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The Spirit of Pythos & The United States Part 1 & 2

Acts 16:16-35
It happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave woman who had a spirit of divination met us, who was bringing great profit to her masters by fortune-telling. 17 She followed Paul and us and cried out repeatedly, saying, “These men are bond-servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming to you a way of salvation.” 18 Now she continued doing this for many days. But Paul was greatly annoyed, and he turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her!” And it came out at that very [e]moment. 19 But when her masters saw that their hope of profit as suddenly gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace before the authorities, 20 and when they had brought them to the chief magistrates, they said, “These men, Jews as they are, are causing our city trouble, 21 and they are proclaiming customs that are not lawful for us to accept or to practice, since we are Romans.”

Paul and Silas Imprisoned
22 The crowd joined in an attack against them, and the chief magistrates tore their [f]robes off them and proceeded to order [g]them to be beaten with rods. Pause here for a moment–a chief magistrate is a senior JUDGE. So there was a crowd that joined with the senior Judges to attack Paul and Silas. 23 When they had struck them with many blows, they threw them into prison, commanding the jailer to guard them securely; 24 [h]and he, having received such a command, threw them into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the [i]stocks. 25 Now about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them; 26 and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone’s chains were unfastened. 27 When the jailer awoke and saw the prison doors opened, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself, thinking that the prisoners had escaped. 28 But Paul called out with a loud voice, saying, “Do not harm yourself, for we are all here!” 29 And the jailer asked for lights and rushed in, and trembling with fear, he fell down before Paul and Silas; 30 and after he brought them out, he said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

The Jailer Converted
31 They said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” 32 And they spoke the word of God to him together with all who were in his house. 33 And he took them that very hour of the night and washed their wounds, and immediately he was baptized, he and all his household. 34 And he brought them into his house and set [j]food before them, and was [k]overjoyed, since he had become a believer in God together with his whole household.
35 Now when day came, the chief magistrates sent their officers, saying, “Release those men.” 36 And the jailer reported these words to Paul, saying, “The chief magistrates have sent word that you be released. So come out now and go in peace.” 37 But Paul said to them, “After beating us in public without due process—men who are Romans—they threw us into prison; and now they are releasing us secretly? No indeed! On the contrary, let them come [l]in person and lead us out.” 38 The officers reported these words to the chief magistrates. And they became fearful when they heard that they were Romans, 39 and they came and pleaded with them, and when they had led them out, they repeatedly asked them to leave the city.
While walking through the marketplace, Paul and Silas encounter a girl possessed with the “spirit of Python” (πνεῦμα πύθωνα). The Python was the serpent or dragon that guarded the Delphic oracle at Mt. Parnassus (the oracle at Delphi). Apollo was also the god most associated with prophecy in the Greek world, particularly the priestesses who were associated with the Delphic Oracle.  Keener points out that most Greek readers of this story would find the story perplexing since a spirit like this giving clearly identifying Paul in this way would be viewed more or less positively (3:2429). A Greek might think this particular oracle was a positive witness.
If this is the case, why does Paul cast out the demon if it is not actually telling a lie at the time? Or–Why does the demon force the girl to identify Paul and Silas in this way? Perhaps Paul was not interested in having the spirit of Python as a witness. The true witness in Acts is the Holy Spirit. The demon may have identified Paul in this way in order to show its power over Paul or to “OUT” him, in the sense of “I know who you really are, etc.” In Luke 8:28 a demon identifies Jesus as the Most High God. In both cases, the demon is attempting to express power over a One who has been given the power over them!.
CoinOn the other hand, Paul as a “servant of the Most High God” may have been understood in Philippi as a reference to Zeus (Schnabel, Paul the Missionary, 94).  When Jews or Christians hear the phrase they assume that the reference is to the God of the Bible. But the people of Philippi would not make this assumption. The demon is therefore very misleading since Paul does not serve the “Most High God” from the Roman perspective.
The slave girl’s pronouncement is not a single occurrence, but rather an ongoing problem for Paul. It is as if this slave girl is following him around all day! (she really is a slave to this spirit as well) Luke uses the verb διαπονέομαι (diaponeomai), “to be deeply distressed” or “to be greatly annoyed.”  This is the same verb used earlier in Acts 4:2 to describe the feeling of the Sanhedrin over the preaching of the apostles  (ie., that Jesus was raised from the dead), and it is the word found in Gen 6:6 for God’s grief over the sin of the world prior to the flood. Paul is not merely annoyed, he is deeply distraught at the situation and casts out the demon without any ritual at all.
What is the point of this story? Keener suggests this story contributes to Luke’s overall theme that “nothing can hinder the Gospel” This includes a very powerful demonic spirit, the “most high god” and even the local political leaders in Philippi. Perhaps Luke includes the story to draw a literary parallel to Luke 8:26-33, where another demon identifies someone as the Most High God. With the encounter with the madman of Gadarene.

