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Word from the Lord--December 23, 2022

Oh, MY daughter thank you for asking, so few people ask how I am doing: There is great turmoil and restlessness in the earth and I am getting ready to move in a mighty way for MY NAMESAKE and that souls may be saved. For things shall be divided in this hour both good and bad, the dividing line is coming to the forefront. Those who serve the kingdom of darkness in this hour have their chants and rants and fastings for division in this hour, for more darkness to fall upon the nation, for the persecution of MY PEOPLE, however, it shall come to naught after the first quarter of the new year there shall be an unexpected turn, change, and announcements.
This shall be the second sifting of leadership, companies, the church, the second sifting.

A sign in the heavens around the time of Christmas.

Black Lives Matter is secretly funding abortion clinics in predominantly black neighborhoods there is a thread all the way back to Margaret Stanger and they are tugging on it. Ukraine, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, the democratic party, green energy sector, a thread runs through it, and a backchannel to each to funnel and move what is necessary to keep all afloat.
There will be a capital punishment in the White House  has brought upon them the fruits of their corrupt sowings and those fruits filled with worms have come to bud, by spring they shall come to the fullness of the bitterness and rottenness that the harvest is bringing forth there shall be a stench; a stench throughout the White House this shall be a sign to the nation of the paria it shall become, those in the highest offices their name shall be a byword and a stench as the fullness of their time comesFor I the Lord have allowed this for a time and David’s MUST NOT become Saul’s in this hour for if you so do you shall lose your office and shame shall cover you, your accomplishments shall be a vapor, you put your eyes on opponents says the Lord, you put your eyes on your accomplishments says the Lord and that shall turn you the WRONG WAY for where does your help come from? Your help comes from THE LORD NOT MAN, not lawyers, not secular counselors, not slithering snakes promising to protect you, your help comes from the Lord. A full surrender is required, no more just dipping your foot in says the Lord NO MORE, a full surrender is required in this hour for you to go forward, as landmines have been placed at every turn and as Saul attempted to bury David, so the same is occurring, HOWEVER, says the Lord you MUST NOT become a SAUL for you will not go forward and there shall be another delay for a time, for I the Lord can lift you above the fray the smears the jears and the JABS, for decisions years ago have a part to play in what we see coming to full term now. Do not let it come to term and there be no strength left to birth it forth because you trusted in man and fleshly counsel. For I the Lord can navigate you through, but it requires a lowering of pride, a ceasing to the puffing out of the chest, a quieting of the boastfulness and full attention on MY PLAN for it shall not be done the same way this time says the Lord, there is teetering in the nation and leadership who fear ME the Lord God who sits on the highest throne can bring the people back even more to their creator. DO NOT put your hope in a man for you shall be disappointed says the Lord, put your hope in ME the Lord your God, and MY PLANS AND PURPOSES FOR THIS NATION. For had it not been for a faithful remnant this nation would have been lost. There are many twists and turns coming says the Lord. All the eggs are about to fall out of one basket. I am God THERE IS NO OTHER, serve ME WELL in this hour says the Lord, SERVE ME WELL, and I shall elevate you for there is leadership being counseled in the wrong direction and there must be a u-turn to bring them back. The Kings and rulers who had the most successful terms where those who WALKED IN THE WAYS OF THE LORD WHO DID NOT GO AFTER THE BAALS NOR ALLOWED THE COUNSELORS OF BAAL TO COUNSEL THEM ON NATIONAL MATTERS. Walk in ALL MY WAYS for I the Lord can redeem those from the pit they are being strategically lowered into. IF you fight in your own strength you shall fall very short, fight the good fight with FAITH and yielding to the Lord for you are not infallible and the covering once there has begun to falter because of what is going on with inner counsel and decisions being made. Know it is I the Lord your God speaking to you this day, I AM the same yesterday today, and forever, and I will redeem, I am the kinsman redeemer. A Ruth shall be brought forth from high up