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Prophetic Revelations: The Shaking of Nations, the Awakening of the Church, and the Call to Choose Righteousness

Praise be to God in the Highest and on earth peace and goodwill towards men, Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and is to Come, Who rules from a throne of Righteousness, who has extended His hand of grace and to His Kingdom there is no end…

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, labor pangs have indeed begun MY children they have begun to make themselves known not only in areas of your nation but in your lives.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, what was conceived in the years past, what was planted and tilled last year shall indeed put forth a crop this year says the Lord, what you have sown you will most definitely reap the harvest in accordance to your deed and actions and obedience to the Lord.

For if you have sown deception and greed you will most certainly reap such being returned unto you says the Lord, if you have sown manipulating and driving out and bringing forth to further your interests your interest shall sink in 2023, for there shall be no harvest upon dry parched land and you shall wander those wilderness areas until you so choose to stop your childish games and ways and GROW UP in ME says the Lord.

For those who have tilled and planted and been faithful servants, who have not gone rogue, who have not attempted to piggyback or take someone else's harvest, the blessings meant for them you have slipped in and attempted to steal, your seeds shall be taken from you says the Lord, your operation shall buckle in the HEART of its conception says the Lord.

For the faithful servants who have tilled, who have allowed me to go before them and open doors, who have not attempted to push and bang down what is not theirs to enter, what the faithful have tilled in the year just past you shall see incredible growth in this coming year, growth and fruit you never expected shall come forth. I am the vine you are the branches says the Lord and the branches shall be able to bear much weight and shall be fortified to do so says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, your economies are not a determinant of whether I bless MY children says the Lord, I am far above the world economic system, I am far above the economic system of the United States, I am far above their trades, and their merchants, and corporate bodies, and markets, I the Lord am not submitted to THEIR system. Therefore MY children, their system does not determine whether I bless you for MY ways are higher than your ways and MY thoughts are higher than your thoughts.

You shall see that in the coming year, for I AM FAITHFUL and I will demonstrate that I will bless I will provide I will open doors that were locked for years, in the midst of an economic mess MY children shall be provided for in unusual ways, through avenues they never thought would provide. Do not look at what man has built, look at what I the Lord can build in your lives.

There are those who have gone the way of Cain, the way of Sodom, the way of the wilderness, the way of the west (Abraham and Lot), delusions of grandeur indeed and that delusion shall indeed bubble over in the coming year for there are those who are not grounded enough and have been swayed to do such things for growth and notoriety and I the Lord shall push back and put them in their place, for when you leave the path I have set before you for the wilderness and thorns and briars and weeds, many are entering a VERY WEEDED area, FILLED WITH WEEDS, and not enough WHEAT.  
For what is in a name says the LORD, what does it benefit a man to gain the whole world yet lose HIS SOUL? What does it benefit him? THE NAME has become more valuable to them than MY NAME says the Lord, MY NAME ABOVE ALL SHOULD BE AT THE HEAD, yet their names have swelled and filled with nothing more than hot air that is about to enter a decompression.

You shall see 2 kinds of blooming, a field of wheat a field of tares, and those who have mixed the tares with the wheat, well their tares shall poison the wheat, the wheat supply shall be poisoned says the Lord.

For a toxic tonic many have drunk of more than once and they have in their brokenness been given positions to lead, when they are BROKEN INSIDE A TICKING TIME BOMB SAYS THE LORD, they are broken, they are not set free and that monster shall rear itself up yet again and make itself known.

Yes, I the Lord am speaking to the church, the pulpit is broken says the Lord, it is broken, it is compromised, it is complicit in sin and offerings to the false gods who have sold the church a very broken monologue that has affected their dialogue to now call the things I the Lord call unholy, they now call right and righteous and I the Lord say ENOUGH!! For you do not serve a building you serve ME and they have made the building the most important piece however DEAD SOULS sit in the pews, none being given life but something easy on the ears and they steer away from strife and the boldness that so walked with Elijah, and MOSES and Daniel, and Deborah, and Esther, and David, and Nathan, BOLDNESS  the shepherd now petrified of the sheep, the shepherd now pandering to the sheep, leading them to a waiting pack of wolves.

This year the church shall be shaken IT SHALL for I the Lord thy God have decreed it and it has gone forth on a scroll, the sifting and shaking of the church for its walls are void and empty of the Holy Spirit, the enemy himself has sat in their pews and listened and LAUGHED because there is NO power, For behold I have given unto you the POWER, unto YOU and yet you so easily have given it away, this is the year of decision, the valley of decision for your nation and for your lives.

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, DO NOT puff up leaders on the brink of catastrophe, for they are skimming the edge of the cliff on the brink says the Lord. I the Lord DO NOT give a free pass to behave as you wish and be given such power, the enemy so does and there is a severe price to pay for such however I the Lord do no such thing. You will have to carry MY mantle and BE BOLD ENOUGH TO STAND YOUR GROUND WITH MY WORD AND WHAT I THE LORD DEEM A UNION WHAT I THE LORD DEEM RIGHTEOUS WHAT I THE LORD DEEM HOLY, the ego will not hold and will deflate fast you cannot ride on a name says the Lord you cannot, for it is sputtering says the Lord it is sputtering, supporting what I the Lord call detestable is a mark and a stain on you O leaders. Behold I have set before you death and life blessing and cursing, YOU must choose which path to embark down for this is the fork in the road says the Lord, choose wisely for your future and positions depend on it.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a scandal that shall run down the east coast shall make itself known into this year, it shall run down the east coast, CHECK points says the Lord, the heart of the nation shall be shaken and rocked by an event that shall send waves through the center of your nation.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the Dakotas says the Lord dueling Dakotas and a resource shall come forth as well as a leader shall arise with the mantle of wisdom that comes from ME the Lord.

Scandal is coming with the Iowa caucus it shall tie to DC committees says the Lord.
Silicon Valley is about to get rocked, literally, by the biggest scandal that has ever come forth others will pale in comparison says the Lord as judgment has been issued against the gods of the valleys says the Lord, tech shall sputter. GPS may show you where to go and where to turn however it cannot see what I the Lord can, with what is on the horizon in your lives, allow me the Lord to be your light, to give you instruction, to show you where to turn, and when to go and when to stop for in MY will you shall reach the destination set before you, however trusting in man shall leave you in a maze and you shall see the dry places, the wilderness the weeds, there are those leading who are covered in weeds, their souls filled, they will not be suppressed any longer I the Lord am calling them forth a spotlight on the weeds shall indeed show.
And the spirit of the Lord says this day, rabbits are prey animals, seen much in spring look for that time for China

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