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Word from the Lord- (From the Pennsylvania ReAwaken Tour--October 21st, 2022)

And the Spirit of the Lord says this day–Is my arm too short that it cannot reach my children? Is my hand too weak that it cannot save? Do not put your trust in man, says the Lord thy God this day. Do not put your trust in what you have built. Do not let the enemy cause you to chase your tail in this hour and be like a dog returning unto its own vomit. For I the Lord thy God say this day, I am doing a new thing. Do you not see it? I change not. I neither sleep nor slumber and this is an alarm to MY PEOPLE in this hour to wake up. The shaking is occurring. The shaking of the states will occur along the fault lines, says the Lord. Not only the fault lines but the fault. Who is to cast blame upon? For the Lord God says this day,  they have cast lots for a certain family in this nation that has been raised up to lead; they have cast lots for them, says the Lord. On what day they shall destroy them? And says the Lord thy God this day, I SHALL CAST LOTS ON THEM. FOR THE DAY OF THEIR JUDGEMENT–FOR THE DAY OF THEIR DESTRUCTION. I THE LORD THY GOD SHALL HOLD THEM INTO DERISION FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING. FOR I THE LORD THY GOD SAY THIS DAY, I AM RAISING UP AN ARM OF STRENGTH IN THIS NATION. I AM DEEPLY ROUTING IT SAYS THE LORD. I AM RAISING UP AN ARM OF STRENGTH OUT OF THE COVENANT THAT I HAVE MADE WITH THIS NATION. I THE LORD THY GOD DO NOT FORGET MY COVENANTS. I DO NOT FORGET. MAN FORGETS THE COVENANT THEY MADE WITH GOD. I THE LORD THY GOD DO NOT FORGET THAT COVENANT AND I THE LORD THY GOD AM BRINGING THAT COVENANT TO THE FOREFRONT, AND I AM BRINGING THOSE I HAVE CHOSEN TO LEAD TO THE FOREFRONT. THEY SHALL BE MOLDED AS CLAY–THEY HAVE BEEN PUT ON THE POTTER’S WHEEL AND THERE IS SPINNING AND PRESSURE, BUT I THE LORD THY GOD HAVE MY HAND ON THEM AND I AM MOLDING THEM IN THIS HOUR.

The enemy may attempt to advance and he may attempt to attack in this hour however, I the Lord thy God this day am drawing a firm dividing line. I am drawing that line in the sand. I am calling forth the day the wicked shall see my power in this nation–the day they shall hear my voice and tremble going–WHAT HAVE YOU DONE OH WICKED MAN? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY ANOINTED? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY PEOPLE? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? And, I the Lord thy God say this day, that has been etched on a scroll for I JUDGE FROM THE HIGHEST THRONE. THE CAPITAL IS NOT THE HIGHEST THRONE. THE THRONES OF THIS WORLD IS NOT THE HIGHEST THRONE. I THE LORD THY GOD JUDGE FROM THE HIGHEST SEAT WAY ABOVE THE EARTH. THE THRONE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND MY RIGHT HAND HAS COME FORTH, AND IT IS ETCHED ON A SCROLL THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GREAT TURNING OF THIS NATION FOR THE PIVOT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE AND IT HAS BEEN HANDED OFF TO MY HOLY WARRING ANGELS says the Lord they God this day, and sent into the nations–it has been sent into the states–it has been sent into England says the Lord God this day. It has been sent into parts of Europe. Oh, you wicked leaders who have held hands in the dark and made deals and agreements to destroy those I have called to lead and be salt and be light even though they may not know ME yet says the Lord–they may not know ME. MY SHEEP hear my voice and a stranger's I will not follow, but they will know ME says the Lord.

