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A Crucial Prophetic Insight: The Trump Kill Switch, a Bait and Switch, Indictments and the Nation

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I am going into the back office and bringing it to the forefront and oh the files that will be found. I the Lord am warning Mitch to stop shaking hands and making agreements with the Rich for this is an hour where those in office shall be made transparent and revealed to the people what has been hidden away in their tents and all will make sense a pence for your thoughts says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Oh America, they have attempted to cover you in such crimes, in such filth in such wickedness all for ultimate one-world control. And says the Lord of Hosts, there will be screams and cries that come forth out of Washington DC as leaders and senators and those in the Pentagon and beyond run and attempt to cling to the horns of the altar as Adonijah did when there is a sudden flip then another flip then a change says the Lord of Hosts.

However, a fall off a high seat shall leave those unable to continue in their half charade, bait and switch, bait and switch says the Lord, indict and switch at the same time, this shall be attempted says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the donkey has become a MULE says the Lord, they are riding on a mule, that party is now riding a mule, a hybrid that cannot reproduce, it cannot grow, and some of the elephants have joined in following the mule HOWEVER says the Lord, Absalom rode on a mule to in an attempt to rob the Kingdom from His father David and destroy HIM, he rode a mule and that mule led him right to the tree, where he hung and his demise came, hung on a tree says the Lord, Haman was also hung on a tree says the Lord, there is a connection. Absalom and Delilah are the same spirit working in tandem through opposite vessels says the Lord, they are riding a mule to deceive, be careful of the one who speaks with conservative bravado however has hooked up to the mule, they shall be highlighted, be careful of such for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the mules cannot reproduce, as hard as they try what they have created they cannot reproduce to rob the people again, mules cannot be reproduced they cannot be duplicated, they have created a hybrid to do nothing more than bear the burdens of their creation.


Senator Vance of Ohio Website:
The quick pivot, refusal to negotiate another round on border security, and immediate shift to blame Trump confirmed one thing: Republican leadership wasn’t serious about border security. They cared most about Ukraine funding and saw the border negotiations as a distraction. This extinguished any hope of real border security before the negotiation began.

The deal, as envisioned by conservatives, was apparently never on the table. According to both Democratic colleagues and some Republicans, this is because Republican leadership—specifically Mitch McConnell—refused to push the Democrats on this issue. Other Republicans have argued instead that even if Mitch McConnell empowered Lankford to make this demand, Democrats would have never agreed.

Did Trump oppose a deal? He certainly opposed the deal that was on the table. It would have done little to secure the border in the future, would have been a massive political gift to the Democrats, and would constrain Trump’s border enforcement if he was ever elected president. This last point deserves extra emphasis: these bipartisan deals always seem to contain provisions that would put the next president, whoever that is, in a box.

So the deal fell apart, and the way it fell apart was the height of political malpractice. The text—370 pages of it—dropped late Sunday, February 4. We had a Republican conference meeting on Monday, well before anyone had time to digest major provisions. McConnell left the meeting and praised the bill but criticized the changing political dynamics. He blamed Donald Trump. He blamed the House of Representatives.

Normally, spending bills go through months of review, committee markups, and hours of debate. The text of the Ukraine supplemental was distributed to Hill staff on Wednesday, February 7, and the first procedural vote was taken less than a day later. On February 5, many senators had emphasized the importance of doing something on the border before action was taken on Ukraine. Two days later, at least some of them had decided that fighting for border security for an hour had checked the box, and they were ready to move on to their real priority: funding for Ukraine. The bill will pass, albeit by a tiny margin, with a majority of Republicans opposing the bait and switch.

It’s hard to imagine a more damaging political message: Hey everyone, we’ve got great bipartisan policy, but we’re going to kill it because the knuckle draggers don’t like it. It was a gift to Democrats and everyone knew it. Senate candidates across the country, many of whom are allies of Mitch McConnell, called me to complain bitterly of the predicament created by leadership in Washington.

It’s easy to sketch out how these facts will manifest themselves in our political reality. The Senate Ukraine bill goes to the House, where leadership there cannot bring it up to the floor without endangering House Speaker Mike Johnson. So the House will either refuse to vote on the Ukraine bill, or will attach a strong border security bill (like HR2) and then send it back to the Senate. In public and private, Senate Republican leadership will undermine the House leadership and the Republican presidential nominee.

For months, I have been confident that Donald Trump would be reelected as president. But this is how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republican establishment is going to war for more Ukraine money. They don’t care if a second Trump term is collateral damage.