Python, sometimes written Pytho, presided at the Delphic oracle, which existed in the cult center for its mother, Gaia, "Earth", Pytho being the place name that was substituted for the earlier Krisa.[1] Greeks considered the site to be the center of the earth, represented by a stone, the omphalos or navel, which Python guarded.

Python became the Chthonic enemy of the later Olympian deity Apollo, who slew it and took over Python's former home and oracle. These were the most famous and revered in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.[2] Like many monsters, Python was known as Gaia's son and prophesied as Gaia's son. Therefore, Apollo had to eliminate this opponent before establishing his temple in Delphi.[3]

Gaia was considered the mother of all life and Pythos her son *you see how the enemy twists the words of God to suit his purposes.

The responses of the oracle at Delphi were often obscure and enigmatical, and couched in ambiguous and metaphorical expressions, which themselves needed an explanation,” wrote Oskar Seyffert in A Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, Mythology, Religion, Literature & Art. Often a priest stood by who would interpret the garbled words of the oracle. Before the end of the last millennium BCE, the priestesses delivered messages in the form of poetry, called dactylic hexameters, and the priests wrote down the words on leaves or other objects.

Although the seer may have at times been incoherent due to various intoxicants, some say the prophecies she uttered were often deliberately ambiguous. Lack of clarity and detail helped to preserve the authority of the oracle; it might be better to be vague than to be outright wrong. This strategy may have kept the Oracle at Delphi in high esteem for many years.
Thanks to the Oracle of Delphi, the sanctuary became steeped in power, fame, and wealth. Although it had become an independent Greek entity, many groups desired control of Delphi. Thus, from the fifth century BCE until the first century BCE, various groups battled for control of the site. Finally, in 191 BCE, the Romans took Delphi and held it for nearly 600 years. However, in 392 CE, Roman Emperor Theodosius banned all pagan worship across the empire, and the Romans shut down and destroyed the sanctuary. In her final words, as the Delphic Oracle, the Pythia uttered, “All is ended.”

The religious life of those in Philippi was marked by very syncretist practices, including the worship of the emperor (Julius, Augustus, and Claudius), the Egyptian gods Isis and Serapis, as well as many other deities. When the Sabbath came Paul went outside the city to the river looking for a place of prayer.

The python spirit is a spirit of deceit, lying, and heavy spiritual tyranny. The spirit also gives individuals the ability to use divination, fortune-telling, and non-God visions.
So..The Spirit of Pythos is the gatekeeper to the Spirit of witchcraft and divination, even sorcery.

Isaiah 14:29-31
Do not rejoice, O Philistia, all of you,
Because the rod that struck you is broken;
For from the serpent’s root a viper will come out,
And its fruit will be a flying serpent.
30 “[o]Those who are most helpless will eat,
And the needy will lie down in security;
I will [p]destroy your root with famine,
And it will kill off your survivors.
31 “Wail, O gate; cry, O city;
[q]Melt away, O Philistia, all of you;
For smoke comes from the north,
And there is no straggler in his ranks.

Qualities of the Spirit of Pythos:
This spirit is very aggressive. He is protected by other spirits and likes to stay hidden. This is a religious spirit associated with witchcraft, perversion, and manipulation. He will hide amongst the tares. Constantly ask the Lord to reveal every hidden thing so that there is nowhere for this spirit to hide! The Lord's eyes are in every place!!

While the term “python spirit” is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, it is believed by some to be a type of demonic spirit that operates in a manner similar to the python snake, which is known for its ability to constrict its prey. In a spiritual sense, the python spirit seeks to constrict, suffocate, and hinder the life of believers by exerting its influence in various areas of their lives.
A python spirit operates in the realm of deception, attempting to lead believers away from the truth of God’s Word. The Bible warns us about such spirits in 1 John 4:1 (NKJV), which states, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” The python spirit seeks to create confusion and doubt in the minds of believers, causing them to question their faith and the promises of God.
This Spirit has very much gotten into the church with the deceptive fruit of wokeism, and enticed the church to take a bite, constricting its ability to operate in the true power of God, and a significant part of the church has.

