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An Urgent Prophetic Connection: A Trojan Horse, the Super Bowl, Tucker Carlson and Russia

Super Bowl Commercials Order:
Super Bowl in Vegas in a dry place, demons like to operate in dry places they have a territorial influence over.
The stadium is called the Death Star.
Happening to secure our borders, at the Spanish service there is a shooting at Lakewood Church.
Vegas is a dry place and the shooting is at LAKEwood.
Jesse Waters the psychic represents the occult and dry places next to a man whose last name is Watters.
Do we also find it strange that on the day of the Super Bowl in Vegas, in Texas where the Eagle Pass conflict is?

Wicked movie
Ghosts TV show
Kingdom of the planet of the apes
Jesus didn't teach hate, he washed feet (only of HIS disciples).
Mountain Dew people flying on dragons, (year of the dragon) Chinese New Year entered on February 10, 2024.
Trojan horse commercial (which we will explore more).
Aliens coming on NYC.
Jesus love your neighbor commercial.

Matches Jesse Watters having psychic on at the beginning of January.
A very occultic agenda is being pushed in an election year.

The commissioner of the NFL is going to find himself in very hot water over the next year as the conscience of those around him, players and coaches alike what has been done becomes too heavy to bear and the NFL in an area will suffer some type of collapse because this is what they chose to sow in an election year and their harvest is going to come in.

And the half-time show although tamer than some, I just want you to look at the name of the performer this year USHER.
What does it mean to USHER?
Show or guide (someone) somewhere.
Cause or mark the start of something new.
"the railroads ushered in an era of cheap mass travel"
So they want to USHER in their agenda their leaders their ideology, those singers on with usher were all from that Clinton Era.
Usher's first Album came out August 30 1994, when Bill Clinton was president, the Clinton era.
Bringing together leaders in politics, business, and philanthropy in one place can help bring new solutions to light, said Jayaram, whose foundation is one of the conference sponsors this year, alongside corporations like Cisco, JetBlue, and Pfizer, as well as other nonprofits, including The EKTA Foundation, Fondation Botnar, and Global Education Foundation.
This happens in New York 5 months before the Super Bowl.

Pfizer touts cancer efforts in first Super Bowl commercial.
Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) ran its first Super Bowl ad on Sunday, highlighting its efforts in oncology as the COVID-19 vaccine maker looks for post-pandemic growth following its recent acquisition of cancer drug maker Seagen (SGEN).
The "Here's to Science" ad shows statues, paintings, and photos of well-known scientists and inventors, such as Sir Isaac Newton and Archimedes, singing along to Queen's hit song, "Don't Stop Me Now."
The 60-second commercial marks the first time the New York-based pharma giant has leaned on the Super Bowl, a major TV event in the sporting calendar, to offer an ad.
Queen came out with that song released as a single in January 1979, 45 years ago.
Who is being targeted right now by all these people involved in the Super Bowl?
The 45th president of the United States Donald Trump.

Lyrics Don’t Stop Me Now
Tonight I'm Gonna Have Myself A Real Good Time
I Feel Alive
And the World, I'll Turn It Inside Out, Yeah
I'm Floating Around in Ecstasy
So (Don't Stop Me Now)
(Don't Stop Me)
'Cause I'm Having a Good Time
Having a Good Time

Ecstasy is one of the top 10 of the drugs seized at the border and being brought across the border.

[Verse 1]
I'm a shooting star, leaping through the sky like a tiger
Defying the laws of gravity.
I'm burnin' through the sky, yeah Two hundred degrees That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit I'm traveling at the speed of light I wanna make a supersonic man out of you.
Yeah, I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars On a collision course I am a satellite, I'm out of control I am a fun machine, ready to reload Like an atom bomb about to Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh explode.

Now, to the Trojan Horse Commercial.

Beware says the Lord thy God this day of leadership of France bearing gifts - for it is a trojan horse says the spirit of the Lord this day - there are trojan horses in this hour that shall present themselves -ready yourselves oh leaders of this nation to identify these trojan horses and destroy them and reject them instead of letting them into your people - do not make agreements with such in this hour -

Behold, I the Lord God, am doing a new thing, do you not see it?  In this season you must have eyes to see and ears to hear, says the Lord, what the spirit has to say.  Because imposters shall arise and they shall recite the Word and they have been groomed to be the trojan horse, says the Lord.  They have been groomed to come in looking like a gift.  It is a curse, says the Lord.  It is a curse.  Pray for discernment, my children, in this season, because a vessel that may look perfect on the outside is filled with darkness on the inside.