But, of course, they have an insurance plan even if Trump pulls it off. Though few have noticed, buried in the bill’s text is a kill switch for the next Trump presidency. The legislation explicitly requires funding for Ukraine well into the next presidential term. The Washington Post has already reported this provision was added to control Donald Trump.


The LBGTQ agenda and the Ukraine agenda are the same at its root, who is feeding it and at its core watch what happens with this and those that thought they could merge the two…

Speak to House leader Johnson,….he must hold the standard God has begun to raise in Washington DC.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, as the name of My son Jesus Christ moves and echoes across the nation, the opposition is yelling Indict Indict! As they yell Indict Indict it shall be an Indictment against them says the Lord and their true motives shall emerge and their true modus operandi shall come forth as they yell Indict with chains says the Lord, I the Lord thy God am the chain breaker for those who humbly and earnestly come unto Me says the Lord and bear the yoke of MY Kingdom says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, those who have sought to take from MY children, those who have sought to drain them of what I have blessed them with for their obedience, you shall stumble in your disobedience says the Lord, for your harvest has come up and many tares have intertwined around the wheat and you shall not have a plentiful harvest for taking from My children, for the wheat is sparse, and you shall be humbled and brought low for you shall not speak against MY servants MY SERVANTS who have served me while you have so rebelliously walked in sabotage, destruction, and willful slander in order to plow over and get your way says the Lord, however it shall not be your way BUT MY WAY AND I THE LORD SHALL DECIDE WHAT BECOMES OF YOU FOR YOU HAVE ATTEMPTED TO ROB MY CHILDREN AND TURNED A DEAF EAR TO ME WALKING AROUND IN YOUR KINGDOM OF PRIDE AND ENTITLEMENT THAT YOU HAVE BUILT, AND SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS, THAT KINGDOM OF YOURS BUILT ON SAND AND OFFENSE SHALL BEGIN TO BE TORN DOWN TODAY says the Lord.

The Delilahs have gone out to deceive says the Lord they have gone out and they must be called for what they are, UNCIRCUMCISED PHILISTINES SAYS THE LORD, THE DELILAHS HAVE COVENANT WITH THEM AND IT SHALL BE BROKEN SAYS THE LORD, for they have gone out in an attempt to destroy the men especially, that I the Lord have called forth to lead, to shepherd, to be leaders in this nation. They have been sent forth not to join and help you but to tear you down and destroy you, watch out oh shepherds in this hour, watch out! For this is your warning says the Lord.


More than two years later, the indictment brought Monday by a grand jury went far beyond that phone call, alleging a web of crimes committed by Trump and others. Willis used Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO, law to charge Trump and 18 associates for allegedly participating in a wide-ranging conspiracy to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.


Book of Esther
Nisan is from march to April that is when Haman started casting lots and that lot fell on Adar.

The indictments against Trump started in March to April fell on the 1st month of the Jewish calendar Nisan, the same time Haman cast the lots for the destruction of Israel.
Adar is from February to March.

Adar (Where the lot fell) is the time Fanni Willis is being examined for violations of conduct and the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about Colorado wanting to take Trump off the ballot.

Sunday, March 24, 2024, is when the reversal fully happens and the Jews get to defend themselves and Haman is destroyed.

And says the Lord of Hosts Call on Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you know not, call on ME says the Lord in this hour AS THERE SHALL BE A PASSING THROUGH THE VALLEY SAYS THE LORD, the valley your nation was set to die in says the Lord, this nation shall pass through, for I the Lord your God am your shepherd though you may walk through the valley of the SHADOW of death you shall fear no evil for I the Lord God am with you, My Rod and My staff they comfort you.

In this hour, I the Lord WILL PREPARE A TABLE BEFORE YOU IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR ENEMIES, YOU SHALL BE ANOINTED WITH OIL, YOUR CUP SHALL RUNNETH OVER SAYS THE LORD IF YOU STAY THE COURSE IN THIS HOUR. Do not let the enemy turn your head to look back at the graveyard of the past, do not allow the enemy the father of lies to veer you, for many who claim to be serving me and doing such for My name are nothing more than self glorified “war heroes” and Kings of a hill of their own making, that has little to do with serving Me and much to do with serving themselves says the Lord, they are serving THEMSELVES, what they have amassed was not of Me it was of Man and that plumbline is being dropped in this hour.

Yes, I the Lord am moving across your nation, the name of My Son Jesus shall be echoed even louder and hit the four corners of your nation, the raising of the standard, the resisting of the enemy, and fighting to raise that standard, the mainstream shall even be speaking forth that name and they shall not even know why they are doing it. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO SITS IN THE HIGHEST SEAT IN THE LAND BECAUSE I THE LORD AM ON THE HIGHEST THRONE, I AM AND NO LEADER OR SEAT WARMER OR PROGNOSTICATOR NO MATTER WHICH SEAT THEY HOLD CAN KEEP ME FROM HAVING MY WAY AND MOVING AND SHIFTING ACROSS THE LAND. “Let Freedom Ring” shall be shouted in this hour says the Lord.