The spirit of deception is also seen in the story of Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-5). The serpent, a symbol of the python spirit, cunningly deceived Eve into questioning God’s command and eating the forbidden fruit. This resulted in sin entering the world and the subsequent separation of humanity from God. To combat the spirit of deception, believers must be grounded in the truth of God’s Word and remain vigilant against the lies of the enemy.
A key tactic of the python spirit is to create division among believers and within the body of Christ. The Apostle Paul warns against this in 1 Corinthians 1:10 (NKJV), saying, “Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” The python spirit seeks to divide believers through strife, jealousy, and other forms of discord, thus weakening the unity of the church.

The python spirit seeks to instill fear in the hearts of believers, causing them to doubt God’s love and faithfulness. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) reminds us that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Fear can be crippling and prevent believers from fulfilling their God-given purpose.

This spirit of fear can manifest as anxiety, worry, and a lack of trust in God’s sovereignty. It can also cause believers to feel overwhelmed by their circumstances, preventing them from relying on God’s strength and guidance. To overcome the spirit of fear, Christians must learn to trust God’s promises and to cast their cares upon Him, as stated in 1 Peter 5:7 (NKJV): “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” In times of fear and uncertainty, believers must find refuge in the presence of God and lean on His everlasting arms.

A Spirit of Control
The python spirit is known for its desire to control and manipulate others, wanting to attempt to constrict and destroy every aspect of their lives. Jesus warns against such control in Matthew 20:25-26 (NKJV): “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.”
We see the effects of this spirit in the nation, in the White House, in the Court System right now as Pythos has wrapped itself around the scales of Justice and the Judges it has deceptively enticed to pervert Justice and Tamper with its scales

Now that we have some background, we will go into the attempted advance of this Spirit in America.

Twitter changed its name to X around July 25, 2023.
A month later…
What is Python in Excel?
Python in Excel brings the power of Python analytics into Excel. Use it to process data in Excel with Python code. You type Python directly into a cell, the Python calculations run in the Microsoft cloud, and your results are returned to the worksheet.
Python in Excel is available in Excel for Windows. The feature is not available in Excel for Mac
Python in Excel
Supercharge your data analysis and tell better stories with Python in Excel.
Comes out on August 22, 2023
2 days later–August 24, 2023, Donald Trump is booked in Fulton County for indictments.

Now Bill Gates…who started Microsoft, in which Excel is a key program.
Pythos is the GATEKEEPER, to the oracle at Delphi, to the sorcery, which is rebellion, which controls and constricts.

In scripture, there is a word known as pharmakeia:
  1. The use or the administering of drugs
  2. Poisoning
  3. Sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
  4. Metaphorically the deceptions and seductions of idolatry
Pharmakeia and its derivatives pharmakon and pharmakoi are mentioned five times in the Greek New Testament. The King James Bible translates these words as “witchcraft,” “sorcery,” and “sorcerers.”

Galatians 5:19–20 
Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, pharmakeia, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies.

Revelation 9:20–21 
And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood, which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk. Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their pharmakon, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Revelation 18:23 
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy pharmakeia were all nations deceived.

Revelation 21:7–8 
He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and pharmakoi, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Revelation 22:12–15 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and pharmakoi, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
Pharmnakeia  came to be translated as “sorcery” because, at the time, the use of psychotropic substances was considered a dark art. Binding someone’s will with a potion went part and parcel, with binding someone’s will with a spell.
Binding ones will, constricting ones will.
August 2023–Python for Microsoft Excel comes out and let me show you its symbol.
python in excel natively
An X next to two snakes that tout the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
And the snakes appear to have a hold on the X.
Bill Gates-Microsoft-Excel-Pythos
X-Ywitter-Elon Musk
Green-biblical-pale horse-death
Green-fake climate change

Revelation 6:8
So I looked, and behold, an ashen (pale greenish gray) horse [like a corpse, representing death and pestilence]; and its rider’s name was Death; and Hades (the realm of the dead) was following with him.
Bill Gates-vaccinations-pandemic-anti snake venom is IN the list of ingredients. Dr. Ardis spoke of this.
Excel definition:
  1. To do or be better than; surpass.
  2. To show superiority; surpass others.
National Library of Medicine
Among these bio-resources, snake venom displays many bioactivities of interest, such as antiviral, antiplatelet, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antitumoral. COVID-19 is a viral respiratory sickness due to SARS-CoV-2 which induces thrombotic disorders due to cytokine storm, platelet hyper-activation, and endothelial dysfunction. T
It is a respiratory sickness that is viral, it CONSTRICTS your ability to breathe, it CONSTRICTS, your ability to freely go out, CONSTRICTS your ability to go to work, CONSTRICTS your freedoms
What do snakes do to take down their prey, they wrap around and constrict.

