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Word from the Lord--September 25, 2023 Yom Kippur

9.25.23 WORD Yom Kippur

All Glory All Honor All Praise be to the Lord of Hosts Maker of Heaven and Earth. His eyes wander to and fro across the earth, He rules from a throne of righteousness and Justice is in His hands. How excellent is your name in ALL the earth, and to His Kingdom there is no end!

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, be thou Holy from I am Holy, says the Lord, be thou Holy My Children! For this is a Holy Time says the Lord a Holy Season, a time of AWE, there shall be Awe in the earth says the Lord as a sifting of leaders is about to take place, a sifting and a breaking of chains that an old guard has clamped upon the nations of the earth.

Thus says the Lord, O Sauls O Sauls, you in your desperation have not come before me but have consulted the witch of Endor says the Lord, A WITCH to save your seat, a witch to save your nation, you have made covenants with darkness thinking such a pact, Thinking such a ritual will save the souls of your nation, will save you from destruction.

Thus says the Lord, a covenant has been made in Ukraine, a covenant has been made in the area of Ukraine, under such a cover of ambassador ship and good will, however says the Lord there is no such good, it is detestable in MY sights says the Lord, you have consulted with the diviners and occultists to unlock doors of security, however says the Lord you have handed your nation over for demons and jackals to have a greater influence than they ever should have had says the Lord, therefore says the Spirit of the Lord this day, there shall be a shakeup of the highest seats, events in Russia and Ukraine shall happen in Tandem says the Lord, and I shall raise up within that area a new branch says the Lord a new branch in Ukraine, for the coiling serpent of poverty, oppression, and depression have been allowed a tighter grip by whom your leader has consulted and made deals with, an underground tunnel to Europe says the Lord, Europe is involved in the survival of Ukraine, and parts have been put up for auction to the highest bidders says the Lord for Saul is desperate to keep his seat, however says the Lord, there shall be a tearing away if there is not repentance and a complete turn says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a witch is attempting to reenter the Whitehouse says the Lord, yes in this time that reentry is being attempted as it is not a Whitehouse at all but a haunted house says the Lord as the halls have been filled with tormentors, sorcery, thieves and jackals, it is a haunt, a taunt, and a byword, as it has become a symbol of weakness to other nations looking to get hooks in the coasts and the ports, where resources lie, for there are nations of red that are entering a famine says the Lord, the resources and food supply have thinned and they have in their desperation attempted to do reconnaissance on such areas, watch Alaska in this hour says the Lord and the maneuver that is attempted, as they circle closer says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord, there shall be awe in your nation, a stampede of elephants and donkeys shall in this hour be seen as what is behind the Inquiry is exposed says the Lord, the timing of such things is crucial MY children, watch the timing of a second inquiry says the Lord in the Den of thieves says the Lord, for Congress is a den of thieves says the Lord all robbing each other and robbing and stripping your nation! Congress shall be sifted if they refuse to operate in righteousness in this hour, I the Lord am watching O Congress choose wisely in this hour, Choose wisely O Speaker, for it shall be your seat if you DO not set a foundation of righteousness and Truth in this hour, for truth MUST be pursued says the Lord it MUST. And those in position must pursue it or the serpent shall consume them and there shall be early retirement, for many says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, this is the hour of Daniels being rescued from the den of lions and the officials in government who attempted to put them there, this is the hour says the Lord!

For I the Lord thy God will protect those who are doing MY WILL, I will defend and protect says the Lord, align with MY will says the Lord, for those who stand accused by the same spirit that operated through the high officials of Daniel's time to accuse him.

I the Lord am making mockery of those officials I am making a laughingstock of them, they shall fall for what they have done for I the Lord shut the mouth of the Lions, I the Lord have the power to trample young g lions and serpents underfoot, and behold I have given that power unto you My Children.

This indeed is the hour where the lion's den turns on the thieves and officials who attempted to move those out of the way that would not come into agreements with their covens, and thievery, scoundrel behavior says the Lord, for the scoundrels, shall be rounded up says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord, watch the Supreme Court in this hour and the judges of the appellate courts, a shrewd maneuver and an emergency injunction says the Lord, For the righteous, shall have to take the wheel and turn the courts and these cases in the direction I the Lord say they should go.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Plagues shall hit the earth, for principalities and rulers have violated orders, and the leaders in which they control have challenged the sovereignty of MY throne, they have opened the door to such in the earth, historic, however, says the Lord, those who come under MY wing shall be protected says the Lord for this is a plague on governments and facilities of destruction says the Lord, locusts, and beetles as well says the Lord at appointed times shall end up in an unusual area that does not have a history of seeing such.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, around the time of what you call Christmas, there shall be a sharp Maneuver in the United States government, a VERY sharp maneuver says the Lord, and there shall be a shakeup, even panic says the Lord, screaming in the halls of Congress says the Lord, for January, must be rectified says the Lord it must be rectified.

Thus says the Lord you shall hear trumpets again says the Lord, a call for it across your land, shall be stirred up once again for at the TRUMP there shall be a turn a change in direction, the younger shall advise the older says the Lord. In the midst, a burning Bush says the Lord shall emerge.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, Around the time of June there shall be a historic event in your nation, where many shall look in wonder as it takes place. For the river of blood through America must be stopped up, it must be dammed, there shall be more judgments that cause the income source from such to dry up, part of planned parenthood will attempt to go underground says the Lord, however going deeper into the darkness will cut off a main artery and cause a MAJOR fracturing at the head, and the crack shall run down to their satellite office says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts the altars must be broken in your nation, the high places, had it not been for the covenant, America would have been completely fed upon and destroyed by the nations who hate freedom, and by those they use in chains to do their bidding. The altars must be broken, the high places must come down, a high place of media shall come down and that altar broken says the Lord, a high place in Washington DC shall be broken and come down says the Lord, a high place in the heart of the nation shall be broken and come down, a high place in Denver a mile high place that altar must be broken and come down says the Lord!