In a nice analogy, cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike’s Super Bowl ad reminded Americans how important it is not to open your door to any stranger with the help of an ancient tale of the Trojan Horse.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day…The next 4 years shall be crucial building and recovery years for there will be events that will occur where a recovery will be much needed as markets become very uncertain and golden calves topple says the Lord. For this will be the dismantling of America’s golden calves. What I the Lord God gave America they took the gold, they took the silver, they took the resources and erected golden calves out of such that opened the door more and more for the most wicked of leadership to arise says the Lord and oppress America once beautiful says the Lord.

However, I the Lord God the Righteous Judge was merciful as America as a wayward sheep began to stray into the wilderness. And I the Lord pursued you O America and brought you a leader in My mercy, a shepherd, for the sake of Israel, for the sake of My precious remnant, for the sake of the gospel and the harvest. I the Lord of Hosts raised up a leader, a leader called since birth that the enemy attempted to pull and drag down into the ditches and pitfalls of this world to attempt to destroy the call. However, says the Lord even though the enemy attempted to tempt, tarnish, and stain I the Lord refined, I the Lord allowed this past year especially a wilderness experience to refine the man, the trumpet I called from his mother’s womb, My son Donald, imperfect yes, as all of humanity is however called, anointed for a great task, for leadership in a time of Crises, to help steer America through the troubling waters it had entered in the year 5780, 2020. I the Lord God see the wind and the waves of wickedness that is tossing America about however, I the Lord have utilized it for such a time to wake up those who were asleep and pose a very serious question to the people of America as it is at a crossroads...What kind of nation do you desire this to be? A nation that moves back towards God and His law, or a nation that drifts further out into the sea of darkness and despair? A nation of truth, of demanding truth, of transparency and accountability, or a nation of lawlessness and complete disregard for the truth, the laws of the land, and the Word of God? Yes, America must face its future for what America decides will be the building blocks will set the precedent and the course for 2024 says the Lord of Hosts.

Over the next 4 years, there will be a crash in various countries of their precious markets in whom those in the deep have gorged themselves upon such and crashes will occur as countries are dealt with for their mistreatment of their people, the persecution of their people, and defiance against All Mighty God. There shall be crashes in leadership, shaking in the world as America attempts to rehabilitate from the infections that spread across the land, infiltrated every area of life and the goal, to put America on life Support and then pull the plug and destroy what America is called to be. However I the Lord God the Lord of Hosts have ruled from My throne and stopped the plans of the wicked just short of their mark, as they have no value for life and desired to take much life through this to scare the rest of the people who live in America into submission, giving every freedom over to them as a virus and a hostile takeover of leadership was their goal. What the enemy promised them for such nefarious and egregious acts he never intended to fully follow through on as that serpent of old never keeps his word as MY Creation is just a means to His end says the Lord. Their trick plays have been found out and their arsenal of maneuvers is very depleted and weakened as what they so attempted shall make headlines says the Lord. This is a time of great humiliation as desperation turns to contemplation about giving over the master plans to save oneself from death says the Lord of Hosts. The next 4 years shall be crucial and delicate years for America as the axe will appear and be taken to every rotted decayed stump completely cutting off intertwined, underground, between parties root systems where they secretly fed each other and took care of each other selling out the people for bills and laws and plots and schemes to gorge themselves on a life of sin, indulgence, and high society living says the Lord of Hosts this day. However, I the Lord the righteous Judge am taking an axe to that root system and destroying it where truly there shall be the most massive split and gut in Washington DC that has ever occurred says the Lord of Hosts. This was the day the forefather’s feared as they were inspired by Me to write such law that contained clauses to attempt to shield America and prevent her from completely sinking in the hands of leadership on a suicide mission.