Definition of Constrict: 
Make narrower, especially by encircling pressure.
Definition of Con: persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.
Definition of Strict: demanding that rules concerning behavior are obeyed and observed.
So to deceive one by applying pressure and demanding that behavior is obeyed and observed. This is EXACTLY what was done to us during covid, and what is happening now in this nation, with wokeism, transgenderism, and government..
We were deceived with false claims, false numbers, and great deception at the highest levels, and through those deceptions, people were constricted in every way of life and demanded to follow and obey rules by applying pressure and releasing a spirit of fear.
We see this happening in NY, California, and various states.

Colossians 2:8-10
 See to it that there is no one who takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception in accordance with human tradition, in accordance with the elementary principles of the world, [i]rather than in accordance with Christ. 9 For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form, 10 and in Him you have been made [j]complete, and He is the head [k]over every ruler and authority.
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Job 20:12-19
“Though evil tastes sweet in his mouth
And he hides it under his tongue,
13 Though he [c]desires it and will not let it go,
But holds it in his [d]mouth,
14 Yet his food in his stomach is changed
To the [e]venom of cobras within him.
15 He swallows riches,
But will vomit them up;
God will expel them from his belly.
16 He sucks the poison of cobras;
The viper’s tongue kills him.
17 He does not look at the streams,
The rivers flowing with honey and curds.
18 He returns the product of his labor
And cannot swallow it;
As to the riches of his trading,
He cannot even enjoy them.
19 For he has oppressed and neglected the poor;
He has seized a house which he has not built.

Now to NY State for a moment because NY State is a key in all of this
1838 NY state legislature declares:
In all countries, some kind of religion or other has existed in all ages. No people on the face of the globe are without a prevailing national religion.

With us, it is wisely ordered that no one religion shall be established by law, but that all persons shall be left free in their choice and in their mode of worship. Still, this is a Christian nation. Ninety-nine hundredths, if not a larger proportion, of our whole population, believe in the general doctrines of the Christian religion. Our Government depends for its being on the virtue of the people,—on that virtue that has its foundation in the morality of the Christian religion; and that religion is the common and prevailing faith of the people.
New York would be the ground zero that would cause.

Back to Acts 16:16 for a moment.
16 It happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave woman who had a spirit of divination met us, who was bringing great profit to her masters by fortune-telling.

As they were going to a place of prayer….on their way to a PLACE of prayer, THEY ARE MOVING TOWARDS A PLACE TO BE WITH THE Lord and talk with Him when they are met by this woman who had a spirit of divination, also known as pythos…to oppose them, and out them before a very pagan people to derail Gods plans from being carried out…
The oracle of Delphi was in that area in the temple of Apollo…at the time of this account.
Now how does this connect?

This Spirit Pythos attempted to accelerate or EXCEL to based on events from 1958 to 1959.
In 1958–59 a group of parents that included Steven Engel in Hyde Park, New York, objected to the prayer, which read, “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our country,” and sued the school board president, William Vitale. The prayer, which proponents argued was constitutional because it was voluntary and promoted the free exercise of religion (also protected in the First Amendment), was upheld by New York’s courts, prompting the petitioners to file a successful appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Engel et al. were supported by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and briefs were filed on their behalf by the American Ethical Union and the American Jewish Committee, while the governments of some 20 states called on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the prayer.

Now why New York? First of all, New York is the corraded artery to Washington DC. It feeds DC a lot of what it needs.
Secondly–1959 was a Shemitah year… so during a Shemitah year, this spirit pythos advances and prayer in schools begins to be constricted.
In 1962
In Engel v. Vitale (1962), the Supreme Court held that the Establishment Clause prohibited the recitation of a school-sponsored prayer in public schools.
 On July 9, 1962, NEWSWEEK reported a "swell of indignation, astonishment, and bewilderment that swept across the nation" following the Engel decision. Fifteen States refused to discontinue prayer and Bible reading in their schools. A Gallup poll taken soon after the decision revealed seventy-nine percent of Americans disapproved of the ruling. The New York Times reported that, after Engel, the negative mail the Supreme Court received was "the largest in the tribunal's history."

