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Prophecy Unfolding: Breaking The Weimar Altar and the Time of Accountability

Remember that I had said from the Lord to watch Spain!


Major victory, vindication, including in the legal arena for My children will exonerate and set them free says the Lord from a very old torturous chain the enemy had snared them in says the Lord, he has lost his hold, his grip his legal access to use agents and pawns to afflict says the Lord.


A 270-Foot Replica of Vhagar the Dragon is Currently Sitting Atop the Empire State Building.

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To mark the Season 2 premiere of House of the Dragon, Max launched an ambitious marketing campaign that included a 270-foot installation of Vhagar the Dragon coiled around the top of the Empire State Building in New York City.

The dragon is made up of 1,700 total patterns and 600,000 inches of sewn seams, and is affixed to the Empire State Building by more than 153 rigging points. It will remain atop the skyscraper through June 18th.


Big Ben stopped at 9 a.m. on the first day of Passover.

It is the year of the dragon in China.


This is happening during Pride Month. A Dragon goes to a high place during pride month.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, watch the sea of Japan for contention to be stirred up as Japan will have to stand up to a fiery dragon thirsty for more resources and territories of an oceanic nature the Dragon thinks the world is hyper-focused on Israel and Russia and Ukraine and it shall fly over to attempt an advance however that fire shall be squelched as the dragon sputters and gasps for air for it will go to high to quick and will have to be brought low says the Lord.

Romans 6:19
I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh. For just as you presented your members as slaves to impurity and to lawlessness, [a]resulting in further lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness, [b]resulting in sanctification.

The sword of Amalek has mutated through the generations, and in every generation we must identify that ruthless ruler of the darkness’s weapon of choice because it changes depending on the temperature of the generation it targets.

In the 1920s and 30s Germany the Weimar Republic occurs.

The Weimar Window

A crucial movement occurred in Germany before Hitler's rise to power. This movement was a major key that unlocked a door within the Weimar Republic that spiritually weakened and subdued it as prey for the taking, and allowed the path to be cleared for Hitler and the enemy’s solutions to arise. The Weimar Republic occurred as a result of World War 1.  Within the Weimar Republic there was a blatant push for the LGBTQ agenda and transgenderism… These agendas being pushed by the enemy’s agents of light weakened the family unit, the country's morals, and opened the door spiritually for the entire nation to become full-on oppressed. The police tolerated gay bars, which was one reason that Berlin became a global center for gay prostitution. The police were told to back off and TOLERATE, sound familiar? Berlin was also home to a burgeoning gay civil rights movement led by a German-Jewish physician and sexologist, Magnus Hirschfeld. For Tyranny to enter through the gate of a nation, it must first be morally obliterated and gravely spiritually compromised. It goes back to the garden, “Did God really, say?”

German Jews also experienced a period of increased social and economic freedom. Freedom is liberty with responsibility, not to be treated like some reckless frat party.  Culturally, the period produced important and lasting results. As historian Peter Gay wrote, “The Republic created little; it liberated what was already there.” So it brought out of the shadows of darkness what was waiting for a window to be unleashed. Let's talk about the influence of Ishtar in the Weimar Republic: Ishtar, worship of Ishtar, involved men dressing up as women as Ishtar, the goddess of love, sex, and war. The husband of goddess Ishtar was Dumuzi, also known as Tammuz, who was worshiped as the god of shepherds. In Ezekiel 8 it talks about women weeping for tammuz and worshipping tammuz, and the detestable acts that were secretly occurring in areas of the temple where they thought no one saw. However, God saw.

Corresponding to Ishtar’s own ability to transcend categories, the goddess of love enabled her followers to defy or even redefine social boundaries, particularly those related to gender roles. Men who became priests of Ishtar, known as gala, would sometimes assume non-binary gender roles, dress in women’s clothing, and were allowed to engage in homosexuality. Priests of Ishtar were known as gala, what is the MET event called every year? The Met GALA. What do some of the men do? Dress up like a woman! That picture will become very clear in the parallel to this and what happened in New York and the nation. During biblical times one of the hubs of the worship of Ishtar and where a main temple was present, was Nineveh. Yes, Nineveh from the book of Jonah, that God had set for destruction if they did not repent of these detestable perversions, killing of innocent children, idolatry, and rebellion.