Over the next year, they will know ME. Everything they thought they knew–they are going to see they didn't. For MY favor rests upon them, and I have compassion on them for the loss they have suffered. And, I the Lord God this day, am putting my Garment of Praise on them even though they may not know how to praise ME yet, which lifts the spirit of heaviness. And, I the Lord thy God say this day, that you shall see a great change going towards the middle of next year. You shall see a great turn–it shall build–it shall swell–the pressure shall mount says the Lord thy God this day, for the march is on says the Lord. The march. And, it is my march. And, I AM ordering it, says the Lord thy God this day, I AM clearing the way–I AM ordering their steps–I AM VINDICATING–VINDICATION SAITH THE LORD IN THIS HOUR. JUDGEMENT IS MINE SAYS THE LORD GOD THIS DAY. IT IS NOT FOR MAN. JUDGEMENT IS FOR ME, TO BRING FORTH. AND I SHALL BRING FORTH THAT JUDGEMENT FOR THE WICKED ARE  ON THEIR LAST LEG. They are on their last leg, says the Lord. And, I the Lord thy God this day, shall knock that leg from under them says the Lord. I shall cause a great crash–I shall cause a great fall–I shall cause them to hit the ground–I shall cause them to lose their seats–I shall cause them to lose the empires they built–I shall cause their flesh to be humbled. Pride cometh before the fall says the Lord, and the pride has swelled but, I the Lord thy God shall temperate it. I shall temperate it in this hour. Know that it is I the Lord thy God speaking to you this day, and that I love MY children with an everlasting love. I see the end from the beginning and the beginning from the ending. I AM The ALPHA AND OMEGA–I AM ALMIGHTY GOD–I AM FAR ABOVE EVERY POWER, PRINCIPALITY, AND MIGHT–THERE IS NO OTHER. YOU CAN SEARCH BEYOND THE EARTH–YOU CAN SEARCH THE UNIVERSE SAYS THE LORD. THERE IS NO OTHER. I AM AN EVER-PRESENT HELP IN TIMES OF TROUBLE. COME TO ME RIGHT NOW–DO NOT HESITATE–DO NOT HESITATE AS THE CHARGES MOUNT AGAINST YOU–DO NOT HESITATE. COME TO ME NOW SAYS THE LORD GOD THIS DAY AND SURRENDER TO MY PLAN FOR IT WILL BE YOUR STRENGTH IN THE EYES OF THE NATION  SAYS THE LORD, SO SUBMIT TODAY–HUMBLE YOURSELVES BEFORE ME–GET YOUR HEARTS RIGHT–GET IN ORDER. I AM A GOD OF ORDER AND I AM TIRED OF HAVING CONFUSION IN MY HOUSE SAYS THE LORD THY GOD THIS DAY. I AM TIRED OF GOING INTO THE TEMPLES AND SEEING WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO MY TEMPLES SAYS THE LORD THY GOD THIS DAY. AND I THE LORD THY GOD SHALL HAVE MY WAY FOR I HAVE GONE BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS OF THE CHURCH SAYS THE LORD. I HAVE GONE OUT INTO THE STREETS AND THE SQUARES AND THE NATIONS AND THE AIRWAYS THROUGH MY CHOSEN VESSELS AND YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT AND YOU SHALL KNOW THEM FOR THEY KNOW MY VOICE AND A STRANGERS THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW–AND YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BECAUSE THEY SHALL GO DEEPER NOW IN THIS SEASON–IT SHALL BE DEEP–IT SHALL BE WEIGHTY–IT SHALL BE WHAT THOSE THIRSTING FOR MY WORD AND MY INSTRUCTION NEED IN THIS HOUR, SO RECEIVE IT SAYS THE LORD–RECEIVE IT OH, YOU LEADERS. I AM YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW. I AM YOUR HELP BEYOND THE LAW–I AM YOUR HELP BEYOND THE LAWYERS–I AM YOUR HELP BEYOND THE COUNCIL–I AM YOUR HELP. AND I WILL POSITION THOSE FOR THAT SAYS THE LORD THY GOD THIS DAY.

So know this day, at the beginning of the year there shall be a great shaking in the earth an enormous shaking in the earth says the Lord, that shall trigger in many points across the nations and you will know it is I the Lord thy God that have spoken to you this day for I AM THAT I AM thus says the Lord of hosts in Jesus’ name. 

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