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Word from the Lord--December 14, 2022

Praise be to the Lord of Hosts, Almighty God the Alpha and Omega, the great I AM, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof! And to His Kingdom, there is no end! Praise Him for HE IS HOLY!
And the Spirit of the Lord says this day! Gird up your loins My children, Gird up your loins! Ready yourself and be vigilant and prepared for the things that are to occur in your nation and your lives. The enemy roams about like a lion seeking whom he may devour, My children, it takes deep faith to weather and bare and persevere through the trials of life. Activate your faith, praise ME that what you have asked for is done says the Lord of Hosts! Do NOT let the enemy discourage you in this hour, for there are those the enemy has utilized, who the enemy has his strings on, even those in the church, that the enemy shall utilize to discourage and derail the plans I the Lord have spoken forth and are already occurring in the natural.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, incredible faith shall yield amazing blessings both spiritual and natural in your lives in this hour. Faith and obedience for obedience is better than sacrifice, this is an hour says the Lord where I am opening the windows of heaven to pour out unto MY children what they need to be equipped with, both spiritual and natural for the task ahead, for you are coming into a big year MY children, a crucial year, a year of change and growth, and learning to bear the weight of the task and assignments I the Lord thy God have given unto you from MY throne. You shall see the incredible, CREATIVE MIRACLES in this hour you shall see both in the nation and in your lives. Those who have sown embellishments, and greed, and what comes from the flesh shall reap stubble in this hour, dry stubble there shall be no fruit that is bared forth from the actions of those who have co-mingled the darkness with the light, who have comingled wheat and tares, who have comingled resources and funds and who, have comingled the things of the flesh with the Holy things of God. I the Lord thy God am dropping a plumbline in this hour and it shall be divided, YES it shall be divided says the Lord, the rod of correction has gone forth from MY throne says the Lord, as well as promotion Correction and promotion in this hour this you shall see says the Lord. I chastise those I love says the Lord, however, I also bring justification and rectification to what has been done to MY children to harm, sabotage, hurt the path I have put them on, you shall see an abrupt stop be put to such says the Lord in this hour.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER. I have allowed things for a time and a season in your nation. THE SEASONING HAS NOW BEGUN!! Yes, there are those who shall be seasoned even more and there are those who shall find gnats and bugs throughout their seasoning for it is spoiled says the Lord. In this hour you MUST be seasoned My children, you must, seasoned in the word, in wisdom, discernment, council, might, and power for Behold I have given unto you the power unto YOU, utilize it the enemy wants you to put down your weapon, DO NOT LISTEN and do not let him disarm you. You shall race uphill and you shall be victorious says the Lord, the hill shall only grow you and make you stronger, it is not a hindrance, it is a strength, utilize it as such says the Lord of Hosts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, there is a spear being thrown into your nation says the Lord, a spear, and it shall hit and trigger a fault line, A FAULT LINE, for there is a standard of accountability begun to be raised, and those in your nation who have made backdoor deals to attempt to save themselves while hurting MY children and attempting to derail what I the Lord God intend to do, they shall find themselves LOCKED OUT woe unto you says the Lord woe unto you who have made deals with the corrupt to keep your seats for you are merely seat warmers and you have just signed your own certificate of removal says the Lord for an incident shall occur in the House where there shall be a removal of 2 House members from their seat, and it shall tip the scales of justice even more, as their plans to derail investigations, as they have their liaisons hard at work, shall fail, their plans to smear those who have taken a stand, with frivolous matters and sheer lies, the smear campaign shall befall them instead says the Lord, a campaign is going forth unlike any you have ever seen says the Lord, there shall be sudden challenges and I the Lord will require a full commitment to ME in order to rise to the occasion to rise above the fray, you shall not be in the squabble you shall be above it. LISTEN OH YOU LEADERS THE squabble and the backbiting shall be your downfall if you so choose to quarrel with pigs in a pen, I am requiring you leaders to come above such and LISTEN TO ME and walk in truth and in uprightness for you shall catch an updraft and SOAR above such, do not get yourself entangled in the maze of the media, for it is a maze meant to confuse, DO NOT. For I the Lord thy God am shining a giant spotlight on the issues the REAL ISSUES for what has been layered above the real issues is nothing but the fat of lies and embellishments, and that layer is being cut off says the Lord! Entitlements are being exposed says the Lord, for there are entitlements that have gone under the cover of other spending that Congress has attempted to so give themselves and their informants! YES within the House and the Senate there are those in their seats who are paying informants to spy on their constituents and to spy on the opposite party, seeing red says the Lord seeing red.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the spirit of hopelessness, death and the spirit that resides over suicide has gone out into the areas of Hollywood as those who have been involved in the darkest of things secretly the walls are closing in says the Lord of Hosts, and this Spirit has gone out to take prey to attempt to give more power to its master for its master’s interests are in danger says the Lord, they are in Danger! The world of Fashion with your bubbling perversions and your heinous deeds shall be raked over, the exposure of one is just the beginning of the tables being turned over, Italy shall be exposed as having a hand and puppetting the corrupt things that these names do as the cesspool shall reach Rome says the Lord ROME.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, briefs are set to be exposed for another label in the fashion world, and then another after that says the Lord, their documented deeds shall be exposed their cults shall be exposed, their circle of secrecy has been fractured says the Lord, and those within shall come forward for they are BRANDED where no one can see and this shall be exposed as well says the Lord of Hosts for the wicked deed are being laid bare in this hour says the Lord!
