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Word from the Lord--November 10, 2022

11.10.22 @ 8 am

Praise be to the Lord of Hosts Most High, Who rules from a throne of righteousness, who is perfect and Holy in ALL of His ways, Blessed be the name of The Lord For he is good His mercy endures forever, and to His Kingdom, there is no end!!

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day! The BREACH in your nation has just begun to turn says the Lord! THE BREACH HAS BLOCKED THE NATION FROM A COMPLETE TURN AND BIRTHING WHAT I THE LORD HAVE SPOKEN FORTH. HOWEVER, says the Lord, the breach has begun to turn! Going into this turn there will be pressure, there will be resistance HOWEVER, says the Lord put your mind to diligently work and to diligently seek ME the Lord your God for I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me!

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, you are seeing the rumblings My children, just the rumblings, the tremors, before the shaking, before the turn, for you have just entered a BIG TURN  for I the Lord your God have begun to raise a standard in your nation when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him. That standard has indeed begun! And those I have anointed in leadership will have to come up to this standard if they intend for Me the Lord your God to bless their leadership. For they will not lead if they do not come in alignment with this standard says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, as you have rejected Me oh, you wicked leaders you wicked governors, those in the House, as you have rejected ME and USED My name for YOUR FURTHERANCE, so I the Lord have now REJECTED YOU! You shall see this in the northeast says the Lord, you shall see this on the west coast says the Lord, you shall see this towards the middle of your nation, for I the Lord have rejected them, they can warm that seat all they want for that seat will throw them down says the Lord, it is coming, it is not over says the Lord for they have taken what is not theirs, they have attempted to usurp, they have utilized devious methods to cause a mirage and illusion that they are the rightful owners of those seats.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I hear the sound of the abundance of rain, it has merely begun to form a little, and then it shall grow, it shall expand and at MY word you shall see the drought end the rain come, and that is the indication of another changing of the guard says the Lord.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, the Mounties in Canada, just watch for the seats of those leaders have begun to shake, Oh Canada, cry out to Me The Lord of Hosts, King of Kings, for the winds of change have begun to blow into your nation and leaders will be unseated in unusual ways. You shall hear them say–“This is so unusual how could this be” For MY WAYS are higher than your ways and MY thoughts higher than your thoughts.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, there shall be paths carved to leadership, unexpected says the Lord you shall see the unexpected, you shall see sudden shifts, uncoverings that will carve paths to leadership that were not seen before, For I THE Lord your God, am appointing the Zerubbabel’s in this hour governor’s who will raise a standard and hold that standard that I the Lord have begun to raise. A cry shall come out of the House–a cry shall come out of the House says the Lord for that has just begun to turn says the Lord.

A process indeed says the Lord a process indeed has gone forth and I the Lord shall snatch the most coveted seats away from the ones who THINK they are secure says the Lord.

Oh, you think in your flesh you are secure says the Lord that you have manipulated events and circumstances to secure such a seat, however, says the Lord your seats are far from secure! And they shall be snatched from you for what has been hidden away will be brought out into the open.

What has been stolen shall be stolen from them, the thieves shall be robbed themselves says the Lord. All for 30 pieces of silver you have brought condemnation on your soul,  heaping coals upon your lives.

And says the Lord of Hosts, I am going back and beginning a rectification and a realignment of what came out of joint as the millennium turned and the 2000 on your clock begun, I am going back says the Lord I am rectifying and re-ordering what has caused a chain reaction through the years to what you see before you.

Serve Me in the land of captivity, for I am your deliverer your strong tower, I am an ever-present help in times of trouble. The elections are not your salvation says the Lord, I the Lord am you deliver in this! I raise leaders up and I bring them down says the Lord, My plan is unfolding and it will take great faith of the people to look beyond what they see, to speak in faith what they see beyond the circumstance, to declare it boldly as this breach has begun to turn, and the repairs shall begin says the Lord.