Prayer was removed from schools…. Just 4 years after this monumental and spiritually devastating event happened, the stock market crashes.
Stock market crash

August 29, 1966, the S&P 500 dropped to 74.53, down -20.76% from its prior high 6 months previously on February 9, 1966. Shmita (Elul 29) started on September 14, 1966, and the market reached its low on October 7, 1966. Notice the Shmita was nearly the low.
Yom Kippur in 1966 started Friday, September 23rd, 14 days after the Day of Atonement the stock market reached its low.
14= double 7s
So 7 years after this battle to take prayer out of school begins, the stock market crashes–14 days after, double 7s. the day of atonement where it is believed in the Jewish Faith that the Lord Adonai Judges.
In 2008, the banking crisis happened in the United States. It was also the year that Barack Obama was elected. It was a Shemitah Year.
This is where Pythos made another aggressive advance because Obama was not supposed to win and this Spirit was involved so through those 8 years it could lay eggs that we see hatching now…because snakes lay eggs.

On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage, legalized it in all fifty states, and required states to honor out-of-state same-sex marriage licenses in the case Obergefell v. Hodges.
2015 was a Shemitah Year.
Next Shemitah cycle begins in 2028 an election year in the United States of America.
2021-2022 was a Shemitah Year.
2021 is the year Joe Biden takes office after a very corrupt election…(this was one of the eggs of pythos hatching)
September 2021–Zelensky visits the White House.
2021 is the year prosecutions occurred for January 6th 600 people in more than 40 states.
2021 was the year the Covid vaccine was made available to everyone over the age of 16.
2021 was the year Cuomo resigned as governor of New York.
2021 Astroworld disaster happens in Texas.
2021 is the year Evergreen ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal near Egypt.
Now to 2023 and how all this is connected to one head, many serpents, one head.

May 9, 2023
Through Operation MEDUSA, the FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York Neutralized the FSB’s Premier Cyber-espionage Malware Implant in Coordination with Multiple Foreign Governments.

The Justice Department today announced the completion of a court-authorized operation, codenamed MEDUSA, to disrupt a global peer-to-peer network of computers compromised by sophisticated malware, called “Snake”, that the United States Government attributes to a unit within Center 16 of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB).  For nearly 20 years, this unit, referred to in court documents as “Turla,” has used versions of the Snake malware to steal sensitive documents from hundreds of computer systems in at least 50 countries, which have belonged to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member governments, journalists, and other targets of interest to the Russian Federation.  After stealing these documents, Turla ex-filtrated them through a covert network of unwitting Snake-compromised computers in the United States and around the world.
Operation MEDUSA disabled Turla’s Snake malware on compromised computers through the use of an FBI-created tool named PERSEUS, which issued commands that caused the Snake malware to overwrite its own vital components.  Within the United States, the operation was executed by the FBI pursuant to a search warrant issued by United States Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak of the Eastern District of New York, which authorized remote access to the compromised computers.  This morning, the Court unsealed redacted versions of the affidavit submitted in support of the application for the search warrant, and of the search warrant issued by the Court.  For victims outside the United States, the FBI is engaging with local authorities to provide both notice of Snake infections within those authorities’ countries and remediation guidance.
Merrick B. Garland, United States Attorney General; Breon Peace, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Lisa O. Monaco, Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department; and Michael J. Driscoll, Assistant Director-in-Charge, FBI, New York Field Office, announced the operation.

Operation Medusa

June 5, 2020 
I had just awoken to have my time with the Lord and start my day with Him. When I sat up in bed, I was awake but my eyes were closed; I saw arise in the spirit's realm 2 serpents who were facing each other, suddenly out of the two a multitude arose all intertwined together in this tangled, intertwined cloud-like formation. Then appeared from within this intertwined formation a face. The face came forth into the center. It was an incredibly wicked face. Suddenly, it began to move, the face with the serpents all around it. However, they were all connected to this face or entity. I am not sure it began to move because it knew I had seen it, but I believe this in itself was prophetic in nature, because it was on the move. I asked the Lord in Jesus name to lose and release His Holy warring angels and Hosts of Heaven of all rankings and divisions to confuse, block, scramble, abort, destroy, dismantle, and disable every plot, scheme, contract, assignment, attempt, counter-offensive, communication, weaponry, blueprint, attack, and strategy of the enemy and what has been released in this hour.
Was told by the Lord to look up Medusa, for this had to do with the vision and what the enemy has released in this hour.