The basis of German prosperity in the late 1920s was problematic, to say the least, as it was largely dependent on foreign credits, on foreign loans. Sound familiar? When these dried up and the loans already made were called in, yes banks called in loans amidst a slippery financial slope, Germany was plunged into a slump more severe than experienced by any other country. A decline in every sense. The German government faced the classic dilemma: cut government spending in an attempt to balance the budget or increase it in an attempt to jumpstart the economy. Translation, just keep printing money without anything of substance backing it.

Signs of this were already visible at the beginning of 1929. With the historic crash of the New York Stock Exchange in October 1929 and the beginning of the Great Depression, German unemployment figures shot up. (Brittanica.com)

October 14 1929 was Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish Calendar. The date they believe a verdict of a trial is reached and it is a day of atonement, a day of reckoning. It was 10 days after Yom Kippur the Stock market officially crashed. The Bull crashed, America’s golden calf, baal, crashed. The great Depression came into the world like a plague..When plague’s occur desperation sets in.

1929 was a Shemitah year on the jewish calendar. Major world events are known to occur during Shemitah years. The next Shemitah year currently would be 2028, our next election year.

In July 1931 a severe financial crisis led to the collapse of the Darmstadt and National Bank, one of Germany’s largest financial institution.  In September the unemployment figure reached 4.3 million.

What is so interesting about this 4.3 number, 43, is that during the banking and financial world crisis of 2008, a serious recession occurred.  This occurred During a Shemitah year. A candidate arose to be the 43rd president of the United States, Barack Obama. The number 43, recession, financial crisis, the cycle repeats.

In the 1930s protests broke out across universities in Germany against Jews and Jewish students, driving them out.

These elements all coming together are what bulldozed and paved the way for Hitler to come to power. The rise of homosexuality and transgenderism severely weakened the family unit and morality in general. It opened a portal, a liberal portal. The dependency on foreign credit, the intense rise of the national debt, The Great Depression, and protests breaking out across universities against Jews. These factors all came together in a perfect storm and paved the way for a false visionary to arise, one that would peddle and prop up the enemy’s vision and plan to attempt world domination ahead of schedule. One who would be an instrument from hell with its motive being the destruction of God’s people, and the covenant the Lord has with them, an everlasting covenant. The Lord has a schedule, the enemy does not get to jump ahead and ultimately stockpile the corrupted fruit of his labor. Events are allowed to take place that ultimately push that timeline back in place.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3-6 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the [a]apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above [b]every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God. 5 Do you not remember that while I was still with you, I was telling you these things? 6 And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed.

In these circumstances, the prospect of a presidential election was alarming. Brüning sought a prolongation of Hindenburg’s term. Hindenburg was an 84 year old field marshall in poor health, but decided to run for reelection in 1932 and was publicized as the only candidate who could defeat Adolf Hitler. So the incumbent is an 84 year old in poor health…Does this sound familiar?

He saw him as a dangerous Extremist. Others had the vision as well such as Dietrich Bonhoffer, a prophet and visionary, who saw the lukewarmness and absolute ignorance of the Protestant Church amidst these events. There were 18000 protestant pastors at the time. 3000 stood with Bonhoffer and signed the document called the confessing Church resisting such satanic Tyranny. 3000 pastors stood with Hitler and were bought and paid for and as spiritually blind as bats. 12000 pastors faltered between 2 opinions and spoke not a word. They wanted to remain neutral. Silence in the face of evil is still evil. Had 3000 of those 12,000 pastors stood with the confessing Church, Hitler may have never come to power. This is how Crucial the role of the Church is in protecting a nation from an evil that is ruthless and predatory from the pits of hell.  What occurred as a result of all these factors converging is Hitler and Hugenberg mustered enough support to kill the proposal. On March 13 Hitler and three other candidates competed against Hindenburg, and the 84-year-old field marshal polled 18,661,736 votes to Hitler’s 11,328,571. Hindenburg fell 0.4 percent short of winning an absolute majority in the first round, so a runoff election was held on April 11. Hidenburg won however in 1933 Adolf Hitler was made chancellor of Germany by Hidenburg himself. Appointing a sociopath, a psychopath, to what would be the equivalent of Vice president Poised the country to be led in chains down a road of perdition and destruction. The Spirit of Lawlessness and Murder as the Ring leaders of such a diabolical takeover. This is why picking a vice president who is solid in their faith in the Lord, steadfast, level-headed in crisis, and filled with wisdom is so so important, otherwise, the cycle has an open door to repeat.