If you reject MY purpose says the Lord they shall bind you in chains, however, says the Lord if you submit fully, you shall be delivered from the snare of the fowler oh trumpets says the Lord you shall.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Massachusetts says the Lord, there shall be a turning over and exhuming what has been buried long ago, the secrets the secrets of Martha's Vineyard that have been locked away shall the floodgates open and be revealed and those events that remained unsolved, the truth shall be laid bare says the Lord, Massachusetts shall be tilled and turned over says the Lord, that’s stronghold and high place shall be torn down for a cloak of darkness has descended upon this area it shall be evident, however I the Lord am raising up a man and a woman out of an area near Boston to lead, for the desperation of the people will set in and the color blue and the mules carrying it have not been able to deliver them, New England says the Lord, there shall be a NEW ENGLAND THERE SHALL IN THE AREA OF THE NORTHEAST


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts has been dispatched along with the warring angels, to do just that, war and cut the serpent that has intertwined itself around the feet and the wings of the eagle attempted to squeeze and constrict it until there is no life left. However says the Lord I have given the command from My throne and I have dispatched the captain and the warring angels in this hour to lead you in this battle as they cut in pieces the serpent from the eagle, for I the Lord have taken mercy on the eagle for the sake of My children, a remnant crying out, repenting, seeking My face, a remnant crying out in the wilderness saying “prepare ye the way of the Lord in this hour” and a way I shall make says the Lord of Hosts. For as in the Book of Esther there was a sudden change of events as a few brave I had chosen within the Kingdom for such a time as this submitted and listened to their Father in heaven and petitioned the King, exposing the plots of the wicked Haman, of Lucifer, another attempt to destroy the Jews so the seed of My son Jesus Christ would not come forth.

And says the spirit of the Lord this day, the military is getting restless, many have not bowed the knee to Baal, there are MANY more than they know within the government who are not loyal to a tainted, smeared with deception, administration, and as this takes place says the Lord I am humbling the “former” president, the pride is softening and being tempered as he shall feel My Spirit and must choose to truly KNOW ME for the sake of My plans, for the sake of His wife for she is very wounded and I the Lord shall pour the oil of gladness, the balm of joy upon those wounds and turn her mourning into joy says the Lord of Hosts this day. You shall see him step out yet again for I the Lord am not done with the one called TRUMP, they have attempted to silence a trumpet however I the Lord shall blow the shofar in the heavenlies, and the muzzles shall fall off of those afraid to speak and they shall speak with a loud voice as the resistance is being mounted I the Lord am calling your nation to humble themselves before ME for I the Lord will put on a demonstration for MY people in ways unseen for if pharaoh so chooses to contend, if Haman so chooses to contend so I the Lord shall answer and cause a shaking and a loss of power in multiple ways they the wicked the corrupt the darkest of men shall not be able to resist, as their resistance is being toppled and I the Lord shall and will have the victory for My Kingdom, For My Glory, For My Children, for there are still souls that need to be saved, thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts the everlasting King of Kings in the name of Jesus amen and amen.

I am God I will NOT be mocked, and those who have dared shall now be ensnared with the word fool written across their heads. I AM making a mockery of their delicacies, humiliation shall be their portion as they have bowed to a constricting, greedy, deceptive spirit that dwells in the political arena. And that spirit is being sent in retreat as they shall fumble their words and expose the deeds done in the back office of chambers and airstrips. The deals, the fine print shall now be exposed as I the Lord know the hiding places of their sin and it shall now find them out in the most unexpected and unusual of ways. They will fumble says the Lord, I will act.

Commissioner of the NFL….

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, there is another Trump in whose heart I have searched, another Trumpet, for I the Lord have found something Special in the one named Eric, stability and Strength, wisdom and humbleness, I the Lord have anointed him for a high position in this land and I am opening the doors for the right people to make a hedge around Him of wisdom, of Counsel. I am drawing him in and over this next year I shall reveal Myself to him in a way he has not yet experienced, he shall KNOW ME for I am, the Lord His God and I have anointed Him for a Special Purpose in this land. His Wife is so crowned with Wisdom and their marriage shall and will be protected through this. Watch what I the Lord so do as I have anointed others as well for high positions in close proximity to Him, just watch what I the Lord thy God do for man thinks they know, However I the Lord only know the beginning from the End. A table is about to be completely turned over, the money changers are being chased from the temple, the Ahabs and jezebels are being thrown out of their seats for I the Lord have intentionally put poor council in the mouths of their advisors who shall fall on the Hill for I the Lord have Spoken it forth and it shall be so.

 there is a mantle upon one of the sons says the Lord, a mantle for the nation, a mantle for faith and this year that son and his family shall see the Glory of God and the power of God in a way that turns Him to ME more and more for he is chosen says the Lord to do My work, His wife says the Lord is chosen to do My work, and together they shall plow the fields of this nation, and watch as I the Lord multiply what is being tilled.