who served the interests of the Baals and the Molechs, and there shall be a coming forth as the surrender to Christ, she shall be made known. I the Lord am moving during this time, miracles in the darkness, brighter lights in the darkness beacons of hope shall break forth as their plans for total destruction shall continually fall short until the appointed time. However, there shall be a great squeeze in the coming year of their interests, a squeeze and constricting like they have never felt for the serpents shall turn on them constrict them, and bite them for the wickedness they have sown, the serpent on the pole, the secrets of such shall come forth in the coming year for it runs way deeper than anyone thinks says the Lord.  Be steadfast MY CHILDREN bless those during this time, praise ME for what I am going to do for the plan shall once again be unexpected as it unfolds for I the Lord see the end from the beginning, I AM THE ALPHA ND OMEGA, and I WILL HAVE MY WAY IN THIS SEASON AS APPOINTED TIMES ARE FAST APPROACHING. Know I love you MY children, come deeper with ME this is the time to get off those feeding you milk and sour milk and get into the meat and the deeper matters and understanding the ways of the Lord your God ELOHIM, come deeper, leave the milk for it is past the time of growth and milk shall stunt it at this point, come deeper to the meat and as you chew on it you shall receive revelation of things right before you that you have never seen before, for I am opening the eyes and the mind and the heart to receive such to be spoken for MY GLORY and to grow MY children and bring them into the position that some have fallen short because they have buried their talents and stayed wandering on the surface. ENOUGH says the LORD ENOUGH, Time to take hold of the meat, deeper excavations shall bring forth discoveries in places they never thought they would find such but they shall including a crown that shall solidify a biblical Kingship and be spoken of around the world. Know this day you serve a mighty God COUNSELOR, nothing is too difficult for ME, greater is HE IN YOU than he who is spewing such fear and blasphemies in the world for they shall be snuffed and quelled for their role in welcoming in the spirit of Sodom into the nation that spirit is in and above the White House and judgment shall be executed against it And its servants for the time of allotment is coming to a close and an administration shall be left in shambles and brokenness as an unexpected exit occurs in a way many do not see coming, however, the people shout for a KING, I AM THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. Do not seek to crown an earthly king as the answer to your problems for men are mere tools and instruments in MY HANDS, SEEK MY FACE NOT MY HAND, and the faithful who serve shall rise up in the church stronger than they ever have, a formidable opponent indeed for I am strengthening the Church who knows who they serve and are ready to stand, they shall be exponentially and supernaturally strengthened in this hour and a double portion and double mantles shall be given unto them to speak MY word with such conviction that the fear of the Lord falls upon the people which is the beginning of wisdom. You shall walk in double mantles and double portions for this time, to speak MY WORDS with more accuracy than you ever have, and those who are willing to listen to what I have to say no matter what nation or people I speak of they shall be given the deeper revelations and the deeper words to speak to the people, for they will not tickle the ears of the people and THEY WILL NOT GIVE THEM FALSE HOPE. For there is much of that going around to further the agendas THEY ARE BUILDING. However, that false hope shall be deflated like a balloon says the Lord for the people need equipping to stand not on false hope and not on man-made idols that they think is their salvation. That deception shall be dealt with in this hour says the Lord, those shall be elevated who do not build up the people on fallacy and fables and maybes but in the LORD THEIR GOD, DAVID STRENGTHENED HIMSELF IN THE LORD NOT IN MAN WHEN EVERYTHING WAS TAKEN FROM HIM AND HIS LEADERSHIP THREATENED, HE STRENGTHENED HIMSELF IN THE LORD. Remember this My children, and follow suit and do the same and you shall have great conquests and victories for the Lord over the next 2 years. Get ready, set your feet upon solid rock and your face like flint, and go ye in the ways in which I the Lord tell you to go. Thus says the Lord of Hosts in the name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, who sits at MY right-hand amen and amen.

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