Truman did something similar when he appointed a psychopath to head of the CIA and that is when they began experimenting on the American people, experimenting with LSD, pumping LSD into the NY subway system. With a song like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, LSD, if the Beatles were indeed an asset of the CIA.

Actually, when it came to Allen Dulles, who headed the CIA like some Frankenstein monster, Kennedy stuck to his guns, so to speak. He fired Dulles and his co-conspirators a few months after the abortive invasion, and told a friend that he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” The outrage was very obviously mutual. Kennedy wanted to dismantle the CIA. This had to do with the Bay of Pigs incident and Cuba and the blatant recklessness involved in such operations to try and assassinate Fidel Castro

While Truman saw the CIA’s attempted mousetrapping of President Kennedy as a particular outrage, his more general complaint is seen in his broader lament that the CIA had become “so removed from its intended role … I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. … It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government.” Not only shaping policy through its control of intelligence but also “cloak and dagger” operations, presumably including assassinations. (truthout.org)

So you see appointing a psychopath that wants to take freedoms from the American people, take their weapons, further tyranny, and experiment on them as lab rats, no matter which high-level role they are appointed to always leads to disaster.

The ancient city of Pergamum, or Pergamon, was the center of pagan worship in Asia Minor. The once-thriving metropolis of a city lay forgotten and in complete ruins until 1864 when German engineer Carl Humann began excavating it, finding one of the antiquities’ greatest monuments and exhuming wickedness that should have stayed buried, the Altar of Zeus. The altar was excavated and taken stone by stone to Berlin where it was reassembled in its own museum. The Turkish government agreed that the ancient foundation of the Pergamon Altar -Satan’s Throne- became the official property of Germany. So this was in Turkish territory. Bible commentaries read that in Ezekiel’s day, Magog, Meshech, and Tubal were all located in what is now modern Turkey (Jewish voice.org). So you have 2 major players in the war of Ezekiel chapter 38 moving the altar of Zeus, the throne of satan, between the two nations. This is how the enemy attempts to jump ahead. The enemy knows what's in the word of God, make no mistake about such, he knows, and he will try and utilize that in a blasphemous way to outmaneuver God and jump ahead of the schedule God has. God’s sacred order of time is for everything to move from darkness to light. The darkness has to submit to the light. In genesis 1:5 it states such, “there was evening and there was morning one day.” Look at the order of that scripture. Satan attempts to reverse such and cause the light to bow to the darkness.  In 1930 the Pergamon Museum was opened to the public. That is 66 years… 3 years before Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany.

A few years later, the Nazi Party’s chief architect, Albert Speer, was commissioned by the new chancellor, Adolf Hitler, to design the parade grounds for the party rallies in Nuremberg. Speer turned, shall we say, was turned by dark forces, to the Pergamon Altar for inspiration. Using the altar as a model, Speer created an enormous grandstand, known as the Zeppelin tribune. In the following years’ mass rallies, Hitler descended down the steps like a tribune in ancient Rome. (cfi-usa.org).  Most of the Nuremberg rallies were held at night. Darkness, where they would illuminate it with many lights creating a false sense of light. Nuremberg would also be the future site of the Nuremberg trials, where 10 nazi officers would be executed just as the 10 sons of Haman were in the book of Esther, and the celebration of Purim, of the attempted annihilation of the Jewish People. The history and consequences of attacking active covenants always repeats itself.

In Revelation 2:12, we read about one of the seven churches, “the church in Pergamum…where Satan’s throne is.”

Revelation 2:12-13 
12 “And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: The One who has the sharp two-edged sword says this: 13 ‘I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is; and you hold fast My name, and did not deny My faith even in the days of Antipas, My witness, My faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.

The spirit of the antichrist and the mutating sword of the spirit of Amalek and an insatiable desire for world domination were attempting to be ushered in ahead of Schedule.

6 years after Hitler is made Chancellor, 6 being the number of man, World War 2 begins. The United States Would do what those 12000 protestant pastors did in Germany, look the other way, and say “We are neutral and not getting involved.” I am not by any stretch for getting involved in foreign wars un necessarily, however, this was more than foreign, it was a plan to swallow up the nations and migrate governments together, one world government.

Between the 66 years, 1864 to 1930 that it took for the throne of satan, the altar of Zeus to be found and brought to Berlin, and 6 years after Hitler was made Chancellor of Germany World War 2 begins, there is your foreshadowing of 666, a precursor to the man of sin in 2 Thessalonians that is to still come on the scene. These are the cycles we must pay attention to.

