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Urgent Prophetic Connections: Eagle Pass and the Return of American Pharoah

Pastor Rick asks me what I think when I hear the name Eagle Pass.
The horse named Eagle Pass that was contending to get into the Kentucky Derby and was not only scratched but retired in 2023.

EAGLE PASS, Tex. — A century and a half ago, Confederate Gen. Joseph Orville Shelby splashed into the wild waters of the Rio Grande off this border city and fled to Mexico, refusing to surrender to Union soldiers. Now the park named in his honor has become a front line in a feud between the state and the federal government—a power struggle over who ultimately has the right to control the border and the tide of humanity trying to cross it.

The Civil War…Abraham Lincoln, we will get to all of this.

Eagle Pass
A pass is a way on entry or exit to reject or decline to go from one quality, state, or form to another to die to render a decision, verdict, or opinion (passed Judgment).

The Eagle is giving a hard pass to what the corrupt have attempted to give entry to and prophetically this stand is being taken in the same exact spot where a Confederate General refused to surrender to the Union.

In June 1865, rather than surrender, Shelby and approximately 1,000 of his remaining troops rode south into Mexico. Reportedly, Shelby sank his battle flag in the Rio Grande near present-day Eagle Pass, Texas, on the way to Mexico rather than risk the flag falling into the hands of the Federals.

9 years since American Pharoah won the Triple Crown.

2015 Obama last year.

American Pharoah was supposed to happen in 2016 with Hillary but it was TRUMPED.

Then America in 2020, went back into the shadow valley (Joseph Biden) meaning God will add to the Shadow Valley and God allowed it.

Now this year the American Pharaoh must reappear to retain power.


Eagle Pass
Mass media is the grandmother of this horse.
2001 the year of 911 mass media gave birth to Beso Grande (big kiss) who is Eagle Passes mother.

Luke 22:47-48
47 While He was still speaking, a crowd came, and the man called Judas, one of the twelve [disciples], was leading the way for them. He approached Jesus to [a]kiss Him. 48 And Jesus said to him, “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” 

So betrayal with a Kiss.

Beso Grande which is Spanish for BIG KISS gives birth to EAGLE PASS.

The betrayal causes Eagle Pass and what's happening to now occur.

Now in my spirit I am prompted from this to look who is contending to get into the Kentucky Derby, and I found some things that are going to blow your mind right now.

Civil War
Gettysburg Address

There was a horse that ran last year by the name of Constitution. This horse has sired or fathered horses contending for the derby this year. Let me just read to you the names of the horses that Constitution has sired:

Catching Freedom
Parchment Party
Born Noble
Patriot Spirit
Private Desire
Wilson Q
Gettysburg Address
Speak Easy
His Rights
Aspiring Comedian
Hedge the Risk
Commander of Truth
4 More Years
Constitution has sired 15 horses contending for the derby.

Gun Runner sired Blown Cover.
No Nay Never sired Democracy these two are also contending, HOWEVER, there is one I saw and when I saw it I screamed. We will get to that in a moment.

I want to look at Gettysburg Address for a moment.
Constitution sired Gettysburg address.


Traveling to Baltimore in the fall of 1864, Orville Wood had no way of knowing he would soon uncover the most elaborate election conspiracy in America’s brief history.
Wood was a merchant from Clinton County in the most northeastern corner of New York. As a supporter of President Abraham Lincoln, he was tasked with visiting troops from his hometown to “look after the local ticket.”

New York legislators had only established the state’s mail-in voting system in April with the intent of ensuring the suffrage of White troops battling the Confederate Army.
The results of the 1864 elections would heavily affect the outcome of the war. Lincoln and his supporters in the National Union Party sought to continue the war and defeat the Confederacy outright. Meanwhile antiwar Democrats, also referred to as Copperheads, looked for an immediate compromise with the Confederate leaders and the end of the abolition movement.

Troops from New York were allowed to authorize individuals back home to cast a vote on their behalf. Along with their mail-in ballots, troops would assign their power of attorney on slips that required four signatures: the voter’s, the person authorized as a recipient, a witness to the signed affidavit and a fellow officer. These documents would be sealed in an envelope and shipped back home to be counted in the final vote. This was the process that Orville Wood intended to uphold, he would testify in court later. He quickly found out what a challenge that would be.