America is weighing in the balance and the next 4 years shall determine the future of America as I the Lord God of Hosts have intervened in My mercy to clean Americas wounds. There shall be major operations in many areas of America into its most deepest parts to stop the spread says the Lord. The bureaucrats, the medical communities, the giants of silicon valley, those who desire to continue their own lives but pluck up the lives of others for the sake of population control they shall take major hits to their credibility, to their fortunes, to their companies, platforms, for these are their golden calves and I the Lord God have decreed and sent the judgment forth that these golden calves shall and will be torn down says the lord of Hosts.
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day liberty shall break out across the land of America. The public cries to their Creator shall become deafening to those who serve the Kingdom of darkness and make them quake as the army of God has awoken and is marching across the land. Those who attempted to control and keep them in their place of oblivion and ignorance shall now quake at the fierceness of the people, says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the giants of social media and search engines shall quake as they are sliced up and cut up their wicked empires, as they will lose their gatekeepers who will go down with the wicked ship that was set to lead America to destruction. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day “CALL THEM TO ACCOUNT OPEN THEIR BOOK OF RECORDS FOR THE TIME HAS COME FOR THEIR RECKONING”

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day I the Lord am releasing the healing balm to be placed upon the sickness of America, and My son Donald shall be humbled even more and begin to see things through a different set of bifocals as I the Lord bring him into focus and center him on Me for without me he cannot win this fight. I the Lord have set the trap for the wicked and called those I have marked to execute such, brave men and women sons and daughters filled with the boldness of the Holy Spirit, Brazen in the face of evil that makes the wicked quake and shake as their elaborate plans disintegrate before them as I the Lord have ruled against the enemy and his wicked plans and they are left powerless, pathetic, and penniless Says the Lord of Hosts this day.

The leaders of the other states are hereby put on notice, your time is short your indulgences will stop and your vault of darkness and corruption is ordered this day to open and so it shall be revealed and you exit your leadership roles in shame for you abused what was given to you says the Lord. What profit a man to gain the whole world but lose His soul? Says the Lord of Hosts this day.
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day in the midst of America’s volatility a country an enemy a foe will attempt to strike however their attack shall be stopped way short of its intended mark as America’s vulnerability as it fights for its liberty has tempted a country who is desperate right now to not topple, this country will attempt to strike however says the Lord there shall be a backdraft a reverse explosion upon them and an even more fatal wound inflicted upon their leadership says the Lord of Hosts.

this nation are at the point of breakthrough and the enemy has mounted his last attempted resistance, and so his plans shall fall and be struck down and My children shall be raised up to such positions because they stood boldly in the Lord in the face of evil, persecution, and attacks. It is here My children it is time, you shall see signs of early spring as new growth occurs and watch My power break forth and explode in this land and biblical events so occur before the eyes of the people. Stand firm in your faith and get ready to shout to your God in the streets and the squares and your cities and towns for I the Lord God of Hosts shall have My way and will bring the Victory…Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts the King of Kings in the name of Yeshua Amen and


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, around the time of what you call Christmas, there shall be a sharp Maneuver in the United States government, a VERY sharp maneuver says the Lord, and there shall be a shakeup, even panic says the Lord, screaming in the halls of Congress says the Lord, for January, must be rectified says the Lord it must be rectified.

Thus says the Lord you shall hear trumpets again says the Lord, a call for it across your land, shall be stirred up once again for at the TRUMP there shall be a turn a change in direction, the younger shall advise the older says the Lord. In the midst, a burning Bush says the Lord shall emerge.


And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a CIVIL war says the Lord CIVIL, a war of cases in the courts shall flood the system going into 2024, a case of the century is set to form going into 2024 says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts, Titans, huffing and puffing as bulls says the Lord are moving into their appointed corners, a vying for dominance is not what candidates make, However, says the Lord a surrender to the strategy I the Lord have to put forth shall change the course of races, however, says the Lord shall bulls huffing and puffing be tame enough to accept such? This is the hour says the Lord they are to decide as lines are being drawn for a clash of the titans where carnage shall be everywhere if they do not learn to be yoked to the same yoke and till the fields of America together says the Lord.


The Supreme Court seems poised to reject attempts to kick former President Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot, with conservative and liberal justices in apparent agreement in a case that puts them at the heart of a presidential election.