Revelation 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is [a]six hundred and sixty-six.

Billy Graham 1954 Communism
The Communist revolution that was born in the hearts of Marx and Engels in the middle of the 19th century is not going to give up or retreat. No amount of words at the United Nations, or peace conferences in the Far East, is going to change the mind of Communism. It is here to stay. It is a battle to the death: either Communism must die, or Christianity must die.

Has it ever occurred to you that the Devil is a religious leader and millions are worshipping at his shrine today? … The name of this present-day religion is Communism… The Devil is their god, Marx their prophet, Lenin their saint, and Malenkov their high priest. Denying their faith in all ideologies, except their religion of revolution, these diabolically-inspired men seek in devious and various ways to convert a peaceful world to their doctrine of death and destruction.

So fanatical and ruthless are these disciples of Lucifer that in thirty years they have slaughtered millions of innocent persons and stand prepared with poised weapons to kill millions more in an all-out effort to spread their doctrines to the ends of the earth.

What is the subtle creed of Communism? What sort of ideology is it that has captured the loyalty of countless millions of the world’s people? [Christian writer] Dr Roy Laurin has suggested the following appraisal:

Politically, a Communist is one who believes the state is supreme and the individual exists only for the welfare of the state, thus destroying the God-given status of the dignity of the individual.

Economically, a Communist believes in the replacement of private property in land and capital by common ownership and the replacement of private management by collective management.

Socially, a Communist does not believe in marriage as an institution of God but only as a biological arrangement suited to the reproduction of heirs to the Communist state.

Internationally, a Communist is a revolutionist who is behind much of the unrest in the world today, whether in Korea, East Germany, or Morocco.

Ethically, a Communist is a believer of and a devotee to the ‘big lie.’

Theologically, a Communist is an atheist, a despoiler of churches, a murderer of Christians.

A war of ideologies is being waged throughout the world, a war of the secular against the spiritual. The actual battles in the areas of combat are only material manifestations of the larger battle that rages in the hearts of men throughout the earth. Will it be the truth or a lie? Will we be motivated by materialistic philosophy or spiritual power? Will we be led by Jehovah God – or duped by Satan? The battle lines are clearly drawn.”

Joshua 24 Choose this day whom you will serve, 2024 is the year of Joshua 24.

Will we be led by Almighty God and obey HIS voice through the Valley, or will we be deceived by satan. This is the decision the church faces as well

The Serious Cleansing of The Church

AND SAYS THE SPIRIT HEAR YE ALL THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH HUMBLE YOURSELVES BEFORE THE LIVING GOD TO BE HIDDEN UNDER HIS WING AND SPARED OF WHAT IS TO COME FOR THE SWORD OF THE LORD AND THE DECLARATIONS FROM HIS THRONE HAVE GONE OUT INTO THE EARTH, THE ENEMY HAS BEEN OVERRULED AND THE LORD IS CLEANING HIS HOUSE THE HOUSES SENATES AND PARLIAMENTS ALIKE, THE AYATOLLAH SHALL SUFFER A MAJOR STRIKE AS THE DRAGON SHALL BE SEVERED A MORTAL FATAL WOUND IT SHALL BE GREAT, THE TIME HAS COME TO PROPITIATE AND ACTIVATE WHAT HAS BEEN RULED, MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED AND SO SHALL BE EXPOSED WHAT FOOLS AND DOUBLE-MINDED MEN HAVE DONE AND BELIEVED, RELIEF IS COMING JUST BELIEVE ON THE LORD YOUR GOD AND TAKE COURAGE, HOLD YOUR POSITION AND THE LORD SHALL ELEVATE YOUR CALL FOR THE PERSECUTION SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF CORRUPT MEN! There shall be a fall down the stairs, as Joe and Jill have attempted to trample on My Hill, and here shall be a tumbling down and a LOT shall go with for I the Lord truly see the strings and pharmacia ingested and injected to achieve a lucidity, a clotting is occurring and TAPS is on the Horizon as the sun sets on the Biden’s Eli and his wicked sons, the whole lot shall be purged by the hand of the Lord, however, the country needs to learn a grave lesson says the Lord and return unto Me and Holiness for this to TURN, for you are at the precipice if you shall take the Word, your sword and speak it and BE BOLD and BRAVE as I the Lord your God lead you in this Parade, the Charade shall be exposed a strike to the head of social media giants, shall be the wound that causes a fall heard round the world.


