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Prophetic Insights: Nations in Turmoil, Divine Intervention, and the Battle for Truth

Word from the Lord--May 24, 2023

Praise be to the Lord of Hosts, maker of heaven and earth, the Beginning and the Ending, the earth is His footstool Even the earth Cries out unto the Lord in This hour, and to HIS Kingdom there is no end. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, why do the nations rage and the PEOPLE PLOT a vain thing? I the Lord thy God shall hold them in Derision, I shall hold them ACCOUNTABLE. For in this hour in the earth many accounts must be reckoned says the Lord, MANY, as the pieces are moved as players on a board, and they think they have seated a controllable man who sits on the throne of England, they think they have placed one there along with a wife that can be utilized to influence financial and environmental matters in the earth that agenda comes from the same root, to deceive the people into thinking things are happening on and within the earth that are a farse a farse says the Lord! I the Lord thy God created the earth and I the Lord thy God know its innerworkings down to the tiniest of molecules says the Lord, there are many manipulations being put into the soil of the earth in order to cause elements to rise into the atmosphere to manipulate such into aligning with THEIR artificial agenda, for they have utilized the powers of the air to contract the earth in ways it should not says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts the one who they have placed on the throne in England, is sitting on a stack of secret deals with some of the largest organizations in the world, to zone England into an EU it does not want to go, they shall put more and more words in his mouth and utilize him to make credible what is not credible, especially one that shall step forth from a neighboring country the King shall be pushed by the forums to declare credibility to one who has flirted with the spirit of antichrist, and who desires to deceive with alluring words the people of England and the surrounding countries. However says the Lord, it is not time it is not time and I the Lord thy God shall allow a pause on matters with the European unions, I pause, a hiccup, their plans shall literally shake the nations involved for it is MY appointed times says the Lord that matters, not theirs. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a CIVIL war says the Lord CIVIL, a war of cases in the courts shall flood the system going into 2024, a case of the century is set to form going into 2024 says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts, Titans, huffing and puffing as bulls says the Lord are moving into their appointed corners, a vying for dominance is not what candidates make, However, says the Lord a surrender to the strategy I the Lord have to put forth shall change the course of races, however, says the Lord shall bulls huffing and puffing be tame enough to accept such? This is the hour says the Lord they are to decide as lines are being drawn for a clash of the titans where carnage shall be everywhere if they do not learn to be yoked to the same yoke and till the fields of America together says the Lord. And says the Spirt of the Lord this day, Australia, says the Lord, THUNDER, a storm and upheaval in that nation as they attempt an electric fence around their people there shall be a short circuit says the Lord, and a window shall arise for Australia, to turn the breach they have suffered For many nations in this hour MUST TURN THE BREACH, what the enemy is attempting to birth forth is horribly deformed and mutated and such bondage must not be birthed into the nation. MY PEOPLE MY PEOPLE should not be assisting to keep the breach in tact but MUST TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS AND SEEK MY FACE, MY FACE for many have turned their face toward the philosophies of the world, the rise of the philosophies, the same spirit that caused it in Greece, that carnal minded, philosophies that only speak what is seen, has entered the church, Socrates says the Lord Socrates. This name will have to do with a military operation as well says the Lord…The Philosophies have entangled the word as an intrusive vine and the supposed shepherds have allowed that vine to grow, they have watered it themselves for a mainstream that is about to dry up says the Lord. And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, THE ENEMY IS A CRADLE ROBBER, HE ISA NEST ROBBER, THE THIEF COMES TO STEAL KILL AND DESTROY AND IN THIS HOUR THE ENEMY WANTS TO ROB YOU OF YOUR AUTHORITY THAT COMES FROM MY THRONE, THAT COMES THROUGH MY SON JESUS CHRIST. FOR THE AUTHORITY AND POWER THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO YOU CAN DISMANTLE HIGH PLACES, STRONGHOLDS, DEMONIC ASSIGNMENTS, ARROWS THAT ARE FIRED IN THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT, I GIVE UNTO YOU POWER AND AUTHORITY TO TRAMPLE, TO TRAMPLE UPON SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS AND AGAINST ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY SO NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU. A lateral move with the document that holds a cornerstone of your nation, a lateral move shall be attempted to reword that document to place giant sails that have been manufactured by a thirst for total power and domination and enslavement of the people, and they are attempting to put those sails up and cause a GIANT GUST OF WIND TO HIT THOSE SAILS AND PUSH THE NATION IN THE DIRECTION THESE CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY, MEDIA, MEDICAL, AND YES EVEN THE PULPIT WANTS IT TO GO. However, says the Lord a counter; a counter shall come, a gust of the breath the pneumos the wind of MY WORD shall indeed tear one of the sails and the other shall not be able to bear such a task on its own. Those sails are patched together with other nations on the sails attempting to blow America in the direction it