This has to not only do with the riots, but the political plots, and seducing the people of God to come into agreement with these vortexes of destruction the enemy has released.
Where is all the protesting for the Antisemitism and attacks on Jewish temple’s and the saw stickers spray painted where these temples now have to keep the doors locked and have armed security at services? We forget that the Jews were treated as property, 6,000,000 of them exterminated!! Concentration camps with numbers tattooed on their arms, treated like animals. You see it is more than one group of people in this country who were enslaved.
And I will tell you something this Medusa-like spirit destroys those once it is done with them as pawns and you will most certainly see leaders of specific groups you will see the consequences of rebellion upon them.

Those who have blood upon their hands in all this have opened a legal door in the spirit for it to come upon them and their households.
All those serpents had a mouth, but the source was one head!!

So, let us talk about this cluster of serpents coming from ONE SOURCE!

Let’s look at the chain of events in Genesis 3 because it has to do with what is happening now. Why did the serpent target Eve first? Seduction! The serpent knew if he could turn Eve, she could seduce Adam FOR HIM!! The serpent ONLY GIVES EVE about 20% of the WHOLE TRUTH OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN. WHAT HAPPENS? Eve DOES not ASK ANY QUESTION!! She does not really grill this talking serpent, because if she did the TRUTH would have come forth! She just BLINDLY BELIEVED a very mangled, manipulated version of the TRUTH that the serpent was FEEDING HER.

And in turn, she goes and FEEDS the serpents VERSION of the TRUTH TO ADAM, doing the serpents bidding FOR HIM, and seduces Adam into coming INTO AGREEMENT, SO you see the serpent does things in a chain of command sort of way where he gets willing hosts to spread a very toxic, destructive, life-altering message that brings nothing but destruction, fear, shame, and chaos. Because those are ALL the emotions Adam and Eve went through when they fell for the snake oil salesman.

If the enemy can get the masses to reject authority, it is a rock skip for him then to get them to reject God! This is about getting people to REBEL against authority, to get people to believe that Chaos accomplishes more than order.

1 Samuel 15:23
For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has also rejected you from being king. This 1 Samuel verse is going to come into play now because Saul is attempting to get his crown back and the Lord thy God has already rejected him, and the Lord will not take this challenge lightly.

Proverbs 17:11 
Evil people are eager for rebellion, but they will be severely punished.

Rebellion started in the Garden of Eden man attempting to challenge God’s authority believing they could rule like God which could never be because the Lord knows the end from the beginning and beginning from the Ending and that's what makes His judgment so righteous and ours so flawed.
There was rebellion in the wilderness in Numbers 16 by Korah, and what was at the heart of this rebellion: Korah was jealous of the fact that Aaron had been chosen as High Priest, to the exclusion of anyone else. Furthermore, his cousin Elitzafan had been chosen as head of the Levite family of Kehot, to which Korah belonged, and Korah felt this position was rightfully his.

Jealously for the LEADERSHIP POSITION CHALLENGING the Lord’s choice in Moses, and the priesthood in Aaron. So, what happens? Korah launches a propaganda slanderous seducing campaign led by the enemy himself to attempt to get the people to overthrow Moses, and has that happened the Jews would have never made it to the promised land. Then Korah was preparing those he swayed to his side for violence to try and get his way. This is a picture on the earth of the rebellion satan himself attempted to lead against God in Heaven.

What happens….Be careful for when God appoints a leader and the protection of the Lord is upon that leader, and the Lord UPHELD the cause of Moses and Aaron, and Korah and those with him were right then and there swallowed up by the earth!!!

April 16, 2020
Watch closely MY children the timing of the reemerging of Barack Obama for He has been baited to come back out says the Lord to support a puppet, a political howdy doody, and the puppet masters are some of the most wicked, some even from other countries that do not value freedom or serve Me Almighty God.
The Spirit of pharaoh will attempt to arise says the Lord however I the Lord by My Mighty power, and outstretched arm shall put down that rebellion and strip it of its power says the Lord. For those who serve it will have the hidden books opened and their perversions and preferences exposed. Yes, says the Lord FULL EXPOSURE AND TRANSPARENCY you shall see the rest of the year for I am waking those in America and around the world up to the game that has been played at the expense of the people.