I have given it to My army says the Lord–it has been sent into the earth and they have been positioned says the Lord all over this nation–they have been positioned in key points in the earth–they have been positioned on the borders of Ukraine and Russia and they have been positioned and they are waiting for Me the Lord thy God to release them to do what they have been ordered to do, for I am doing a work and this is greater than a man in this nation–this is greater than an administration in this nation–this is greater than a political party says the Lord thy God. I am doing a spiritual work and I am changing the heart of this nation, I am restoring the decay that's in this in the soul of this nation–I am restoring says the Lord. What has been built on an unstable, confusing, divisive platform. I the Lord thy God am tearing down that platform. I am bringing it down–I am ripping it down–I am ripping down entire news agencies says the Lord thy God this day. I am ripping down platforms of people that have claimed they have spoken from Me but they have not spoken from Me. They have spoken from a spirit says the Lord thy God this day that is NOT OF ME. I the Lord thy God am bringing correction to those that have branched out like vines and tried to hold on to things that I walked them away from a long time ago and they have allowed it into their lives, they have allowed it to their platforms, they have allowed into this nation and I the Lord thy God say, that I am through My righteousness–through My holiness–I am cleaning the House says the Lord. I am cleaning the House for the House is in disorder and decay and the House must be clean because it has become a haunt for jackals and for unclean spirits to speak and to wander and I the Lord thy God will have none of this anymore and you will see this the Lord thy God this day going into the high holy days next year–the first of them–the first of the group of them–you shall see this enormous cleansing to take place in your nation

God raises up leaders and He brings them down and a spring cleaning the likes of which has not been seen yet is coming to the House of God. Judgment begins in the House of Almighty God and we have to remember that this is why we have to walk circumspectly before the Lord. Circumspectly means carefully with reverence we have to walk before Almighty God and not enough people are doing that. I'm going to tell you a spring cleaning and disinfecting is coming to not only the House of God, but it's coming to key areas in the nation. A scrubbing and a disinfecting and all that dirt is going to be mopped up and wiped up and going to be shown where it looks like there's no dirt at all–where it looks like there was no dirt and bacteria and mold and growth–it's going to be wiped and picked up and shown how much there really is. You're going to see this in areas of the nation. There is a percolating I believe happening already of this and rumblings of this in the nation's Capital they have just completely smeared it with all sorts of filth and grime and blasphemies and ungodliness and backroom deals and compromise and flesh and greed and Mammon and pride and they smeared it all over the place and you know what's happened? It has seeped into other areas of the nation because of this. It has even seeped into the church. When something is that dirty you need what's called a deep clean, a deep-keyword–clean. And a deep clean is coming and God is going into areas of the deep and He's pulling out what's there and He's cleaning house because God wants His house and the Capital house in order because He’s a God of order. He’s not the author of confusion–chaos–bad decisions or flesh. In Jeremiah, it says, the parents have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge. So the parents ate the sour grapes and the kids are getting the sour taste. It’s the same thing in the nation. The Capital is eating the sour grapes and the people are getting the sour taste and the next part of that verse in Jeremiah is that no longer will a child die for the sins of their parents. Well, no longer will the people of this nation suffer and die for the sins and the sour grapes of the leadership. They have eaten the sour grapes…the people have gotten the sour taste…that is going to be reversed. They are now going to get the sour taste from the sour grapes they have eaten…they are going to get it–they are going to have to eat the sour grapes–they are going to have to taste the bitter gall–they are going to have to taste what is bitter in their mouth and in their lives because they have sown the bitterness to the people. The church has sown bitterness–darkness and anger at times to the people. You see more and more people are becoming bitter and we cannot let that route fester where it produces offshoots in our lives and in the nation. We have to ensure that the soil of our heart is prepared and is ready to hear the instruction of the Lord to be soft enough to answer the leading of the Lord because you see the things of this world in the flesh will harden you–it will harden you–it will stop up your ears–it will stop up your spirit that you cannot hear the voice of God properly anymore. The voice of God becomes less and less and less and that is when the danger arises because the enemy is able to more and more and more try to replicate it because you hear it less and less and less so now you're a sheep that doesn't know the voice of your Shepherd. We have to be careful of what we fill ourselves with–what we fill our vessels with because what we fill our vessels with determines how well we hear from God and the Lord desires to speak to many of you out there. You have stopped up your vessels and jammed them up like a California freeway and He wants to speak to you and you filled it up with fleshly things and you filled it up with power and you filled it up with these other things and God wants to give you instruction because you're going towards a pit. He wants to give you instruction because you're not listening–He wants to give you instruction because He's trying to avoid a fall. In some cases, the Lord stops speaking altogether and He lets the fall happen–He lets the fall happen. It was interesting because we were walking near the Catskills Mountains at North South Lake and a bunch of us were together and a friend of ours that was with us said to be careful of the shallow roots because they will make you trip–which causes a fall.  Be careful of shallow roots because they will make you trip. Shallow roots mean a shallow spirit–a shallow walk with the Lord. Shallow roots out of the ground will cause you to trip because there is nothing deep and anchored and every step you take is treacherous and we were trying to navigate around all of these shallow roots of these trees because they were everywhere and you had to be so careful where you walked. You don't want to be in an area where there are shallow roots everywhere and with every step you take, there is a very; very large chance you're going to trip. And, many of you out there right now, are going through that. You're in such a shallow area you're tripping all over the place and you're not listening to the tripping–you're not listening to the warnings–you're not listening to the stop–and you're still going and that trip will lead to a fall–will lead to a pitfall. That’s what it will lead to. You have them right now at the Capitol and  White House tripping all over the place–you have shallow roots everywhere there–it is nothing but shallow–decayed–damaged routes and they are tripping all over the place and they can only trip so many times before they completely fall. You don't want to do that in your life–you don't want to be stumbling around like that where you’re constantly stumbling every step you take because the shallow roots are everywhere and nothing is deep and anchored because when it’s deep and anchored, your walk is solid. When it’s shallow, your walk is treacherous.

