Word from the Lord--Church International

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, oh Warrior, Warrior have you been named. And great exploits shall you continue to do in my name. For the bondage of religiousness that oppressed this area, says the Lord, the bondage of it that brooded over the interest of this area, says the Lord, I have raised up, says the Lord thy God this day, in this time, this church, in this season, and this family, to weaken and break the bondages of the religious strongholds that have been here for hundreds of years. And I have raised them up with this commission. The oppressiveness and the poverty that go hand-in-hand with the conniving spirit of religion, says the Lord. Says the Lord, you will see in this place, in this area, you will see the glory of God break out like a cloud across the land, like a cloud across this City, you will see the glory. You have been asking for it, says the Lord, you have been petitioning Me for it, says the Lord, you have been calling to my throne for it, says the Lord. And says the Lord, in due season, which is coming very near, you shall see the glory break out in this area and in the streets and you shall see it descend, and you shall not only see people come from around the nation, but from other nations, because they heard about the glory, says the Lord, in this place. And I am breaking that, not only spirit of poverty, says the Lord, but that spirit of backward thinking. There is a backwards thinking, there is a regression that has occurred, says the Lord. I am breaking it,   says the Lord. I am destroying it. I am freeing this area to be a beacon on a hill and a light with what is happening in the nation.  

Warrior, I have commissioned you, says the Lord. Call for it, says the Lord, for my armor to
cover this whole area and for my warring angels to be stationed at the corners of this City. To
make a hedge from what the enemy wants to do because there is, says the Lord, a very dark
attack that the enemy is forming, a very dark multifaceted attack, says the Lord, that he wants to accomplish to try to knock out the cornerstone of the foundation of what has been built. And says the Lord thy God this day, take the authority I have given you and that attack shall be exposed and destroyed before it ever touches a hair on the head of those in this church. Take the authority right now, says the Lord, take the authority. I have given it unto you freely. Freely use it and watch the floodgates open in the realm of the spirit that flood over this City. And now will begin not only in this City, but will begin in the Northeast, says the Lord, and will begin in the Midwest, says the Lord. And these floodgates will begin to overcome the nation, says the  Lord. A spiritual flood, says the Lord.  In the middle of what they, says the Lord, they want to call waking up, the wicked want to say to them, if you partake of this, your eyes will be opened and you will become like God. The statement of the serpent. The statement of the serpent that
was released in the garden, that has gone through time and history and repurposed itself to try to feed another generation. And they have offered this fruit of discord to them, looking like acceptance. And says the Lord thy God this day, I shall take that fruit of discord and I shall smash it before the heads of those who have even attempted to do such a blasphemous thing to the young in this nation, to do such an egregious act to the young of this nation. Thus says the Lord, and the part of the church that has taken a bite of such, they shall see their podiums crumble in this season, for straying and going the way of Korah, whispering in the ear to start a rebellion against what is holy, says the Lord, what is holy. And those whispers, says the Lord, have gone up and have gone up the ladder of leadership all the way to a crippled man at the top. A man crippled emotionally, spiritually, physically. A crippled man. A crippled man in bondage that has still refused to fully cry out to Me and has turned a blind eye to the wickedness of his sons. Eli, you have turned a blind eye to the wickedness of your sons.

And for that in this season, you shall serve the portion that Eli was served, because those Samuels in this season are raised up and they are in position, because Saul doesn't want to do his job. And I have raised up the prophets and the Samuels, and I have raised them up in this season, to defend what is mine, says the Lord. To speak forth into the atmosphere, to disarm the weapons that the enemy has attempted to send. The arrows, what is etched on those arrows are important. There are different plans etched on each arrow that have been fired, says the Lord. And some of those even who are running for the highest seat in the land right now have one of those arrows in their hand. And they are waiting for the appropriate time to fire it, thinking that is going to be their ticket to a very coveted seat. And says the Lord thy God this day, those arrows shall be broken in two. It is a false anointing. Look for the false anointing. The one the enemy has fabricated, look for it, because he has made such a detailed fabrication in this. You need to look for it, says the Lord. You need to ask for eyes to see and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakodesh has to say. And in this season, I am clearing the smog, says the Lord, there is a smog of filth that has completely contaminated every area of life. Every area of what you see, what you take in, what you hear. There is a smog. And thus says the Lord, in this season, I am blowing my holy wind, the breath, the numos, and that smog shall begin to come down. And what has been hidden behind it propitiating it, creating it, shall be exposed, because there are two others involved that have still not been exposed, that I the Lord thy God in this season shall expose them, smear them, and send them in shame for what they have done. For I sit on the highest throne, says the Lord, and I ultimately decide what happens to your nation. And I ultimately decide what happens in the church, for judgment begins in the house of God. And as you see it beginning in the nation, you shall see it in the house of God, because my house, says the Lord, will come into order to do what I have commissioned it to do on this earth for this season in order that you may taste the sweet fruit of victory at the end of this for the Glory of God. Stay the course, says the Lord, stay the course. Do not turn to the right or left, stay the course that you have been given. And if the enemy sends wild animals along the way, one word from your mouth of my word will destroy them. For I the Lord thy God am placing an anointing, an anointing for the sword of the spirit, an anointing that it is two-edged and it is sharpened in this season. And when they attempt to engage you, if you obey, and speak it. The Lord is also speaking to the families that have been in office to learn this. Submission is not a weakness, says the Lord. It is not.  Men deem it as a weakness, submitting to me. But there is a strength and a power from it that does not come from this earth, but only comes forth from my throne. And in this season, I the Lord am expecting submission, a full submission of those being attacked, of those they have cast lots to destroy, of those who have chosen to go rogue in the way of Cain in the church. I expect a full submission, says the Lord, in this season, in order that the other events may unfold and break the chains that the enemy has wrapped around the entire nation. To break these chains that have been wrapped around, that the angels are stationed at the four corners to cut at my word. And in the midst of what looks like disorder and chaos, there shall be order. Those I have raised up shall speak the order into the situation and command it. They shall be given the words. They shall be given the authority. They shall be given the mantles and they shall speak it with power and authority. And what is in disorder and disarray shall come into order at my word in this season, thus saith the Lord of  Hosts in Jesus' name.

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Linda C Francks - September 30th, 2023 at 2:52pm

Oh thank God for this wonderful blessing and cleansing he is doing! God Bless us all in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST Our SAVOR and the MOST GOD OUR ONE AND ONLY FATHER!!!