Wood masked his suspicions as he entered Ferry’s office, portraying himself as a strong supporter of Lincoln’s opponent, George McClellan. This was enough to gain Ferry’s trust, he testified later.

Ferry told Wood that the votes from New York’s 91st Regiment had already been tallied: 400 for McClellan and 11 for Lincoln.

Wood returned to the office later and, following Ferry’s instructions, began forging signatures of the 16th New York Cavalry. Meanwhile, a clerk sat across the room signing ballots from the roster of names Wood had brought with him from home. Wood asked to personally deliver these fraudulent ballots, but Ferry said they would have to receive final approval from his colleague in Washington—Edward Donahue Jr. Donahue soon arrived in Baltimore and met with Wood. It was revealed during this conversation that around 20 co-conspirators were already at work in D.C. to aid in the plot to deliver votes to McClellan. The following day Wood watched as Donahue and his crew formed a sort of assembly line, passing blank papers along to one another to be signed with the names of active enlisted men, wounded and dead soldiers, and officers who never existed.

When we say Lincoln was not “on the ballot” in ten Southern states, what we are really saying is that the Republican Party did not distribute ballots to voters in those states — because the Republican Party did not believe they would receive a significant number of votes in places such as Alabama, South Carolina, or Mississippi. It was a waste of time and resources to send thousands of Lincoln ballots to the South, just to have them sit in unopened boxes on election day.

What is more, Republicans in 1860 knew that they did not need any Southern states to achieve victory in the electoral college, so long as their ticket could garner enough votes in the North and West — staving off three challengers in the form of Stephen Douglas, John Bell, and John C. Breckinridge. There were 303 electoral college votes up for grabs and 61 belonged to the 10 states where Lincoln did not send tickets—only 20% of the overall total of available votes. There was simply no need to send tickets to states that were not going to return Republican electors. Lincoln won 180 electoral college votes — 28 more than the 152 that he needed to carry him to the White House, with the majority coming from populous states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

So the Republican Party makes a decision to keep Lincoln off the ballot in certain states because of slavery and the Southern states being against what Lincoln was standing for.

The Democrats want the influx of migrants in order to use them—enslave them.
Conservatives are saying they need to come in legally so they can be free.

Eagle Pass
Gettysburg Address
This is an ancient Spirit that had to do with the Civil War rising up again in this hour and Eagle Pass is where the clashes are happening.

There is a boiling point that has been set says the Lord thy God this day there is a temperature that has been set there is a time that has been set and the components are reaching their boiling point and this is the time and this is the hour says the Lord thy God this day where you will see different parts of your nation - different components of your nation reach their crescendo says the Lord reach their boiling point - reach a point says the Lord thy God this day where things will spill over - will spill over and will spill out clashes says the Lord thy God this day shall spill over and spill out says the Lord - what has been hidden behind agendas of immigration says the Lord shall bubble over and spill over and come to a clash at the border and spill out says the Lord thy God this day watch Texas in this hour says the Lord. Watch Texas says the Lord for there is pressure building in Texas and there shall be events that occur in Texas against the leadership attempting to thwart them and attempting to harm them in order to move them out of the way strategically says the Lord thy God this day for Texas is one of those standing strong right now Texas is one of those leading the charge Texas says the Lord thy God this day is a purse prize -is a purse prize because of upcoming votes elections and audits says the Lord thy God this day. Watch the rumblings out of Texas says the Lord. Watch the border in that area says the Lord thy God this day. Watch the senate leaders in Texas right now and the congressman says the Lord thy God this day for some of them there will be attempts - they have been targeted.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day clashes as they turn on their own Kind as the jockeying has begun behind the scenes as it is becoming more and more evident this fragile charade their glass house shall shatter as transition draws close. For there shall be change and no longer will a mere seat-warmer fill the highest seat in the Land and nation of America for judgment has entered its halls as you will see the Whitehouse in complete turmoil and disarray as I the Lord thy God apply pressure for the whole condemned structure shall collapse on itself.

