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Word from The Lord--November 28, 2022 (A Warning to Leadership in the Body of Christ)

A warning to leadership in the body of Christ...You have allowed a sniveling snake who has posed as a humble servant too close to your spouse! And that snake has wrapped its tail around the wrist of your spouse pulling them in. Your Spouse has now poured their heart out even about your marriage to these sniveling social climbers. For you have NOT done your job biblically as a spouse and have neglected your union. You shall SORELY REGRET such, letting such too close to what you should have been loving as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.

You shall sorely regret such for this humble servant shall reveal their true scales as a sniveling snake and will manipulate. They will not let go that easily when they are found out and they shall have a bag of YOUR SECRETS from a spouse so neglected that it shall cause you to become rejected in many arenas and that bag shall be intentionally and strategically spilled out as the sniveling snake suddenly departs under suspicious circumstances, and you shall be left with a public spillage that shall cause those to pillage what you did not guard. All for control, the love of money, and jockeying for a more advantageous position in order to control you and YOUR VISION. Not MINE says the Lord for MY VISION WAS REVISED all for flesh and man-made eyes with visions of grandeur that were not MINE which has allowed spiritual cataracts to set on and change directions not meant to go. All for show, now become an unwanted spectacle. Either return unto Me the Lord to set things right or there shall be a large strike that will sink what was built and you shall bear the guilt of the reproach which was the result of not knowing serpents from true servants and now this shall take place sooner thank you think for I the Lord am allowing your decisions, of your flesh to now take their course to bring correction to a mess. No matter how neat you package it the ribbon and paper shall be pulled off and its contents revealed...Thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ Amen...

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