So the only reason this horse got in this race is because another horse was scratched. Another horse was removed from the race which allowed them to put this horse in this race. In Reed's first Derby training appearance Jockey, Sunny Leone guided Rich Strike from the back of the pack approaching the final turn past favorite Epicenter. Past the favorite Epicenter, along the rail down the stretch for the second-biggest upset in the 148-year history of the first leg of the triple crown.
They thought they had lost everything and this horse was originally not supposed to race this race and the only reason he got in is because another one scratched and everyone's looking at Epicenter thinking Epicenter is the sure thing–he's sure to win this race and what happens this horse is put in when another horse has to be taken out–he is put into a position to contend for greatness–this horse contended for greatness–this horse was contending at that moment for greatness.
This race was run by a horse that was never supposed to race I think is a prophetic picture of what we're going to see in the political arena happen not only in this nation but in other nations normally the U.S. and Israel run hand in hand. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the same thing run in tandem with the U.S. and Israel.
In the political arena, some people may have some thinking it's a sure thing and by watching this race it's not a sure thing this is why it takes prayer because this horse came out of nowhere another horse is emerging pay attention to the name a Rich Strike watch for those names; watch for those names to come out together watch for those names to come out in headlines and news stories and watch for one of the most historic times we have ever seen occur in our nations happen now because this is the season of out of nowhere--this is the season of out of nowhere good and bad out of nowhere, it's going to come where people are going to be like "whoa I didn't see that one coming" this is the season we're in right now this is the season of out of nowhere in your personal lives and in the political arena in this nation out of nowhere stunners historic jaw-dropping incredible we're going to see it in this season

Reminder: the United States and Israel run in tandem, meaning they are connected Spiritually which influences events Physically. So it is an Election year in the United States, watch that trigger the same in Israel because it was said above: “he's sure to win this race and what happens this horse is put in when another horse has to be taken out he is put into a position to contend for greatness–this horse contended for greatness–this horse was contending at that moment for greatness this race was run by a horse that was never supposed to race I think is a prophetic picture of what we're going to see in the political arena happen not only in this nation but in other nations normally the U.S. and Israel run hand in hand. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the same thing run in tandem with the U.S. and Israel”

This was warned of in 2022, because it is an election year in the U.S. that is likely to trigger Similar in Israel

Tucker Carlson, Putin Interview:
Well, Putin Just laid out the CIA didn’t he, but if you notice Putin was attempting to take a mirror and make America look at all its flaws I think in order to Justify his actions.
Putin is a Saul, a little bit of Right mixed with a whole lot of wrong. Remember King Saul had an awareness of who God was, he also tried to do away with anyone that could take his throne.

November 2018
I, the Lord, will give President Trump a brilliant single stone to throw at the giant, to throw at the giants of Russia, Iran, to throw at gnat (giants) of Washington DC, brilliant plans that will outsmart the opponent in every shameful way because you cannot curse what I the Lord thy God have blessed, you cannot touch who I have anointed to be in office says the Lord. My angelic army is far greater than the secret service says the Lord. Far; far greater, and they are ready and willing to defend the president on all fronts as I minister to his heart through those I will place around him that truly have a heart for the Lord. He is a work in progress just like the rest of you remember that I am the potter you are the clay, my precious children.

Watch Russia with Ukraine says the Lord, testing the waters

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a bomb in Russia watch and see will cause opposition to arise against former allies and against Iran alike as a major event in Russia causes a BEAR of an issue says the Lord of Hosts.

I shall bring you down low oh Russia as you snarl looking to advance upon prey I the Lord thy God am wrestling the bear and their leadership shall suffer yet another strike and a blow to the head for their advancement against such and those who are secretly backing them, in this maneuver shall be exposed