2.12.24 Article
Former President Donald J. Trump on Monday night made public what he has been discussing privately for days: He has settled on someone to replace Ronna McDaniel as the chair of the Republican National Committee and wants his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to be the co-chair.

For I shall sever and divide that agreement–I shall sever and divide the way they are casting lots for this nation. For I the Lord thy God this day, Haman shall not cast lots for this nation–the wicked shall not cast lots–I shall cast lots for the day of their destruction says the Lord for they have refused to listen to me in this hour and my children who have listened and I am raising them up I am repositioning them I am reconfiguring them and realigning them in this hour in order to bring forth one of the greatest points in history you have ever seen.

The indictments are beginning to turn says the Lord that serpent is beginning to turn and it shall bite those that attempted to utilize it for self-glorification, elevation, and placation says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord once that serpent turns and begins to constrict those who released such a devious spirit, it shall constrict their titles, their reputations, their plans and what shall befall them shall be greater than what they attempted to do to this nation, the people, and leaders I have anointed.

Mayorkas Impeachment

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day I am touching down and causing a split and a shaking and a fear shall fall upon members of the house and members of the senate, very unsettling says the Lord as a surprise with the impeachment, shall take place, as the house and the senate shall be shaken and more shall fall off the cliff of greed and power where they have crowded and crammed themselves in dancing around their golden calf they have wickedly constructed with the work of their hands. And as My children have come up higher, as MY servant Moses so did at Mt Sinai, I the Lord shall send their golden calf off a cliff, that graven image that blasphemous people says the Lord. And I the Lord your God, Yahweh shall invoke MY LAW which is much higher than any earthly law constructed by corrupt men who have made agreements, with demons and devils, and dragons and sheiks and just as they think they can overstep their bounds with such a wicked plan, as they say, impeach; impeach I the Lord your God shall reach in and turn the tables over of these wicked merchandisers, selling the freedom of the American people for securities, and luxuries and pensions that are illegitimate and illegal says the Lord. I shall overturn their tables and a scene so shall be made as truth comes forth cutting to the core their plans, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth including with the ailing false leader says the Lord of Hosts this day.

2.25.21 Purim word
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day those who speak blasphemies against Me and against My children, who are SUPPOSED to be public servants, you wicked servants says the Lord you wicked servants! I gave time, I gave mercy in good measure however now is the hour says the Lord where you will see those “public servants” suddenly fall”. Such disgrace shall cover some they shall hide their face and the word RECALL shall be shouted in this hour by the people, the word IMPEACH shall be shouted by the people in this hour, the words MURDERER and THIEF shall be echoed in this hour says the Lord of Hosts.


The House of Representatives has narrowly voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, making him the first cabinet member to face impeachment in nearly 150 years.

Many Republicans blame Mr Mayorkas for an unprecedented influx of migrants at the US-Mexico border.

The Republican-led chamber voted 214 to 213 for the measure, after the first attempt failed last week.

The issue now heads to the Democratic-led Senate, where it looks doomed.


The first time happened almost 150 years ago with William Belknap, President Ulysses Grant's Secretary of War, who found himself caught up in a brazen kickback scheme at a time of unparalleled economic expansion, few regulations, and too many temptations.

Belknap was a Civil War hero who had fought in the battles of Shiloh and Vicksburg and was promoted to Brigadier General in 1864. Grant, who admired Belknap and had befriended the Princeton-educated lawyer and former Iowa legislator, appointed him to be his Secretary of War in 1869. After serving seven years in President Grant’s cabinet, Belknap was charged with "criminally disregarding his duty" and "basely prostituting his high office to his lust for private gain."

Belknap’s downfall was his decision to abuse his authority to appoint “sutlers” or civilian merchants who ran trading posts that served military outposts. At the urging of his second wife, Carita, Belknap named a New York businessman who was married to Carlita’s close friend, Caleb Marsh, to run the trading post at Fort Sill in the Oklahoma territory. However, Fort Sill already had a trader, John Evans, who did not want to relinquish the post. A compromise was reached via a generous kickback. Evans was to pay Marsh for the privilege of sharing the post. Since Marsh was indebted to the Belknap’s for giving him the lucrative job, he agreed to split the pay-off money with Carita.


