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Word from the Lord--From the ReAwaken America Tour in Idaho--September 17, 2022

By the power of the blood of Jesus Christ by the Spirit of the one true Living God may only the truth and power of almighty God with authority come forth in Jesus' name. Lord let us have the privilege of being vessels of your power thank you, Lord. Praise the Lord.

Interestingly enough the Lord has been pointing out some things to me and I’m going to tell you something about your area first. You know one of the fathers of the Declaration of Independence was Thomas Jefferson. He had a mantle on him to specifically do that and the Lord is raising up a man out of your area that has that mantle. That's going to begin to help shift more in this nation. It is coming I promise you it is coming out of this area. You are going to know this man when he is raised up because his name will be associated with the Declaration of Independence. You will know him by that. Also, I'm going to go back to the Medina Spirit for a minute because the Lord said something to me the other day that I almost fell off my chair. Do you remember what happened with this horse? The trainers cheated–the horse won by cheating–the horse tested positive–the horse was stripped of his title, and then the horse died. Things at the White House are following suit and I'll tell you why. Somebody won by cheating–then somebody recently multiple times tested positive for something–so now the next course of events is he’s stripped of his title and he falls down the Hill because the Lord is the King of the Hill and they have forgotten that if they want to play King of the Hill with almighty God He will most definitely play King of the Hill with them but He will win–He will triumph. I'll tell you what's interesting.

I've been reading the book of Micah and Micah is interesting because there was a pattern in the Word of God where the kingdom is at stake the prophets are sent in every time you see the kingdom stake of completely falling the Lord sends the prophets in. He's done it with Micah–He did it with Nathan–He did it with Daniel–He even did it with Joseph; Joseph was a prophet. And we find ourselves in the same position again and the prophets are sent in to help set things right the way God wants them not the way man wants. You see, man gets impatient. So we get impatient because we want it in our time, but because the Lord is outside the confines of time He sees whether that's a good time or not and we are approaching an appointed time now on the scheduling calendar of God. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is an appointed time for almighty God to move in the Nations–to move in this nation, and to bring leaders down and to raise them up. And this is the point where coming to.

Thank You, Lord have your way Lord in Jesus' name. And the Spirit of the Lord says this day…Is my arm too short that it cannot reach my children? Is my hand too weak that it cannot deal? For I the  Lord God am the righteous judge, I am the one says the Lord thy God that sits on the throne, and I am the one says the Lord thy God that am visiting my people during the months of September and October says the Lord. I am visiting you. I have come for your word says the Lord. I have heard the cries…I have heard the prayers of my people, and I the Lord thy God in the appointed time am moved to act.

And I the Lord thy God say this day, as you see the tilling of the soil–as you see the shaking up in Israel–as you see the shifting of leaders that is about to take place– know that I the Lord God this day then will turn my attention to the United States of America. For I have warned says the Lord–I have given warning after warning–I have given time says the Lord. I am long-suffering says the Lord, but says the Lord thy God this day, the clock is reaching the midnight hour says the Lord. And this triangular agreement they have made behind the closed doors of the White House they have made on this country’s on different continents says the Lord. This triangular agreement says the Lord thy God this day, I shall stretch out my hand and I shall sign that scroll and I shall send it as a spear into the nation says the Lord for I have dispatched says the Lord the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts says the Lord and I have dispatched them for an appointed time to shake the four corners of the White House, to shake the four corners of Jerusalem, to shake the four corners of Rome, oh, you spirit of Rome I see you attempting to rise up says the Lord and I will put down that rebellion says the Lord thy God this day, for I the Lord will not allow such deep-rooted wickedness to begin to bear new fruit and new buds to stretch into other empires says the Lord for they are attempting to build empire upon empire during this time, however, says the Lord of Hosts the stone that they have used is filled with sand. And I the Lord thy God I'm going to strike the stone. I am going to use a stone to strike the stone and I will strike in its corner says the Lord and you will see it split says the Lord thy God this day not only around the appointed time but early next year you shall see it split and you shall see the decay of leadership in this nation you shall see them hiding in the caves out of the fear of what the Lord thy God is going to do in this hour you shall see them hiding in their bunkers and they shall be pulled as a worm is pulled from its holes says the Lord thy God this day and dealt with for I the Lord thy God rule and reign forevermore I change not I am the same yesterday today and forever look to me and my timing, not man.  

I feel your anxiousness. I have heard your petitions. I have heard your cries to send back those that have an unfinished job and I the Lord I am dealing with them this day, I am adjusting them–I am tuning them for some of their instruments are somewhat out of tune and I the Lord thy God am tuning them to bring forth a new song in this season as the elections approach. And says the Lord thy God this day, you shall see a shock with the elections very unsettling for those who have been holding hands in the dark on both sides of the aisle says the Lord. For I shall sever and divide that agreement–I shall sever and divide the way they are casting lots for this nation. For I the Lord thy God this day, Haman shall not cast lots for this nation–the wicked shall not cast lots–I shall cast lots for the day of their destruction says the Lord for they have refused to listen to me in this hour and my children who have listened and I am raising them up I am repositioning them I am reconfiguring them and realigning them in this hour in order to bring forth one of the greatest points in history you have ever seen.

I am going back in making corrections far back says the Lord. I'm correcting it–I am sending it back in place. I am exposing what goes all the way back says the Lord–way past even the 1950s. And I am setting that correction for each decade says the Lord. I am correcting and bringing into alignment for each decade would allow more and more to get out of joint and bring you to this point so you must fight for your nation and you must remember that when I the Lord thy God bring deliverance you are not to look back and let it happen again for my people are to be bold and rise up and armor up and go forth and face and come into agreement and do what I the Lord thy God have called you to do–be a light in a dark place for the darkness is attempting to spread a blackout says the Lord–it's attempting to cause a blackout but you shall rise up you shall be light, you shall be exposure, you shall be mobile, and I shall send you into different points and areas of the earth and you shall proclaim in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord for I am making the way straight for this nation–I am making it for Israel–I am making the way straight for the tiniest countries in Europe that have been crying out to me oh European Union your hour is almost come. I am warning you now says the Lord your hour is almost come. Cleave unto Me–seek Me with all your heart. Fast and pray right now–fast and pray and call unto Me in all earnestness and I the Lord will answer you and I will come for your words and this hour that says the Lord of Hosts in Jesus name.

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