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, those appointed within the White House shall fall as dominoes says the Lord included one deep within that is attached to the brotherhood, the rainbow shall be their downfall says the Lord, their open portals shall release sores upon them, broken out in sores says the Lord just watch for the dark winter shall befall them even into spring says the Lord a fall off the stage is coming says the Lord. His mind wearies and he wearies of being puppeted says the Lord and this he shall speak openly and publicly where it shall be known and rampid what was said as the first lady has taken comfort in another and this shall be exposed as the charade of a marriage draws to a close. 
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the area of Portugal watch for events that will unsettle its neighbors and break up the hard soil says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts 3 leaders worldwide shall step down, Egypt shall arise in the Midst as there is an attempt for Egypt to come back and become the superpower it once was as that ruler in the realm of the Spirit is thirsty for power and greatness, however, a Jewish man shall put a stop to their plan, their advance will only go so far as Joseph’s shall arise in Egypt as well and Egypt for a time shall be steered from engagement, however, there are talks within Egypt between leaders and there has been a VERY tempting offer made, the leader of Egypt has been offered a treaty of great wealth and weaponry however the serpent behind this treaty this opportunity shall be made known as one that appears to be a friend is attempting to throttle the nations near Israel in order to intimidate and cause Israel to come into line with the agenda of the UN with the agenda of brotherhoods with the agenda of Persia, HOWEVER, says the Lord this will not occur as their plans will falter, for Israel will go forth and strike, there is a threat coming to the entire nation where Israel will be compelled to act and I the Lord thy God will use My Son, Benjamin of My Right arm, to exact the wage and Judgment upon this nation, Israel shall be protected however it will put other nations on high alert as the sirens sound and the UN has an emergency meeting, however, they too will falter and will not hurt My firstborn for they too are about to suffer a strike a blow so scandalous for the blasphemous ceremonies they did on Holy ground, their statue shall break and topple as they also become the heifer And says the Spirit of the Lord this day watch the South Pacific for events in the sea as well as the islands, strange phenomenon and events for what is swirling in the spirit shall occur in the natural and shall be an indicator of what is about to come, the ecosystem; the ecosystem says the Lord just watch.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I am about to in this hour exact MY JUDGMENT upon China says the Lord, upon their leadership and corporate titans, for the way they have oppressed the people, they have brutally harmed MY creation, and for the persecution of the church for their cries have reached MY throne and I the Lord have seen the suffering for MY EYES wander to and fro throughout the earth, there have been reports brought back to ME from My holy angels that have gone forth and they have spoken of the brutality and the suffering and the greed to hurt and harm and take life, and how the church has remained steadfast and have been faithful, for faithful is written upon the scroll of the church in China says the Lord. And says the Lord of Hosts, their wage shall be paid in full, for their wage is measured upon the scale by the blood that was shed, the weight of the blood that has been spilled, and the violence that has occurred has caused their cup of iniquity to become full. Natural disasters in China as well now is the time oh people of China to come unto ME THE LORD CREATOR OF THE EARTH AND HUMBLE YOURSELVES BEFORE ME for natural disasters, phenomenon, and a complete plummet of your precious markets and of your EXPORTS is set to occur. The people are restless and the largest protest to ever occur in China is almost upon them for the government will not be able to subdue the sea of people that are set to move. Time is short it is fleeting for the leader of China for the dragon will not wait to swallow up MY FIRSTBORN AND WILL NOT CRUSH MY NAME FOR I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, I AM AND I WILL MOVE IN THIS HOUR AGAINST LEADERSHIP IN ALL ARENAS And says the Lord of Hosts, those who are walking a path of leadership, You cannot slight ME ALMIGHTY GOD FOR YOU NEED ME TO WIN THIS RACE, YOU NEED ME TO WIN IN THE COURTS, YOUR NAMES CAN NOT SAVE YOU, YOUR NAMES CAN NOT RESTORE YOUR POSITION, YOUR NAME DOES NOT MAKE DEMONS TREMBLE, HOWEVER, MY NAME DOES THE NAME OF MY SON YESHUA JESUS CHRIST DOES AND I EXPECT A HUMBLING AND COMING UNDER MY AUTHORITY AND YOKE AND I SHALL STEER FOR THOSE AROUND YOU WHO ARE STEERING ARE HEADED FOR A MUD PIT AND THEY WILL GET STUCK. COME UNTO ME AND FULLY SURRENDER FOR I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, a briefcase shall be discovered, a dangerous briefcase shall be brought to the light more than one shall be found says the Lord. Justice what should be Justice is weaponizing the media, weaponized to attack political opponents and put false documents and false stories and fables, weaponizing, they are attempting to take it to another level however that is when another media entity shall fracture over such for the head of another media company shall step down amidst scandal and dirty dealings, China is on the board China is on the board! This you shall see as a medical device company shall be exposed for doing experiments undercover to harm the people amidst an attempted release to yet again lock the door however a large foot shall step in the way and prevent the door from shutting yet again on the people, this man shall be revealed says the Lord.

And says the Lord of Hosts, Arizona; Arizona, from your depths and archives shall be pulled a matter that occurred long; long ago that so shall expose the deeper workings of what is occurring now for the DEPTHS OF THE ARCHIVES says the Lord for this has happened before, fight the good fight you who are running the race to lead, fight the good fight through FAITH and watch numbers and leadership suddenly change for the cartel's money is deeply involved in that race it shall come forth and they will have NO WAY to save face for they took blood money for a desperate win and this shall come forth into next year and create quite a predicament for leadership shall get their feet stuck in traps and they shall be unable to move to save themselves for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil says the Lord, remember that and remember that oh you who are running to win a race, money cannot win what is ahead, however MY POWER CAN. Now is the hour to cleave My children, cleave unto ME the Lord your God and I shall Cleave unto you for around the turn of the new year incredible events and a change of position shall happen in your lives to prepare you to lead for the Lord you shall see what others cannot, you shall see what others missed. I have the strategies, David kneeled before ME before battle remember that and I shall give you the greater victories in the years to come. Thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ amen and amen.

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