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Word from the Lord from the Miami ReAwaken America Tour--October 14, 2023

And the spirit of the Lord says this day, be strong and courageous, do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Oh, Israel, I the Lord your God, Yahweh, I'm calling to you in this hour. I am calling to you through the tumult. Do not put your eyes on the tumult in this hour, oh Israel, and idolize it–lift up your eyes to whom your salvation comes from–lift up your eyes to the hills. Who does your help come from? Your help comes from the Lord your God. Oh, Israel–oh leaders of Israel repent and turn to Me in this hour. Parliament says the Lord, stop your squabbling and your squandering of time says the Lord. For I the Lord thy God led David–I the Lord thy God led Hezekiah–I the Lord thy God led Moses, and I the Lord thy God will lead you in this hour if you submit to Me, for there is not only an attack says the Lord coming from the north, but there is an attack coming from the west says the Lord and if you submit to me oh Israel in this hour, I the Lord will raise my right hand of justice and I will destroy and dismantle those attacks and they will not have their full effect. 

For thus says the Lord, oh United States of America, oh have you attempted to cast lots and sell Israel to the highest bidder says the Lord. Oh leaders, how you have cast lots and tried to divide this nation and tear it up and sell it before my face. How dare you, says the Lord–how dare you cast lots and attempt to tear this up and sell it before my face. For, I the Lord thy God have not abandoned My children in this nation. Though events happen–though it may be turbulent–though you may see many tumults–I the Lord thy God, will never leave you or forsake you. 

And says the Lord, for the blood that is on the hands of those that exchanged–for those that tried to sell out–for those that puppeted a weak, brittle confused host–for those of you who did this in this hour, that curtain says the Lord that iron curtain shall be torn and pulled back and every relation between you and everyone who shakes their fists at almighty God in those nations that want to turn on God and worship those that are not Him while they claim it is Me committing such things–I in this hour will judge you. The blood cries out before My Court, says the Lord, and the selling the United States of America for money and oil and commodities–this shall be your seat now in this hour. Your seat shall be taken from you for doing such says the Lord for I am raising up Joshua's in this hour to lead my people in this next leg of the race–I am raising up Joshua's and I am positioning them in areas of government–in areas of government in Israel that will be the voice of favor that the people turn to because they will be speaking from Me, and they will mightily stand and oppose and they will go back to AI, and they will war says the Lord–they will war for me says the Lord. 

And says the Lord in this hour, rejoice says the Lord. Do not focus on the horror–the horror is meant for the enemy to damage your faith in this hour and turn your face from Me. I the Lord will deal with the butchers that committed the atrocities–I the Lord will deal with Amalek–I the Lord will deal with that spirit of Esau–I the Lord will deal with that spirit of Absalom. You lift up your face and you rejoice in Me and you praise Me for what I am about to do in your nation and what I am about to do in Israel because I am leading you right now through the treacherous valley–through that Road of Perdition that was meant for your destruction in this hour, but it shall actually be the very thing that elevates you in this hour says the Lord. And yes there shall be schisms–and yes people’s seats shall shake and their pillars that they have built in their churches and worshiped shall shake, but I the Lord shall defend and I have anointed and chosen to lead this nation one who is being humbled says the Lord–one who is being humbled and being dealt with and I am bringing that into order. We will not go the same way says the Lord as before–we must carve a new path to get to the same endpoint, so pray is this path this carved–go forth in faith and know that I the Lord thy God will have My way in your nation and Israel, and My name will be lifted above all by the end of this, thus says the Lord of hosts in Jesus' name.


Catherine Christie - November 6th, 2023 at 4:39pm

11/6/23 Amen, I agree with this Word thru Amanda,

LORD. I now see more interpretation more than just the release & demise of Covid in the three (3) snakes dream you gave me in June 2020 where you allowed me to crushed the heads of two (2) snakes & cut into four (4) parts the huge snake moving from my right to left at the base of the sand dunes…! You shall reveal all in your due season.

Amanda, If you want me to send you the details of this dream & a series of several visions between the end of Sept. 2019 ending with this snake dream in June of 2020 I will be happy to do so. No one in that season had mentioned any of what ai was shown…I asked several of my intercessor friends & pastors with some prophetic understanding…& no one had seen or heard the RESET word shown to me in three separate phases, or balance of scales or new fresh blood on the Ancient Passover doorpost & lental,etc…

Praise the LORD, He has opened access to a few hearing & speaking voices like yours & Robin & Whalen & Johnny & Kent who was from our area, Tim & Dutch & those they run with….! Cath in WA 253-579-2893

JoMarie Martin - November 12th, 2023 at 8:16pm