What did Pharaoh wear on his head?  The pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore a range of crowns and headdresses to show their power and status. One of the most famous is the Nemes which you might recognise from Tutankhamun's golden mask. The Nemes was a striped linen headcloth that was tied at the back of the head. On each side, there were lappets (a decorative fap in a ceremonial headdress), which came down over the shoulders. Depictions of the pharaohs would often show a rearing cobra in the middle of the headdress, called the Uraeus. This represented the goddess Wadjet and offered protection, as well as highlighting the royal nature of the wearer.

Wadjet is associated with Isis. Which is associated with Hamas, the brotherhood, and has seeped deep into our government and has enchanted part of the church.

March 6, 2020
I am usurping what has been concealed beneath what looks to be good soil and I am exposing what is lurking underneath. I the Lord am exposing some of the biggest deceptions being perpetrated against man, now is the time says the Lord thy God this day, now is the Hour, for the Pharaohs of this World and the Hamans of this world and they do not stand a chance to remain in a position of influence after they have tampered with and corrupted the office in order to hurt My children. I am exposing the snake oil salesman says the Lord of Hosts this day.

March 13, 2020
I the Lord God am taking the axe to the diseased stumps of these brambled and entangled mess of these very crooked trees that grew in a winding and serpent like fashion because their roots were drinking from the rivers of darkness not of the living water of MY word says the Lord. The sickle is the hook I the Lord speak of in Ezekiel, putting a hook in their jaw, and I the Lord am doing the same. I have put the hook in the core of what drives them power, control, a thirst to oppress and depress in order to attempt to elevate their father the devil, I the Lord have put a hook in their jaw and in their core and am leading them in their delusions and illusions while the axe is being taken to their stump. And soon TIMBER shall be yelled and the crash will be loud says the Lord and send shock waves and fear amongst those who were doing their bidding who will now be caught.

February 25, 2021
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts
has been dispatched along with the warring angels, to do just that, war and cut the
serpent that has intertwined itself around the feet and the wings of the eagle
attempted to squeeze and constrict it until there is no life left. However says the
Lord I have given the command from My throne and I have dispatched the captain
and the warring angels in this hour to lead you in this battle as they cut in pieces
the serpent from the eagle, for I the Lord have taken mercy on the eagle for the
sake of My children, a remnant crying out, repenting, seeking My face, a remnant
crying out in the wilderness saying “prepare ye the way of the Lord in this hour”
and a way I shall make says the Lord of Hosts. For as in the Book of Esther there
was a sudden change of events as a few brave I had chosen within the Kingdom
for such a time as this submitted and listened to their Father in heaven and
petitioned the King, exposing the plots of the wicked Haman, of Lucifer, another
attempt to destroy the Jews so the seed of My son Jesus Christ would not come

June 28, 2021 
They will not speed up this clock, they will not skip ahead, there were secret plans to destroy this country and you have backward rainbow groups, working with, secret orders, working with the gates of this world, working with the judges of the land to the highest court to alter the country’s laws, the country spiritually, the family, the mind, to place their UTOPIA as the ruling body, The Lord thy God has HIS own time clock, HIS timetable, HIS WILL, and HE SITS ON THE THRONE and there is going to be some shaking, breaking and bending as the Lord pushes back and makes sobering statements through HIS action to highlight the unholiest, blasphemous, perverse, and corrupt actions.

October 21, 2021
And says the Spirit of the Lord this day the serpent and the scorpion shall attempt to constrict and to sting however going into your new year you shall see both the serpent and the scorpion cut in two and the content of what the serpent so feasted on revealed.

