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2023 Broadcasts

Ark of Grace Ministries 2023 Broadcasts

Prophetic Insight: Christmas Eve Dream, Crocodiles, Obama & an America-Australia Connection
Dec 28, 2023    Christmas Eve , Crocodiles , Obama
A Prophetic Insight and Fulfillment: Cases of the Century, a California Dream and the Vatican
Dec 21, 2023    Amanda Grace, Vatican , California
Clay Clark joins Amanda Grace: Putin, BRICS, Palestine and the Mark of the Beast
Dec 12, 2023    Clay Clark , Mark of the Beast, Putin
A Timely Word from the Lord: Divine Declarations, Shaking Nations and the Unveiling of JOY in 2024
Dec 11, 2023    Word from the Lord, Change is coming , 2024 prophecy
Prophecy Unveiled: Exposing the Political Arena, Elections, Israel and What’s Coming in 2024
Dec 5, 2023    Prophecy Fulfilling, Amanda Grace
Andrew Sorchini joins Amanda Grace: High Gold and Silver Prices and the Impacts Heading into 2024
Dec 4, 2023    Gold and Silver, Andrew Sorchini
Prophecy Fulfilling: A Storm Sweeping the Nation, a Gust of Holy Wind and a Fallen Tree
Dec 1, 2023    Amanda Grace, Prophecy Fulfilling
Explore Alaska’s Spiritual Terrain with Amanda and the “Duct Tape Missionaries”
Nov 28, 2023
The Kidron Valley: Exploring the Crucial Link Between Jesus, Insurrection and Our Nation
Nov 27, 2023    Kidron Valley, Insurrection , Prophetic Teaching
QE Strong Joins Amanda Grace: Holiday Specials and the Science Behind the Patches
Nov 22, 2023    QE Strong , Holiday Specials
Andrew Sorchini joins Amanda Grace: Current Markets and Wars Around the World
Nov 20, 2023    Amanda Grace, Andrew Sorchini, World Markets
An Urgent Word from the Lord: The Current State of the Nation & What is Coming…
Nov 18, 2023    Amanda Grace, Word from the Lord
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