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2024 Broadcasts

A Prophetic Eclipse: Heavenly Signs, Earthly Judgments
Apr 11, 2024    Eclipse, Judgment
Andrew Sorchini & Amanda Grace: Purim, the Eclipse & Passover: What Will Happen with the Markets?
Apr 10, 2024    Andrew Sorchini, passover, Financial Markets
Prophesy in Motion: Eclipse, You Can't Make This Stuff Up!
Apr 8, 2024    Eclipse, Prophecy
An Urgent Look: April 8th and the Return of the Devil Comet
Apr 4, 2024    Devil comet, Ecipse, rare
Eclipse Part 5: Triggering in the Earth, OP Serpent Deity and a Tie to National Declarations
Apr 3, 2024    Eclipse, CERN, NASA
A Powerful Word from the Lord: Prepare for the Pass Over, Triggering Fault Lines & a Pressure Releas
Apr 1, 2024    Fault lines, pressure , powerful
Explosive Prophecy: A Key Bridge Collapse, a Daily Wire Fray and Courts Divided
Mar 27, 2024    Key Bridge , Collapse, Daily Wire
Clay Clark Joins Amanda Grace: The Courts and the Attack on Freedom
Mar 26, 2024    Clay Clark , Court Cases, Freedom
A Crucial Prophetic Look: Purim, the Eclipse and a Window
Mar 25, 2024    Purim , Eclipse, Current Events
Eclipse Part 4: It's About to Get Biblical! Get Ready to Rumble!
Mar 19, 2024    Eclipse, Blood Moon, Biblical Connection
Andrew Sorchini Joins Amanda Grace: A Financial Shifting is Coming in the Markets and Social Media
Mar 18, 2024    Andrew Sorchini, Gold and Silver, World Markets
Urgent & Explosive Prophecy Fulfilling: First Lady of France Exposed, DOJ & Whitehouse Resignations
Mar 14, 2024    Prophecy Fulfilling, France , Resignations
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