I have given it to My army says the Lord–it has been sent into the earth and they have been positioned says the Lord all over this nation–they have been positioned in key points in the earth–they have been positioned on the borders of Ukraine and Russia and they have been positioned and they are waiting for Me the Lord thy God to release them to do what they have been ordered to do, for I am doing a work and this is greater than a man in this nation–this is greater than an administration in this nation–this is greater than a political party says the Lord thy God. I am doing a spiritual work and I am changing the heart of this nation, I am restoring the decay that's in this in the soul of this nation–I am restoring says the Lord. What has been built on an unstable, confusing, divisive platform. I the Lord thy God am tearing down that platform. I am bringing it down–I am ripping it down–I am ripping down entire news agencies says the Lord thy God this day. I am ripping down platforms of people that have claimed they have spoken from Me but they have not spoken from Me. They have spoken from a spirit says the Lord thy God this day that is NOT OF ME. I the Lord thy God am bringing correction to those that have branched out like vines and tried to hold on to things that I walked them away from a long time ago and they have allowed it into their lives, they have allowed it to their platforms, they have allowed into this nation and I the Lord thy God say, that I am through My righteousness–through My holiness–I am cleaning the House says the Lord. I am cleaning the House for the House is in disorder and decay and the House must be clean because it has become a haunt for jackals and for unclean spirits to speak and to wander and I the Lord thy God will have none of this anymore and you will see this the Lord thy God this day going into the high holy days next year–the first of them–the first of the group of them–you shall see this enormous cleansing to take place in your nation–you shall see an enormous cleansing to take place in the area where Russia and Ukraine lie, you shall see an enormous cleansing to take place in the states that have been a cancer to this nation, and that have fed the main artery of the nation that has been giving the principalities says the Lord life to try to keep a grip on what is not theirs says the Lord.

as the world's eyes are on Ukraine and Russia. Bears get trapped, says the Lord, because of their power and strength, they must be trapped, says the Lord.
And says the Lord of Hosts, a great trap has been set for the one who has come back out of the shadows, for the one who thinks he is the American Pharaoh. And says the Lord of Hosts, I have allowed this so a great revealing can occur. Marching former leaders back out to try and stabilize a crumbling structure and Whitehouse is not going to keep it from such a collapse, says the Lord of Hosts.

What has gone back to Carter in your nation I the Lord am, pulling from the files kept as not all were destroyed and the time has come to reveal the contents of the boxes that were kept and what has been hidden about his involvement in what is happening now, for deals were made long ago, those deals WERE MADE IN STRICT PACT and now I the Lord your God shall reveal what was done in secret with the east countries what was done in secret with Russia, what was done in Secret with Cuba says the Lord of Hosts in this hour this shall be revealed

Russia and Ukraine the dogs of war have been unleashed as each shall so turn over and not 1 but 2 new leaders shall arise. And as the dogs so pursued the body of Jezebel, thus says the Lord, the dogs of war the dogs of destruction have been released upon you oh leaders who have made deals in the dark to obtain your seat including selling the people for silver, and stocks, and new oil that shall arise.

And says the Spirit of the Lord, this day, a Russian submarine—a Russian submarine—watch the maneuvers at sea that put those on high alert. The one intended to replace Putin has been groomed, far worse, with connections to Geneva. It's a creation of forums and secret organizations. Yes, there is an underbelly of secret organizations forming the foundation of these world forums. They have groomed this individual, not for Russia's liberation, but for its enslavement. Grooming Russia for nefarious purposes, including weaponization against whomever they desire. Putin stands in their way, but pray that their plans crumble and the groomed individual falls before reaching power.

Dream about Tucker Carlson Tulsa, Oklahoma (March 22-27)
There was a building with a large gathering of people in it, the lights were darknened, thousands of people were there in seats. There was a stage. Marty was actually praying on stage I believe for the nation as the Lord is having me move and observe. There is an area off stage. Tucker Carlson enters, white shirt, darker blazer, and jeans. He looked upset. He went to approach a small group of individuals that were more towards the corner and shadowed so I could not see who they were. Tucker then turns his back to me and stretches which lifts up his shirt and Jacket, he had a very large mermaid tattooed and wrapped around the entire trunk of his body! At that point I am taken backstage where there are quite a bit of people and the lights were much brighter. Then entering backstage to my right was Greta Van Susteren (who I think is on newsmax) and she quietly slipped in and observed and just stood there. After seeing her I woke up.

The name “rusalka” (Russian mermaid) appeared in Slavic mythology pretty late, probably from the West. From the beginning, they were believed to be the souls of drowned young women. Most of the time, Russian mermaids were represented as physically beautiful, with long, greenish hair. Some of them had fish-like characteristics as well.

1 Comment

Ruth Buerer - February 19th, 2024 at 3:04pm

I feel disturbed that Amanda dreamt a mermaid was on Tucker’s back and encircling his torso. A spirit , THE spirit of the Rusalka ?

I read some of the history of this mythical creature. Very alluring liar who lures men to their demise ..

The Lord is certainly saying SOMETHING .

Let’s be praying for Tucker’s well-being & protection .

He’s a powerful voice .






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