wants it to go, a gust to force the eagle to continue into a storm, however, says the Lord an updraft the eagle is about to catch an updraft and be lifted slightly above the fray as you shall witnesses the fiercest leg of this race going towards the end of the year, central Europe is creating a bridge to the east, they see Russia the bear is weakened and have taken the opportunity to build a bridge including to Saudi Arabia. Watch that nation says the Lord for another alliance shall soon come between them and a country they have been at odds with in the past, Saudi Arabia and central Europe shall have a HUGE interest in your nation going into next year, they shall attempt to TURN THE DIAL, however, says the Lord a musk is turning MANY DIALS RIGHT NOW WATCH FOR THE NEXT MANEUVER AND HOW HE IS SHAKEN STRAIGHT for war games behind the scenes, the game of risk is forming, battleships as well says the Lord shall approach Israel, they shall cross the Line, and Israel shall respond and it will put many nations on alert as one is allured out by dark rulers to advance, however, I the Lord thy God am protecting Israel for this time and what occurs shall turn things in the political arena, more like a circus, says the Lord and send the clowns and the jesters and those that snarl, shall be whipped to a corner says the Lord. Thus says the Lord, do not ask for a King in your nation, ask Me for the one appointed to lead, teetering on the edge of Sauls says the Lord battling, instead of David’s facing Goliath facing the Philistines, facing the pagan enemies that have blasphemed on altars and high places in your nation. Two unaltered rams says the Lord MUST LISTEN IN THIS HOUR OR THEY WILL TIRE THEMSELVES AND THE PEOPLE OUT WITH MORE RAMMING THAN RUNNING THE RACE SAYS THE LORD. Thus says the Lord, there are 3 lines being drawn in your nation, the east, the west and the central part of your nation, 3 lines are being drawn and events shall happen in 3’s says the Lord in 3rds I the Lord thy God have issued a judgment on a scroll of gender agendas, that scroll is being taken into the earth says the Lord and the biggest scandal and hit to their agenda shall cause a gaping hole, deep into the soil of their movement and it shall expose who has been hiding under the cover of rainbows, for there are serpents that have moved underground and dragon suits worn, as well as a roman that has funneled underground to such, they have a window says the Lord, a small window to repent to turn to Me and free them of the captivity of such pervrerse spirits, for perversion attempt its next slither and you shall see a faction of the pulpits stand with the serpent, and they shall be connected by a common thread of weakness that was in their midst however I the Lord thy God am grabbing that serpent by the tail and whipping it out and casting it back to the deserts from which it came, YES THE DESERTS SAYS THE LORD, THOSE WHO IN THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS SPEAK AGAINST SUCH WHO ARE OF THE MIDDLE EAST HAVE BEEN FEEDING THIS SERPENT OF PERVERSION IN AMERICA. And the pulpits shall be split in two and the stages fractured and a stepping down of MANY including in Oklahoma says the Lord, Texas, Arizona, says the Lord, the Bible Belt shall put on the belt of truth once again says the Lord For I the Lord thy God AM TRUTH AND MY TRUTH SHALL BE PUT IN THE MOUTH OF MY PEOPLE, VICTORY SHALL COME FROM TRUTH NOT FROM OUTMANUEVRING THE ENEMY FOR THAT WILL TIRE YOU BEFORE THE FINISH, TRUTH AS A SWORD IS WHAT SHALL GUT THE FULL BELLY OF LIES OF THE NATION THAT THEY HAVE GORGED THEMSELVES ON AND 3 IN CONGRESS AND 2 IN THE SENATE SHALL BE INVOLVED IN SUCH SCANDAL WITH A COVERUP AND WITH DEALS WITH NATIONS WHO DESPISE AMERICA, THE DROSS SHALL COME UP IT SHALL BE EXPOSED, AND CONGRESS SHALL BE TURNED OVER AND WHAT IS ON THE BOTTOM SHALL COME TO THE TOP SAYS THE LORD. Thus says the Lord God what is sacred to ME THEY HAVE VIOLATED, WHAT IS SACRED TO ME THEY HAVE DEFILED AND I THE LORD THY GOD HAVE ALLOWED SUCH OCCURRANCES FOR A SEASON TO FILL THEIR CUP OF INIQUITY TO REVEAL UNTO THE PEOPLE SO THEY CALL ON ALMIGHTY GOD THE LORD OF HOSTS, HOWEVER THEY HAVE TOUCHED AND DAMAGED WHAT IS SACRED TO ME AND THERE IS A WAGE FOR SUCH AND THOSE WAGES MUST BE PAID NOW SAYS THE LORD AND YOU SHALL SEE SUCH OCCUR THE WAGE FOR THEIR GRAVE SINS, FOR I THE LORD THY GOD SHALL RETRIEVE BACK WHAT IS SACRED TO ME FOR THE SAKE OF COVENENAT FOR THE SAKE OF ISRAEL FOR THE SAKE OF MY PEOPLE WHOS SERVE ME, YOU SHALL GIVE THE COVENANT BACK SAYS THE LORD IT IS NOT YOURS AND THE ONE WHO SITS IN THE HIGHEST OFFICES SHALL STUMBLE IN A BED OF ROSES AS THE ECLIPSE OF YOUR WHITEHOUSE BEGINS CALL ON ME AND I WILL ANSWER YOU AND SHOW YOU GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS WHICH YOU KNOW NOT, FEAR NOT FOR I AM, WITH YOU BE NOT DISMAYED FOR I AM YOUR GOD, BEHOLD I WILL STRENGTHEN YOU I WILL UPHOLD YOU WITH MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS. Uphold My word in this hour, command the strategies of the enemy to be dismantled in Jesus' name, speak with the authority I have given you that their assignments must be confounded and nullified. What they have ratified speak in Jesus' name that it is nullified. I am with you always MY children even until the end of the age, I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER, YOUR EVERLASTING FATHER, SEEK ME IN THIS HOUR AND ASK FOR MY PERSPECTIVE AND IT SHALL BE REVEALED UNTO YOU THE DEEPER THINGS. For those who want to scratch the surface and continue to feed the people cold porridge, a reel of superficial political rubbish, shall be held back in this season, for I the Lord am calling those out into the deep I am calling you higher and those who answer KEYS shall be revealed unto them in this season that unlock incredible doors of revelation. Come unto Me My Children, thus says the Lord of Hosts in Jesus' name who sits at My right hand amen.

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