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Divine Timing: The Significance of the 50-Day Period, Prophecies, and the Urgency for Change

Prophetic Insight, Book of Hosea, the Eagle, Dream with Bessette, Trump and JFK

We are in the 50-day period between Passover and Pentecost, where an omer of wheat is bundled and counted. An omer is 3.4 to 3.9lbs.

50 is the jubilee, what was stolen is returned, slaves get set free, etc.

This is one of the most crucial windows this year and in our nation's history.

JFK Secret Societies' speech was on April 27, 1961, The same month Trump was arraigned. It’s the same month I had the dream that I am about to discuss. This year is going on the 63rd year of the assassination and the assassination happened in 1963.

JFK was president for 2 years and 10 months, this November it will be 2 years and 10 months that Biden is in office, in 2023.

JFK Assassinated November 22 1963= If you add all these numbers you get 23, which is the year of Trump’s indictment.

Its been 23 years since JFK Jrs. plane went down.

This speech you just heard was delivered at the Waldorf Astoria in none other than NYC, the very place Trump was indicted, the very place that Ishtar looking golden statue was placed upon the NYC Supreme Court House, the very place the arch of Baal was displayed, the very place of 911.

Dream with Carolyn Bessette:
4.9.22  Dream with Carolyn Bessette. This is NOT a JFK Jr. is coming back dream.

There was a room with much wood in it, and it was some kind of party (this also represents political parties who have gotten together and co-mingled). To my right was a very tall man, like 6’3, there is that 63 again, and I asked about him and found out that he was a pastor? Towards the back of the room, the crowd was clearing for a moment, and I saw Carolyn Bessette Kennedy sitting back there in the back of the room, shorter haircut and was older.

In the front of the room, to my left, was a special Christmas chair with red velvet and gold writing. I was told it was a Christmas chair, and everyone in the room was buzzing about a birth but wanted to make this special announcement from this Christmas chair.

You have one that went down at Martha's Vineyard; you have the other trying to rise up from there (Obama).

The Kennedy’s, John F Kennedy, and Trump are connected, that speech is connected to what is happening now, and this year connects them both.

Birth of a child, they are going to present that they are holding back part of their plan involving Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Bush Sr. happened to be high up in the CIA when JFK was assassinated.

Around Christmas time and the time of Hanukkah, you will find out.
This year, 2023 Hannukah, begins December 7th, 3 days after the scheduled hearing on December 4th.

When is the court hearing for Trump, December 4th, 2023 around the time of Hanukkah and Christmas. Remember this dream was in April 2022.

Carolyn Bessette is a conduit. God has raised her up during this time in this dream to show what is going to transpire involving Martha's Vineyard between the Clinton's, Bush's, and Obama's.

She was also there as a connector to JFK, JFK Jr. (and Trump, Eric Trump and what is happening now).

A lot of secrets are going to be revealed on the New England coast.

Biden is not one of the masterminds in all of this because he has none.

They are going to break all the rules with Obama. (attempt to)

23 years ago, JFK Jr. plane went down 2 years prior to 911. What went down at Martha's Vineyard and what is about to rise up?

Dream with Obama and Biden I had January 2021-3 separate shoes 3 separate people plotting to take Biden down plotting with Obama. Biden is sick and gravely ill in bed, with hardly any life left in him. January 2021. Their plan attempts to unfold in 2023 to fill this special seat.

JFK Jr. plane went down 2 years prior to 911. July 16, 1999.

Breaking this down, we are in the 2nd year of the Biden presidency going into the third
Trump being the 45th president and running to become the 47th =911.

 It has been 23 years since JFK Jrs. plane went down. It is the year 2023. This speech I played for you from JFK is 23 pages long…this is no coincidence.

The 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet it tet. The design of the tes is like a pot, a vessel with an inverted rim, representing hidden or inverted good.2 Another interpretation of the tes is that it represents a man bending his head to G-d in prayer and thanks.

The 11th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Kaf.

Meaning: Palm, spoon, crown
The design of the kaf can perhaps be described as a pipe bent in two places. The concept of bending oneself represents submission to a greater force and entity—the King of all kings, A-lmighty G-d.

The meaning of the number eleven is important in that it can symbolize disorder, chaos, and judgment.

After overcoming Jerusalem, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon sets up Zedekiah as a puppet ruler of Judea. Zedekiah, however, soon rebels against his masters. His reign ended in 586 B.C., after only eleven years, when Nebuchadnezzar once again conquers Jerusalem but this time he destroys the city and temple.

The apostle John saw 11 things in connection with the final judgment (Revelation 20:12 - 14).

If you put the two together, you get hidden good in the midst of Judgment.

Romans 8:28 Amplified 28 And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

Back to the Dream and this Christmas Chair….

