in Night Sky Now Won’t Swing by Earth Again for Decades

An unusual horned comet notable for a series of recent outbursts will be visible in the night sky for the remainder of March—and astronomers expect the so-called Devil Comet to make a rare appearance during the total solar eclipse on April 8.


The Solar Eclipse and the Horned Devil Comet: Two Good Reasons to Look Up on April 8
A comet designated 12P/Pons-Brooks got the much more interesting name “Devil Comet” when it had an outburst, a large ejection of dust and gases, in July 2023. On the day of the Great American Eclipse, the Devil Comet may become visible to the unaided eye, astronomers say. The comet has experienced repeated outbursts as it has approached the sun.

The devil has repeated outbursts as he approaches the SON.

39-Day Window Between Purim and Passover, April 8th Eclipse, Devil Comet that only comes around every 71 years visible during the eclipse, at the same time you have CERN firing up the hadron collider on the Eclipse, and NASA firing rockets during the eclipse named after the false Egyptian diet Apep who embodies darkness and disorder and is the enemy of Ra their sun god, while the constellation of the fish is aligning with this eclipse that passes over more than 8 cities named nineveh in North America which has to do with Jonah all happening at the same time. Do you see what's happening in the spirit that is causing these things to be triggered in the natural?!! We need to be in prayer the day before this eclipse until the day after it because all of this coming together in an election year in our nation is incredible and will trigger clashes and collapses in the earth.

Also, Soros, King Herod, Herod’s fate just keep that in mind.

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Doreen Oakley Laird - April 6th, 2024 at 11:44am

I am so grateful that I have found these awesome prophesies, Chris and Amanda Grace as well as all the amazing people who work with you. Thank you for the Ark of Grace including the many animals who are in your Ark in New York. I live in Tucson AZ which is NOT Maricopa County.