And says the Lord of Hosts come under my wings my children take refuge in ME, and though they attempt to throw stones and boulders to stop what I the Lord am doing those stones shall turn to dust at my word and those boulders shall split, for the reaping and stealing from this nation that goes back past 50 years, well there is a large barley loaf headed towards their camp and the Judges shall tremble as well before Me, for the Judges were raised up in a time of Israel's bondage and oppression to a foreign nation, and those Judges shall be elevated and equipped to do what I the Lord am asking them to do. This is heading for the camp of a wicked ring a circle that goes around the globe and there shall be key fractures and a breaking of the agreement as some wait to step into their shoes, it shall and will in a moment be taken from them, for those who plotted at Martha's Vineyard shall pay a heavy price this year for their deeds(deads) and they shall be paraded out before the people for I gave you a chance to turn from your foreign gods and agreements with haters of My children, however, you did not head Barak, you did not head those in the highest offices, a garland around their necks shall not be a gift but it is a woe says the Lord it is


Kamala Kamala what have you done agreeing with the serpent and biting into forbidden fruit, initiated into a greater darkness in a greedy quest for power and to make a name as nimrod attempted to make a name for himself, mystery Babylon My children, Mystery Babylon. Attempting to make a name before the Lord by initiation in darkness, giving herself over fully to the wicked ones as a puppet, structured as the occult, diving into the ocean of danger and darkness ALL for a name that shall be littered with scandal, and woe unto her for her way she be treacherous, repent; repent says the Lord of Hosts this day!

Now we must go back to the dream I had in early 2021 where I saw Joe Biden so sick in bed and Obama at his bedside. Biden's family was nowhere to be found. Biden appeared grief-stricken like he could not go on living, there were 3 different pairs of shoes on the floor representing 3 former leaders, and Obama was at his bedside dressed in a nice suit and ready, excited at the condition of Biden, there was a crowd of middle eastern people gathered around waiting as well potentially representing different countries in cahoots, and a piece of apricot candy, known as Turkish delight on the bed, and I fought through that crowd and I reached and snatched the candy away from them and ate it so they could not have it. That candy represented a celebration and victory as is prevalent in the Muslim and Middle Eastern cultures and it was snatched away from them, and I represented WE The People Fighting through and rising up, I also represented the prophetic, rising up and being utilized by God to destroy their plans.
Those foreign individuals gathered from other nations may very well represent who Barak went to to spy because they were standing watch in the room so this may be another piece being revealed

I was in an auditorium, there was an aisle down the middle and seats on either side I was on the right side. Suddenly Barack and Michelle Obama came down the middle aisle he was an electric blue suit, and she in a one-shoulder white dress to her knees, at the end of the aisle where the stage was they split up and he went left and she went right. She came over to me and said, “Don’t worry we are going to get him” Barak was by the stage very smug and laughing and overconfident.

Now a big Scream suddenly came down or appeared and an old plane like one the Tuskegee airmen would fly appeared and then it is announced, “Alabama has voted for Trump” The states were going to go in order and after that, I woke up…..

And says the Lord of Hosts Biden and Billions, Billions for control, your grip is very much slipping says the Lord, your tentacles have wrapped themselves around dangerous spikes and those spikes shall now split the tentacles of the administration, those who have been moving about seemingly undetected behind the scenes, they shall have to come up for air, watch the highest secretaries in the land for very serious events to occur surrounding their dealings, offshore as well as they have illegally acquired a resource and this shall come forth be exposed and break out in scandal says the Lord of Hosts.



WASHINGTON, Feb 13 (Reuters) - Democratic President Joe Biden and a bipartisan group of lawmakers including the top U.S. Senate Republican on Tuesday urged the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to take up a $95.34 billion military aid package for Ukraine and other allies.

Israel in the time of Haman worked in agreement with Esther and Mordecai and fasted 3 days.

We need a 3 day fast in this nation. I'm calling for a 3-day fast.


Ron williams - February 18th, 2024 at 8:12am

I will fast and pray with all who join in! COUNT ME IN!

Joan Svennungsen - February 19th, 2024 at 12:14am

I will fast and pray with you February 19, 20, 21. All Glory to God.

I also will commit to a fast and prayer - February 19th, 2024 at 7:32am

Rick and I love and appreciate you and Chris

Katrin Teel - February 21st, 2024 at 9:45pm

Fasting and praying February 19, 20, and 21. Lift Jesus Higher!






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