The Christmas chair is a seat to be filled. A seat that is going to be occupied. Somebody has to fill that seat.

Someone in a very authoritative position.

The birth.

Something to take place around the holidays Martha's Vineyard is involved.

New England has much corruption going on.
The baby (or person) they want to take that seat is corruptible.

That seat they want to announce to replace whoever has lost that seat is somebody they want that’s corruptible; that’s what the birth represents. (IT’S A BREACHED BIRTH, ITS BACKWARDS)

The chair was the only one of its kind in the room. Trying to put someone in that seat that doesn’t necessarily belong there. Look who is trying to do it the people hanging out and partying at Martha's Vineyard.

Doesn’t mean it's going to happen because that pastor present is symbolic as well; it's not going to turn out the way they think; the pastor is on the right they are on the left. (THE RIGHT IS THE SYMBOL OF STRENGTH)

Whoever takes that seat has to do with that one pastor standing to the right.

Carolyn Bessette is a marker; they went down somebody is rising up; the question is, is there a relationship between her and the one who went down, a relative that might be rising up to take that seat down the road.

Whoever it is is going to succumb because it needs to be filled. Somebody who has authority once they take that seat.

Kennedy's are symbolic of someone who went down.
The Lord is focusing on the people of this country.

This country and the next leader are going to set the stage for the entire world.

Pastor to the right represents the right and righteous and represents what is going to be established in our country through and by the grace of God.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes and whatever went on behind the scenes to cause destruction to certain people meant to take office, the Lord thy God is not going to let this happen again.

Conspiring to take down a man who was trying to lead the country.

The chair is empty because someone who is sitting in it is no longer in it; the one who is to sit in this chair has nothing to do with them, so they may be conspiring, but God's hand is in this.
The gentleman who will sit in that chair will represent the world stage because what he does will affect the entire world whereas the last one who fell infected the entire world.
What went down in the past in Martha's Vineyard is going to rise back up not in the natural but to be a leader that God has called to be for such a time as this because it was not God's will for them to perish.

When they went down, God said I will raise up a standard.

For some reason, after that chair is empty, a man will fill it of great righteousness; though they plot behind the scenes, it will not matter because God’s hand is in it.
Someone is guarding that seat.

This will be a time of celebration, seeing locks open up, seeing all these locks and lockdowns open up, and Barbara is seeing.

There will be an account I will hold them accountable to Me sayeth the Lord.

The Spirit of the Lord is raising a standard.

April 27, 1961  John F. Kennedy gives the speech about the press and secret societies.
April 9, 2022  I have the dream with Martha's Vineyard the East Coast and this Christmas chair.
April 4, 2023  Trump is arraigned.
If you add 27+16+4= 47
The court date is set for December 4, 2023, the Christmas chair, December.

12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Lamed- to learn or teach.

4th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Dalet: poor, door, or to lift up.

Dalet A second approach to the form or design of the dalet is that the dalet represents a doorpost and a lintel.5 The vertical line is the doorpost; the horizontal line is the lintel.
It was on the doorpost and lintel where the blood of the lamb was applied on the Passover, Trump was arraigned on the eve of Passover.

To learn or to teach that there is a door.

Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
Also, the covenant shooting in Nashville, from the day of the shooting to full breaking news of the indictment, is 4 days.

From the day of the arraignment to the shooting in Alabama that just occurred at a party is 12 days.
12/4 once again…

The Hunters Shall become The Hunted, this includes those who hunted down JFK and JFK Jr. those family lines that participated in that.

Word from the Lord--April 7, 2023

The persecuting spirit has been sent forth with force to intimidate the people through the events unfolding in your nation, those who grin at such what a sad a pathetic group says the Lord, they shall find themselves flat on their backs, those grins will not last for long as they think they have hunted down Prey, the hunter shall become the hunted, this will echo in this season once again, it has gone forth however the hunters have set themselves up to become prey for they shall be hunted down by their own agendas, by their own accusations, by their own weapons of destruction that they shall lose control of these beasts and they shall become the hunted for what they have done.

Word of the Lord-July 12th, 2022                           
How do you get Joe Biden to not want to continue being the frontman? How do you get him grief-stricken in bed…and get him out of the way? Well, he has lost 1 son already BO, Hunter is his only living son, THE HUNTER SHALL BECOME THE HUNTED. When you hunt something you are looking to kill it and take it down, or capture and/or kill, like a manhunt those end many times in the perpetrators' death. The Hunter shall become the HUNTED, you just don’t send Hunter to jail, one would completely destroy him and leave Biden with no sons as Hunter has become an enormous liability to their plan, and when one becomes an enormous liability to their plan, they are destroyed, that is how the kingdom of darkness works. And since we are dealing with what appears to be an Egyptian false god of the dead or an evil spirit in that vein, I will read this about the ceremonies that took place upon the death of a Pharoah.