Nehemiah was sent of ME to repair the wall, the breach, and the gate, He was appointed By ME the Lord his God to rebuild what was rubble, what others saw as not worth the effort, He saw beyond the rubble and the brokenness and has a mind to work and rebuild, and no matter the threats, and the plots against him, he diligently continued and as that happened I the Lord brought the plans of the wicked to nothing and frustrated them that they could not execute their plots!

I the Lord am calling the Nehemiah's, the Zerubbabel’s, the Ezras forth to encourage the people, to rally them, to teach them how to diligently work, to run the race, to press towards the mark of the High calling! Come higher with Me My children and you shall see how I see your nation. For I go beyond what man would deem “intelligence” I go beyond intellect, I go beyond what you see before your Face, for I AM GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER!”


I AM says the Lord I AM and I WILL have My way says the Lord, however, this is a process, the people must learn the church MUST LEARN to not just sit there and turn a blind eye to wickedness to what is unholy, they slink back as if they have no authority, they teach the people to ignore and it snuffs out their light, however, I the Lord am going to reignite the fire in the church, I am going to give them a desire to operate in that authority, however, there must be a changing of the guard first for too many leaders doing deeds in the darkness and then speaking about the light as if they KNOW ME. Depart from Me you workers of iniquity for I NEVER KNEW YOU, too much intermixing what IS NOT OF ME with what is of the filth of this world and it has created a gross concoction that is causing brambles in the souls of the people. Get the speck of dust out of your own eye before you can remove the log from your neighbor's eye says the Lord. However, many of you have logs in both eyes and have filled yourselves with intoxications of the enemy that are not of ME and I the Lord am bringing rectification and a hard adjustment to the Church as the Church should speak Bodly the Word of God they should be utilizing the sword of the Spirit, they should not be welcoming the ways of Moab and the ways of Sodom into MY HOUSE SAYS THE LORD. And this will change suddenly says the Lord, a sudden gust of wind will knock much out of MY HOUSE that does not belong, watch and see says the Lord for it is almost upon you, the hour has almost come.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a collapse in Europe across multiple countries for there is a bearing down on Europe and the leaders are desperate, and fools will rush in and make deals with devils that will oppress the people. However, there shall be a light out of Europe a nation shall raise up a leader that fears the Lord and that leader will be a beacon of light, a light on a hill, that other countries shall take notice of and some will follow suit, for Europe is in danger of a deep freeze on many fronts says the Lord. Do not allow the enemy to become your salvation, for there is a way says the Lord to circumvent the clamps that have been put upon you, the Leaders who look to ME WILL SEE IT for it is unusual but it is the way to circumvent in this hour. Poles shall arise in Europe, a ski shall arise in leadership I the Lord have called them and appointed them for such a time.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, take courage do not allow hopelessness to set in now for the great turn and the great push has begun, a blow to the head for one in high office just watch for it shall rattle the hub.

And says the Lord of Hosts I am turning you, My children, as well, a change in direction, while some are heading right for Sodom as Lot so headed to the way of sin, those I have truly anointed I am changing their direction, you shall go the way of the Lord, you shall see gates open says the Lord you shall see the strongholds come down, you shall see promotion in this hour and favor, for the favor, was upon Abraham says the Lord, not Lot, and who is who shall be made clear, as you go forth into a new arena, for I have trained you well for this hour, I the Lord have equipped you, I the Lord have positioned you and you shall go forth for My glory knowing My children that I the Lord am with you even until the end of the age and your path is becoming straight while those who have mixed tonics their path they have entered is jagged and crooked. I am your comforter, I am your Father, and I am instructing you, open your ears to listen to what the Spirit has to say for I the Lord say it is a new day for you, the SON is on the horizon after a very dark season, the light has just begun to break forth, receive it as I the Lord raise a banner in your lives and in this nation, for it is mine to give it is not the enemies to take and another ruling is coming from the judges I have anointed that will be historic and turn the breach even more. Watch it is coming, rejoice this day for I have made it and Know that I am on the throne thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ who sits at MY right-hand amen.

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