November 4, 2021
And says the Lord of Hosts I am issuing a warning says the Lord for I am STILL the righteous Judge I still sit on the throne and I the Lord thy God am the same yesterday today and forever. And says the Spirit, hear this day the Lord your God is issuing a WARNING TO THE HIGHEST Court in the Land, this warning shall be noted this day in the book of records. Thus says the Lord, Stop serving your own interests and your fallible and skewed vision of what is right and what is wrong, what is life and where life is not human, stop playing God and manipulating the laws of the land and aiding and abetting the most heinous of perpetrators and those with agendas that are far from roses and rainbows but it is bitter gall says the Spirit. Hear this this day O Courts, O Judges, this is your warning to turn now and line up with what is Almighty God's rulings, cleanse yourselves, and abandon the unrighteous acts and transactions and acquisitions you have so done in secret to elevate yourselves and secure your seats even further. For your seats are far from secure, and one shortly, their seat shall be shaken for the Courts and Judges need the fear of the Lord to fill them which is the beginning of wisdom. Do not align with the agenda of the Kingdom of darkness and do not take their temptations and indulgences and bribes that they are dangling before you for it shall be your sentence if you so choose says The Lord of Hosts. Choose this day whom you will serve. (A WARNING FOR THE JUDGES IN NY THE APPELLATE COURTS AND THE SUPREME COURT)  

January 2, 2022
It was dark and three large powerful demons stood before me, they were not allowed to come near me.
The first was muscular large horns deep loud voice–body like fire and could turn into a ball of fire with a lion letting out a gut-wrenching roar (Molech or Baal).

The 2 others:
One was silverish and looked like armor.
And then there was a third that was a darker figure who may have been wearing a cloak.
The 1st demon with a thunderous voice boasted as did the others about what they were going to do in the courts.
Each demon represents a different issue in the Supreme Court COULD ALSO BE LOWER COURTS
Demons represent a mock trial will operate through an attorney or 1 or 2 of the judges.
The people are going through a mock trial (A TRIAL TO MOCK THE PEOPLE AND MOCK CERTAIN FAMILIES)  right now a trial run, trial, and testing.
The government and the worldly order want to see how far they can go with all of this.
Entering the time of Daniel-which we will get into at another time.
Prince of Persia type of a demon that is trying to block the United States
Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego no compromise.
21 days fasting and prayer with Daniel for the angel to show up for Gabriel to come which
the prince of Persia engaged and Michael was summoned to move in order that the
message may be delivered, A man battling the principality of the prince of Persia over a period.

That principality had a hold of the leadership over that entire area.
This has to do with the unborn.
AND with a mock trial.
AND A trial run…..

January 2, 2023
the ego will not hold and will deflate fast you cannot ride on a name says the Lord you cannot, for it is sputtering says the Lord it is sputtering, supporting what I the Lord call detestable is a mark and a stain on you O leaders. Behold I have set before you death and life blessing and cursing, YOU must choose which path to embark down for this is the fork in the road says the Lord, choose wisely for your future and positions depend on it.

September 18, 2021 
Get ready - I know it was last September I heard Red October - now I don't know if it pertained to last October or this October, but I remember last September talking about this that I heard read October and I went to the Hunt for Red October, which was the movie about the submarine the Russian submarine, so but it was months ago - like two months ago - I saw it twice in a day Crimson tide and I went what is going on - so I sat on it till now and now I’m speaking about it Praise the Lord.

April 28, 2023
And the Spirit of the Lord says this day, Where are the righteous Judges says the Lord, where are the righteous Judges? Tares in robes says the Lord tares in Robes. I the Lord am the Righteous Judge, I sit on the highest throne, and I rule in righteousness, and I, the Lord hold the scrolls of Justice that go into the earth. And in this hour says the Lord the Judges who have met with the Justice Department behind closed doors, who have met to attempt to FIX trials, who have met to bring indulgences before the Judges in order to falsely tip their scales before ever hearing the case, those Judges I the Lord am exposing in this hour, their nakedness shall be exposed says the Lord, what they have hidden under their robes shall be exposed, their written agreements shall be exposed to skew national cases, including a justice in the Supreme Court that will step down in scandal says the Lord, and another shall be exonerated says the Lord. For in this hour the righteous Judges, those who truly hold the standard of the law will be exonerated, will be lifted up, will be honored, vindicated, Justice is coming to them in this season with a scroll of redemption, and Justice as well in this season is coming with a scroll that contains the wage for their sin for partnering and being tied by a garland, a pact in order take down who is a threat to them, that garland string and all attached to it by their finger shall be exposed.

April 8, 2021
The time is approaching where they shall be cornered as cattle and herded and BRANDED as such, Ash shall be upon them as the head and body (the middle the thickest part) are cut in two, there shall be movement but it shall be from that which is dead. It’s the last reaction of the body as its functions have been cut off. A short circuit shall you see of the enemy’s grid as the unclean scattering shall soon begin.

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