Word of the Lord – September 14, 2020
The Hunt is on says the Lord the hunt is on!! The Hunter shall suddenly switch in the blink of an eye and become the Hunted. For I the Lord God am reversing the current I am reversing the current. For many are attempting to create a current that runs opposing Almighty God, that opposes the people of God, a raging river of a current, rage being the key word My children. There is an attempted advance of a raging river, and raging rivers are bumpy, they are furious. However, I the Lord, starting Rosh Hashanah, shall bring forth strategic events that shall begin to reverse the current, the rapids.

Prophecy in the News
Biden's sexual assault victim Tara Reade states "I will go under oath and testify."
Beverly Ann Wood
The Hunters are being Hunted
Since the GOP won the House of Representatives majority in 2022, one committee after another has been set up to investigate the DC Swamp creatures. It looks like none of them will slither away from that spotlight.

Thanks to Representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, the lid is being blown off the Biden Crime Family's dirty secrets.
Let's also discuss, the Time of The Eagle and The Vultures.

The eagle sores higher to get a better view of a bigger area, and the vulture focuses on 1 dying or dead animal/person and circles low and waits for that thing to die.

So we have eagles flying high, vultures flying low, and ravens who will harass the eagle, while trying to steal the vulture's meal.

There are leaders who need to make a choice to come up higher with the Lord and legal vultures, judicial vultures, political vultures, and religious vultures are all circling low and tight right now waiting for leadership to wane, for freedom to wane and die, for the will of the people to wane and die.

The vultures feast on what has already been hunted or has died, while the eagle IS THE HUNTER that has the vision to pinpoint its target and swoop down and take it.

There is some historical confusion between the eagle (Ne-sher) and the vulture (A-yit) in regard to their Hebrew names. This confusion has not been resolved until this very day and you’ll find conflicting definition in all world dictionaries. The main difference between the two birds besides ornithological comparisons is that the Eagle is a predator whereas the vulture is a scavenger, feeding chiefly on carrion and reputed to gather with others in anticipation of the death of a sick or injured animal or person. Although they may look alike, there is a major difference between the two that is well noticed in Biblical Hebrew. The Eagle is viewed symbolically as a positive bird to the extent that it is compared to God protecting His people:

This powerful imagery inspired the adaptation of the bald eagle as the U.S. national emblem in June 20, 1782. The mere name comes from the root “na-shar,” which mean “to fall out,” “to be bald.” This leaves no doubt about America’s choice of its emblem—very biblical, reflecting the godliness of our forefathers. The eagle carries the character of a mighty warrior, and at the same time it is the protecting fatherly manifestation of God. Indeed, the last two letters of the Hebrew word “ne-sher” mean “a price,” “a mighty warrior.”

This nation was bought with a price by mighty warriors who fought for it.
The bald eagle becomes a national symbol on June 20, 1782.

June 20, 2020 covid begins….. a direct attack choosing the year that equals the day and year I adopted the bald eagle as a national symbol.

What happened in June 2020?
  • The City of Phoenix and Maricopa County officials pass a mandate requiring all residents to wear masks in "places of public accommodation". The mandate makes exemptions for children under two years old and people with certain health conditions. (AZCentral)
  • Maricopa County, ground zero of the whole election debacle.
  • June 20 maricopa county passes this mandate the same date the bald eagle becomes the national symbol….
  • 2020 is also conveniently chosen for the covid plan to go into hyperdrive.

Back to the eagle:
Leviticus 11:13  ‘These, moreover, you shall detest among the birds; they are [a]abhorrent, not to be eaten: the [b]eagle and the vulture and the [c]buzzard,
Hosea 9:
  1. Do not rejoice, O Israel, [a]with exultation like the [b]nations!
    For you have played the harlot, [c]forsaking your God.
    You have loved harlots’ earnings on [d]every threshing floor.
8-11: Ephraim was a watchman with my God, a prophet;
Yet the snare of a bird catcher is in all his ways,
And there is only hostility in the house of his God.
9 They have gone deep [a]in depravity
As in the days of Gibeah;
He will remember their iniquity,
He will punish their sins.
10 I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness;
I saw your forefathers as the earliest fruit on the fig tree in its first season.
But they came to Baal-peor and devoted themselves to [b]shame,
And they became as detestable as that which they loved.
11 As for Ephraim, their glory will fly away like a bird—

That Glory will depart like an eagle if it's allowed to.

Hosea 13:13:  The pains of childbirth come on him; But he is not a wise son, For it is not the time to delay [his chance at a new birth] as the womb opens [but he ignores the opportunity to change].

This scripture now applies to the window/period we are in in the United States of America.

The time is coming to Birth, it's painful, we must not ignore the window we have been given to carry that Standard for the Lord and birth about the change that is so desperately needed.

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