Watch and pray, says the Lord, test the spirit! Tests it for I the Lord am a Holy God and I the Lord am cleaning out the ears, and the eyes of MY people that have become filled with infection and clogged with fluid that they cannot hear and see correctly, therefore in their impairedness they go with the wind says the Lord, that is changing, I am calling my people in this hour to straighten up, wake up, ANCHOR IN THE WORD NOT IN A PERSON SAYS THE LORD, THE PERSON IS A VESSEL THE WORD IS EVERLASTING ANCHOR IN THE WORD FOR THAT IS YOUR TRUE SOURCE AND IN THIS HOUR AS YOU DRINK FROM THE DEEP WELLS OF THAT SOURCE YOU SHALL SEE INCREDIBLE SHIFTS AND ADJUSTMENTS IN YOUR LIVES AND YOU SHALL MOVE FROM THE CHILDISH THINGS INTO THE MATURE THINGS OF THE LORD AS I MATURE YOUR FRUIT IN THIS SEASON TO BARE AND BUD AND BRING FORTH WHAT I THE LORD FROM MY THRONE HAVE ORDAINED.

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, I AM GOD THERE IS NO OTHER, I AM AND I ALWAYS WILL BE. PUBLICATIONS IN THIS HOUR SHALL BE HUMBLED IN THIS NATION, MEDIA IN THIS HOUR SHALL BE HUMBLED FOR WHAT THEY SPEW TO THE PEOPLE, SHEPHERDS SHALL BE HUMBLED AND BROUGHT LOW AND THEIR CORRUPT BOOKS OPENED WIDE BY MY HAND TO EXPOSE THEIR ABUSE THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND WANTING AND I THE LORD SHALL BRING FORTH VERY HARD CORRECTIONS. I AM CLEANING MY HOUSE AND I AM BRINGING IN THE RIGHT PEOPLE WITH THE RIGHT HEART POSTURE WHO LOVE ME AND DO NOT LOBBY FOR WHAT IS NOT OF ME. A combination of 2 storms that will cross paths will occur and it will mark and confirm, says the Lord. It is not a man that will save you Oh America. DO NOT look to seize anyone and make them a king and set them up as savior. DO NOT for I the Lord will stay my hand of intervention once again if you do so. Man is a tool in MY hands, pray for the instruments I use, says the Lord, some that are about to be utilized and elevated will surprise you.

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Lloyd Howe - June 22nd, 2024 at 7:23am

In our harbor stands the queen of prostitution thestatue of liberty.check out her history,it is know mystery why she is there and what she represents for America. She should not have been allowed to stand there all these years






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