My children, this is the hour of your conscience to rise as the church, to shout for the victory and raise the Standard, to cry out that I the Lord thy God stay MY hand and do not allow further judgments to come upon the nation for the blood that cries out before ME, for it is the remnant of the Church that has kept the lampstand burning so it has not been snuffed out says the Lord, a beacon of light for the eagle to see, to guide the eagle through the darkness and the storm, for you shall be taken above it says the Lord, the breath of MY WORD shall cause an updraft, MY children MOUNT UP MOUNT UP with wings like eagles, for those who wait on the Lord shall and will renew their strength in this hour of the leg of the race that shall go over very bumpy and harsh terrain, however there shall be the miraculous in the midst, you shall see Judges suddenly recuse, you shall see attacks on churches and events thwarted miraculously, you shall see miracles with aircraft and aircraft carriers at sea, you shall see a planet shine brighter in the heavens than it ever has, you shall see these things in this season.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, in this hour I am calling the five fold to get into ORDER and to get in line with the right gifts, for some of you have tried to steal other's gifts and masquerade it as your own says the Lord, get in order under the submission of the gift you have been called into, not a gift that has been shrewdly taken and MARKETED as your own. I the Lord, am calling the prophetic out deeper, I require it says the Lord! I require it! And those who choose to wade in the shallow end, with shallow and empty words, cold words, words not from ME but meant to tickle the ears of the people and inflate a balloon of ego, that balloon shall be punctured loose air and deflate says the Lord. You cannot eclipse others of the flesh and of greed and expect that you will rise in this season. For I, the Lord thy God, am dealing with the Five Fold and those they have made agreements with by manipulating in the financial arena, in the spiritual arena, in the arena of influence.

For My children in this hour do not need cold sour milk, cold porridge that is not nourishing to the spirit or soul says the Lord, the spoon feeding shall STOP says the Lord and the nourishing with meat shall begin and the sour milk and old wineskins shall be removed, so MY people can be nourished on the meat of the meat is what strengthens to run the race, it is time for the Church to GROW UP says the Lord, the infancy that has been prolonged for the sake of mega reach, mega church mega views, that prolonged infancy shall stop, IT SHALL and the codling shall stop says the Lord.

As you walk in MY WILL I, the Lord will enlarge your territory, do not allow others to purchase you or entice you to gain territory you have not worked for yet with Me, says the Lord, for that is fleeting and it shall depart.

Hearken unto ME in this hour My children, hearken unto MY VOICE, MY INSTRUCTION, for the seducing spirit has gone forth to whisper in the ear of those compromising the WORD and feeding the flesh of the people, not the Soul, However, I the Lord shall bring into order MY ARMY, you are soldiers in the army of the Living God and I am strengthening MY Generals in this hour; I am showing them territory; I am giving them insight, they will be given territory in this hour for staying the Course and standing firm in the faith amidst a mountain of persecution, criticism, and skepticism.

For I the Lord thy God am repairing a breach in your nation, a fracture that must heal for the actions that have gone forth back past the 1960s, for actions that took place even before that the nation fractured at its core, and now that fracture must be set to heal.

I the Lord thy God am exonerating in this hour, for MY righteous judgments have gone forth to acquit those who stand accused, to deliver, to set free, however, it shall not be in the same way says the Lord it shall not. For a different way is being carved says the Lord a different way an unusual way, a way that I the Lord thy God see that many cannot, ask me for the vision says the Lord to see the path I see and I the Lord shall give unto you dreams and visions that you shall see beyond the veil for you My Children are seated in heavenly places.

Believe and trust in ME as the chains are ready to break in South America, and we enter the days of awe you shall see a bilateral move in Canada that reaches across to France, watch the French leadership in this hour, and what gets turned on its head.

Hearing Bulgaria.

My children put on the whole armor of God and Stand firm in your faith as these events go forth and MY children are strengthened in ME and in the position I have placed them in for My Glory, praise ME now for it for I have given it unto you pressed down shaken together and running over.

Thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Yeshua, who sits at My right hand.


Willett Amie - September 27th, 2023 at 12:55pm

As Amanda was sharing this Word from the Lord, 🦋 Butterflies started stirring. The Lord certainly knows the Time & Place to "remind" you of what you've forgotten. I began to doubt. I began to believe we'd all gotten 'it wrong' for the past three years. I ask the LORD to forgive me 🙏🏾 for thinking the He "Changed" His Mind.

Alexis Wilkerson - September 30th, 2023 at 7:41pm

Lord G-D, I exalt Your Holy Name and thank You for

The Hope we have in You, and for your obedient daughter and servant Amanda Grace. I ask that You continue to bless and keep her in all of her ways. In The Name Above ALL names, Yeshua Amen! Sending you all Love and Hugs💜

Carol Lawrence - October 20th, 2023 at 9:45am

I keep reading over the prophecies you receive from the Lord in a prayerful way praising God for what goodness he has planned for us! I’m so praying for President Trump that the chains that are tied around her will be broken and we will see that very soon! Those who have accused him unfairly will reap coals of fire on their head!! Some people have given dates and did not happen so I don’t listen to them anymore! I grew up in a church where we had messages with interpretation! Those were always times of refreshing encouragement! God bless you and Chris!!