Watch the Gulf of Mexico stir up as their exodus at the border backfires as there shall be an event that drives back a very dark army of drifters and donkeys and mules, and abusers and day of the dead worshipping fools who have mixed the innocent in with them, and sold them a bill of goods that many are paying for with their lives. However, says the Lord an event at the border shall drive even the cartels back as their political funding shall be exposed yes drug money injected into political campaigns so the cartels get a certain right of passage this shall have a spotlight shown on this whole congealed mess of brambles and vines intertwined and I the Lord thy God shall indeed expose the leadership that so took from that pot, blood money in every sense of the word and the cartels shall lose whom they have bought and paid for as their paper trail and bond trail and cash trail and their headquarters in this nation shall be found

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day. It is MY desire that none shall perish, NONE. However says the Lord, these leaders, their convoy have made a choice says the Lord, they have chosen whom they will serve and now I the Lord your God from My throne shall evoke and enact MY rulings and begin to unseat and remove such from the states that have been the most active behind the curtain, for the curtains are being pulled back and all those directing such a production shall be exposed, who have been operating in the shadows in Texas shall be exposed, for the tentacles of the wicked have wrapped themselves around the leadership of Texas and has blackmailed them to look the other way from the Border says the Lord of Hosts, they took dirty money says the Lord, laundered from Mexico, laundered from the enemy’s drug market, they took such says the Lord and it has ensnared them to look the other way. It shall come to a clashing head at the Border says the Lord of Hosts as a severe hit to the cartel, a Holy hit carried out By MY army says the Lord shall tumble them and their interests and their markets and their avenues and buyers back says the Lord, as they shall lose an alarming amount of their claim as events in Texas now begin to unfold for I the Lord thy God shall PINCH their channel and it shall block the flow says the Lord for the time has come for their cup of iniquity to be poured out for the blood of the innocent is crying out from the earth it testifies against them says the Lord of Hosts, as did the blood of Abel against Cain. And this testimony has come before MY throne and I the Lord God have issued a scroll of Judgment that is carried on a very large sword, and it shall impale their operations as it is now hurled towards Texas and Mexico and the border by California says the Lord of Hosts this day.

Now back to the Kentucky Derby for a moment because Eagle Pass led me to this.

We went over Constitution and who was sired through him HOWEVER.

There was something I saw that made me yell within this list.

Back in 2015, there was a horse named American Pharoah who won the Triple Crown that was the last year of Obama's presidency and was a signal that the American Pharaoh was going for the Triple Crown in 2016 through another candidate and President Trump won instead.

Well, a horse is contending right now who was sired by American Pharoah, and the horse's name is Nullify!!!

The horse after Nullify is 4 More Years who was sired by Constitution.

The American Pharoah versus the Constitution.

Nullify verses 4 More Years.

So American Pharoah through Nullify is attempting to rise once again however the people are arising, that Union Soldier mentality who stands for freedom is arising to this time NULLIFY THEM.

Nullify and American Pharaoh is on page 8 page—8!

How long did Saul chase David? 8 years is how long a 2-term presidency is—8 years.

This is showing the times and the race we have to run.

This happens to be the 150th Kentucky Derby.

50 is the Jubilee, what was stolen must be given back.


Jane - February 1st, 2024 at 7:44am

WOW is the word for this. It is truly amazing the revelation Our Almighty God is giving to Amanda. Thank you so much

Brenda McClenney - February 3rd, 2024 at 12:52pm

Thank you, this is truly amazing. The Kentucky Derby will be more interesting this year. I love the way God put all of that info together.

Sharon - February 5th, 2024 at 9:08pm

I second that and raise it by 10,000 hallelujahs. I love the Lord and the way in which He gets His message out even using a horse race. Thanks, Amanda, that was wonderful!!!!

Tabi McLaurine - March 16th, 2024 at 1:25pm

It amazes me how God puts everything in order. Everything is connected right down to exact times, names and places. God is order! I love the scripture that says the depths of the riches of His Wisdom and Knowledge are unsearchble. Everytime I get anxious I just think about Him. He is high and lifted up and the train of His Glory fills the temple. The Universe is unfolding according to His Plan. No matter what it looks like, everything is going along as planned. The Prophets are speaking and His Bride is waking up and decreeing His Victory in the Earth even now. His will IS being done on the earth just as it already is in Heaven. Isnt that comforting? I really love you Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Where would we be without You? Ein Kamoka Adonai, There is no God, like the Lord our God!






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